1 Dave rawlings Machine A friend of a Friend Acony rec. AD,HA, MW
 2 Tony Denikos Already Gone Self Rel MV, GC, DH, AOK, MP
 3 Shelley King Welcome Home Lemonade Rec. FB, ML
 4 Sons Of Bill One Town Away Blue Rose RV
 5 Brown Bird The Devil Dancing Peapod recordings. HB, FC, LK
 6 Patrick Bloom Ghost of Radio Mud Dauber Rec. MF
 7 Caroline Herring Golden Apples of the Sun Signature Sounds. RS
 8 Wrinkle Neck Mules Led The Lead Fly Blue Rose.  
 9 Molina & Johnson Molina & Johnson Secretly Canadian  
10 The Maldives Listen to the Thunder Mt Fuji  
11 Furnace Mountain Fields of Fescue Shephers Ford Rec. CR
12 Andi Almqvist Glimmer Rootsy Nu RK
13 Jubal Lee Young The Last free Place in America Reconstitution Rec  
14 Willy Clay Band Blue Rootsy.nu  
15 John Shipe Yellow House Involushun Rec. PJ
16 Paul Curreri California Tin Angel LM
17 Clarence Bucaro New Orleans Hyena Rec. PH
18 Pilgrim Harbor Girl Rootsy.nu  
19 Rita Hosking Come Sunrise Self Rel  
20 Elliott Murphy Alive in Paris Blue Rose BK
21 John Pinamonti End of Smith Self Rel EM
22 John Gorka So Dark You See Red House Rec.  
23 Bob Cheevers Tall Texas Tales Inbreed Rec  
24 Stace England & the Salt Kings The Amazing Oscar Micheaux Rank Outsider Rec.  
25 The Mayflies A Thousand Small Things Mud Dauber Rec.