SuitPlay is a freeware program that determines optimal play of suit combinations in bridge. The results are comparable with those find in Roudinesco or the Encyclopedia of Bridge. However, SuitPlay is flawless and does analyse (almost) any chosen suit combination. Moreover, with SuitPlay you can do a special analysis for matchpoints or imp-scoring.

This is what experts wrote about SuitPlay:
Boye Brogeland: “very exciting and interesting program”
Marty Bergen:“Great stuff”
Eric Kokish:“hugely valuable for our research”
Sabine Auken: see her book "I love this game"
Fred Gitelman:“I gave your program some really hard problems and your program was flawless. Well done!”
David Burn:"splendid program"

If you want information about SuitPlay, please read Main Help. The latest version is SuitPlay 2.1.2, released 28/02/2011. See: Versions.

How to obtain the latest SuitPlay version

Please send an email to: That account immediately gives an automatic out-of-office reply with a link to the new windows version.

Read this if you don't get a reply.

You can download this file, extract the file to some folder and run SuitPlay.exe.


SuitPlay is freeware, so it is free of charge. Nevertheless, you can contribute. See Your Contribution.

See EULA for the License Agreement.

If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to send email to:

Last revised: 28/02/2011