SuitPlay Versions

SuitPlay 2.1.2, released 28/02/2011

- Small interface changes, in particular more help for first-time-users while playing. 

- Big fixed, reported by Greg Morse. In the previous version it might happen that no card was underlined, while play has not finished yet. Earlier in the play, SuitPlay unintentionally allowed a card for North or South to be selected that is good enough for the chosen line, but not best with respect to a secondary goal: profit as much as possible from defensive errors. Then, later in the play, SuitPlay does not find any card that is good for the chosen line and the secondary goal. The current version prevents this situation by only allowing cards to be played that are good enough for the chosen line and that profit as much as possible from defensive errors.

SuitPlay 2.1.1, released 14/10/2010

- Windows version, windows interface 

- Entry restrictions 

- All good cards 

... and much more ...

There is a huge break between this version and previous MS DOS versions, although the computational principles are the same.

Mainly for historical purposes, below information about previous versions.

SuitPlay 1.4.3, released 02/02/2005

- Bug fixed, reported by Frano Jancic. The previous version incorrectly assumed defenders always play their smallest 'x'. In exceptional cases this resulted in incorrect lines of play. Fortunately the user will notice the error immediately. It only effected the line of play, not the percentages or the tricks table. 

- Known cards: one can specify known cards by means of a hidden feature. Please try CTRL-K after you entered South. Then you are asked to specify the number of known cards in each defender's hand. More known cards in a hand implies that there is less room in that hand for cards in the given suit.

SuitPlay 1.4.2, released 08/09/2003

- New IMP-analysis, as suggested by Claude Jouineau, is provided.
Strategies are compared with IMP-scoring.

- Small cards are replaced by 'x' in the tricks table to make the table clearer.

- All strategies are displayed together in the tricks table to make it easier to compare strategies.

- More information is provided about good strategies, if an optimal mp-strategy or imp-strategy does not exist.
For instance, try AJ98 - K32 with matchpoints.

- Ability to save analysis tables to file has been added.
Additional analysis tables can be written to file, like Pay-off table (to compare strategies) or Strategy x Goal table.

SuitPlay 1.3j, released 28/08/2001.

Last revised: 28/02/2011