Your contribution to SuitPlay

SuitPlay is free of charge. It is a gift from me to the bridge community. My main motivation for doing this is the challenge for solving this problem. And it helps a lot to see that many people are interested in the tool and happy with it.

You might contribute to SuitPlay in various ways.

Review and wishes

I am happy with all kinds of remarks about SuitPlay, both the software itself and the website. If you see (language) mistakes, please let me know. If your SuitPlay is not working as expected, I would like to fix the problem, so give me as much details as possible.

I am also interested in wishes for future version. I cannot guarantee to grant them, since I have already ideas myself which may get priority.

Please email all your remarks to


I appreciate any reference to SuitPlay, for instance on a website or in an article. Please use the name SuitPlay and/or mention I would appreciate a notification.


If SuitPlay is valuable for you, please consider a donation.

You might transfer money to my bank account:
Adress:Juliana van Stolberglaan 42
Zipcode:2252 KA
Country:The Netherlands

or to my PayPal account:

You might also send me a note in ordinary post. Any other token of appreciation would be appreciated as well.

Software development

Development of SuitPlay gave me a lot of satisfaction. I liked the challenge to develop a method to analyse suit combination and to improve the method so that it works in reasonable time and with normal memory usages. Furthermore, I like to make a hard subject accessible to a large audience.

I do other professional software development as well. For instance software for evaluation of train timetables for the Dutch Railways. If you are interested in software development by me, please send me an email: A possiblilty is review of software code and tips for improvement of computing-intensive software.

Last revised: 29/09/2011