Mantras: Magical words of power


The Aum Sign


By Ed Vos


Mantras; the frequently repeating of words or sentences with the purpose to increase our life; creating situations finding rest as well as effecting healing for others.


Where do the mantras come from and where can we use them for?


Mantras are words or sentences we do repeat frequently with or without the support of music. Wellknown are the so called affirmations, in which we in thoughts or spoken loudly recite sentences, for instance to overcome a certain illness. These affirmations should always be spoken in a possitive way to pronounce the healthy state of the body. Someone with a certain illness or any inconvenience best should repeat several times the sentence for him/herself: “I am healthy and strong”. This just positivity pronounced, in witch the end result is pointed to: The health of the strong body or mind. So, especially do not use the following affirmation:

“I don’t want to be ill” or “My illness will disappear in a short time”. By reciting such a positive mantra, we “instruct” in a way, our body and our mind, using the selfhealing possibilities of them, just using the power of our mindthoughts. This can be done in thoughts and it has a great result.

Spoken loud those words reach as well through our ears our brains and enhance by that means the content and the meaning of the words because the energy of our voice is used in this mannor as well.


The Gate Gate mantra (Sanskrite)



Where does Mantras come from, where do they find their birth?


The actual birth of the manta’s is not known, but anyway they lead us back to the old Vedic traditions. In our time they had become most known by the Buddhistic and Hindoeistic cultures where they are used a lot of times. Everyone might have heard mantras like they are recited  by Buddistic moncks, like for instance the Tibitan moncks and the Dalai lama! Normally spoken in a characteristic monotone way pronounced in Sanskrite. The word “Man” means something like “Thoughts”

 And the word “Tra” stands for “Proctection”. A translation for the word Mantra does mean in that way something like “Protection of the mind by words”. 


Mantras however are not always spoken in a kind of monotome way, they regularly are supported by music by which means, the Mantras can be sung on a more pleasant way, which gives an extra dimension in the energetic value. Very often instruments and the musical frequencies are choosen that way that the purpose of the mantra is supported by that specific frequencies and by means of that become even more powerful.

Just because of the funny character of it, it is not only an enhancement of the intention with which the energy of the Mantra does its work, but it also is a pretty way to be busy with the Mantras. If the Mantra’s are sung in groups, whith participants, they strenghthen the energy another time.


The West


The way in which Mantra’s are sung in Buddhistic and Hindoeistic cultures, is not found that pleasant for everyone. The melodys are not appreciated by everyone.

For that reason there are a lot of mantra-singers that are singing mantras on a more Western approach. The power of the Mantras however just stays unlimited powerful. Here also the frequency of the sounds, the melodies and instruments are used to increase the intension and the power of the Mantra.

Very often a specific frequency is used that is callibrated on the specific mantra and is heard during the whole mantra. Like kind of basic frequency tone.

Of course the mantras could be sung or recited in our Western languages but mostly it is prefered to sing them in Sanskrite because the Sanskrite words do carry their specific energy in them, and mostly the names of Vedic Gods and Goddesses are used, like the Gods Shiva, Shakti, Shanti, Vishnu, Kali, Ganesha and a lot of others. Another advantage of the Sanskrite language is : We are not bothered by the meaning of the words and it doesn’t lead our words away, so we can concentrate ourselves more deep on the energies that can work and  words of our own language cannot disturb us.

According to the eastern traditions, the sentences are repeated 108 times, for 108 is a very important , powerful and celestial number.



Om mani Padme Hum (Sanskrite)


Where can the Mantras be used for?


Mantras infact can be used for any purpose in which we want to increase our life, as well on our mind  as on our physical level. They can just be sung to create rest and relaxation, as well as being the solution for healthproblems or other situations. There is a story going round that some people were aboard a ship that was about to sink and their only faith on board had to wait for was drowning in the sea. But they gave eachother faith and happiness by singing the “Gate Gate” mantra on a smooth way and in that way they gently changed their Earthlife for the eternal life.



There are Mantras to enhance female and male energy, regardless if you are male or female. This just to balance both aspects.

There also are mantras to strenghthen the connection between men and women inside relationships. There are mantras for abundance. Too much to mention.


Mantras can excist of sentences but also out of the single word like the mantra “OHM”, “AUM” or “OM”. This word stands for the first sound in Universe. The Big Bang, or the original fibration. In Christian traditions it means as much as “In the beginning there was The Word”.

“Om nahma shivaya” means that much as “ Into your’e Hands I command my Spirit” in which our Big Father also known as God is mentioned as the Big Stearing One.  “Om mani padme hum”: “I honour the fruit of the Lotusflower”. Or in a way i

I recognise the God in You.

“Om Shri Ram Jay Ram”: for the invincible Power of Love. And so there are a lot of Mantras to be mentioned but I want to tell you something about a very important Mantra:


Gayatri Mantra (Sanskkrite)



The Gayatri Mantra


This Mantra is regarded as the most powerful Mantra on Earth.







Gayatri: stands for the Mother.  

Aum: stands for the sound everything excisted of. The primary sound that was the base of our Universe.

Bhur Bhuva Svaha: Points us to three Worlds. The Earth, the Atmosphere, and everything behind the Atmosphere, also called Heaven. Here is also meant the Circle of the Soul. Singing these Mantras one asks the Higher to be enlightened, and get out of the Circle.

Bhargo Devashya Dhimahi: Hear the Beauty and the Love and the Grace are honoured in the song respected them coming out of the Light.

Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat: A prayer for the ultimate Freedom, the awakening of the Oneness (God) who fills the Universe with Light.


This mantra can be used for personal purposes, but can also  very well be used to support others. This mantra also is used with a lot of success to heal others on a Distance.

The Dalai lama says “You can forget some mantras, but you should recite this mantra at least several times a day in thoughts spoken or singing”.

Also in his oppinion a very powerful mantra

I can advise everyone to visit a mantra concert. They regularly are held on several locations. There also are a lot of CD’s, which can bring you  in contact with these powerful mantras. I wish everyone a lot of fun with them. Sing, dance, make music with them. Just do  what feels good to you. The effect of the Magical Words just will be enhanced by it.



Om Namah Shivaya mantra (Sanskrite)




Earlier published in the Dutch magazine "Spiegelbeeld" (June 2007)



Someone that might be called a bridge builder, between East and West, and that performs mantras on a great way, attrackting our western attention to them, is Henry Marshall. Together with his wife Ricky Moore, he organizes several Mantra concerts, and workshops. Visiting their site, on which part of the mantras can be heard, and which site I really like to introduce to you is:






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