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ATTE2, you guessed it, is the successor of ATTE. It has been released at the end of the year 2001. Although every quickbasic coder knows about the ATTE-series, these games are never nominated or reviewed before.

About the author:

Aleksander Trojanowski (aka AlexSoft) is a Polish developer. In 2001 he appeared with the first person-shooter IDKFA. After this one came ATTE, followed by ATTE2. All these shooters were characterized by fact that the game sprites were ripped from ID's DOOM. After ATTE2 Aleksander started with ATTE3, which he never finished: in the beginning of 2002 he left the QB scene.




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When you play ATTE2 for the very first time, the thing that will strike you is the beauty of the graphics. This game looks in one word FASCINATING!
ATTE2 game uses a polygon-engine that generates a world, built up from orthogonal walls that can have different heights. This results in huge buildings and enormous rooms. The engine is based on DirectQB, that allows for very fast and smooth graphics. Textured walls, floors and ceilings are supported, and there are even animated textures in most of the levels. Also the object sprites look great, especially because they can be scaled (which results in over-sized trees and statues).
The game runs in screen mode 13 (QuickBasic jargon), a 320x200 screen-resolution and 8bits (256) colour-mode. The palette isn't "realistic" (a lot of grey scales and dusty colours) but instead of that the colours are smoothy and just beautiful. The night-skies are deep-blue, and the lava and fires are hot-red.
The graphics are "ripped" from ID Software's DOOM and various websites. The enemies are well animated, as most of the objects, and the weapon sprites are. In the Readme there is even talk of 3d models, but I didn't see any in the game. The moving background sky-images are also eye-candy, and contribute to the game's atmosphere.
At last I want to mention the dynamic lighting. I don't want to say there IS one in this game but there are several dynamic lighting like effects that really boost the beauty of ATTE2. There is also a fogging effect, which means that the walls turn dark when you move away from them.

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ATTE2 includes WAVE and MIDI handling. This is a good point, but the number of different sounds used in the game is very small. For example: every enemy, no mather what proportion or armament, makes the same noise. Because you hear the same sounds again and again the sounds part is rather boring.

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ATTE2 is a DOOM-style shooter without additional gameplay features. The only thing you have to do is kill everyone who moves, including those who are smart enough to stay still (quote from Pauli Merilainen, 2002).
The good point of this game is that the enfironments are so thrilling that I just take the boreness of this objective. Sometimes I simply forgot to shoot at enemy's because I was gazing around. Unfortunately the total playing time of this game is a little short, although this game is surely worth a play over.
The AI in ATTE2 isn't striking. When an enemy notices your precense he will move towards you and start firing. But when for example there is an object between the enemy and the player, the enemy simply stays where he is and does nothing. There was only one time I really was threatened by enemy's. This was in one of the best levels on my opinion. It took place on some kind of cemetery, full of undeath beings.
The weapon arsenal is very short. In ATTE2 you are armed with a pistol, a riffle and a machine gun. The pistol has unlimited ammo, but must be reloaded after a while.

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On my 233Mhz ATTE2 caused no speed problems at all. Sometimes, especially in case of huge levels the framerate decreased a bit, but it always remained at acceptable level. This is astonishing considering the great graphics this game has to offer. Probably the DirectQB graphics-library makes this combination of speed and graphics possible.
The controls are good, just as they have to be. The arrow-keys move the player, spacebar opens doors and control fires your weapon. I do like the option to strafe, by using [<] and [>], and the 180 deg's rotation.

"Why we fight..."
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Unfortunately Aleksander didn't serve up a game story. This is probably the thing that makes the game not really "catching". Especially after finishing the last level, I started to wonder what was going on in this game. It's really a pity, because the combination of a good story and the game's atmosphere would be great.

(saving, level-design)
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Up to 4 games can be saved, easily by using F1-F4 to save and F5-F6 to load. When you load a game, you will start from the beginning of the level where it was saved. This isn't a problem as the levels are very small.
I give ATTE2 the full miscelanious score, because I've never seen a shooter in QB with such a beautiful level-design. I mentioned it before: huge buildings, high towers, there is even created a vulcan-like mountain.


ATTE2 is a shooter like no other in QB. Especially the level-design, the graphics and the game's atmosphere are brilliant. Unfortunately the story and the AI can't equal this standard.
My conclusion is that this is a shooter you MUST have played.

The Highs:
  • Graphics
  • Level-design
  • Atmosphere
  • Performance
The Lows:
  • Poor AI
  • No story


2 (Graphics) + (Sound) + (Gameplay) + (Play-ability) + (Story) + (Miscelanious) =

24 (out of 35)


Download: ATTE2 3D (1.9Mb)

ATTE2 3D reviewed by Roel Tempelaar, June 2004
Review edited, June 2004

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