Hi Flight Simmers,

Here you can download the free program:
FSX MyConfig v.1.1.0 Final

After changing the display settings in FSX, the values for e.g. ‘TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD’,
‘CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY’ and ‘LOD_RADIUS’ are reset to their default values,
which is mostly not preferred. ‘FSX MyConfig’ automatically restores your preferred parameter
values as kept in the configuration file ‘fsx.cfg’. Different Profiles can be specified and easily

I wrote the program because the alternative: copy/paste a particular backed up 'fsx.cfg',
has the risk of replacing the present 'fsx.cfg' with an outdated one resulting in valid (recent)
changes made by FSX or an add-on are lost, Moreover, managing a few parameter values,
which you want never to be changed, is much easier accomplished by means of the relatively
short 'FSXMyConfig.cfg' file.

‘FSX MyConfig’ has been tested with Windows 7 and XP. It requires ‘MS .NET Framework 4’.
The program needs not to be installed, just copy ‘FSXMyConfig.cfg’ to the ‘fsx.cfg’ folder and
copy ‘FSXMyConfig.exe’ to an arbitrary folder. You can edit ‘FSXMyConfig.cfg’ just as you
would edit ‘fsx.cfg’. After running the program the original ‘fsx.cfg’ file is copied to ‘fsx.cfg.bak’
and is then rewritten with the parameter values you specified in ‘FSXMyConfig.cfg’.
Nothing else will be changed.

You can run the program from a direct shortcut or from a batch file shortcut that also starts FSX.
The latter method is recommended since you are sure the configuration is always up-to-date
provided that after a display settings change in FSX you have to shut down and restart.

As an example I included a modified batch file, originally delivered with the well known
‘FPS_Limiter’ written by PeterH. See also the included example 'FSXMyConfig.cfg' file.

Although I thoroughly tested ‘FSX MyConfig’ I cannot accept any responsibility in case
something would go wrong.


Edward Sluijter


Version History:

16-01-2012: v.1.0.0
17-01-2012: v.1.0.1
- Bug Fixed.
- Lines starting with a '/' or not having a '=' sign are ignored.
- Blank lines are ignored.

21-01-2012: v.1.1.0
- Easy Profile selection added by implementing Profile Headers (labeled with a '*').
  The Active Profile is labeled: '*A'.

Download Link: FSX MyConfig v.1.1.0 Final