SSL - Errors

Translated by Obbe-Jan Bakker

SSL Errors have the following syntax:

error:[error code]:[library name]:[function name]:[reason string]

error code:       an 8-bit hexadecimal code,
library name      the SSL-library
function name     the function within the library
reason string     error-description
SSL_R_APP_DATA_IN_HANDSHAKE                                 100    app data in handshake
SSL_R_ATTEMPT_TO_REUSE_SESSION_IN_DIFFERENT_CONTEXT         272    attempt to reuse session in different context
SSL_R_BAD_ALERT_RECORD                                      101    bad alert record
SSL_R_BAD_AUTHENTICATION_TYPE                               102    bad authentication type
SSL_R_BAD_CHANGE_CIPHER_SPEC                                103    bad change cipher spec
SSL_R_BAD_CHECKSUM                                          104    bad checksum
SSL_R_BAD_DATA_RETURNED_BY_CALLBACK                         106    bad data returned by callback
SSL_R_BAD_DECOMPRESSION                                     107    bad decompression
SSL_R_BAD_DH_G_LENGTH                                       108    bad dh g length
SSL_R_BAD_DH_PUB_KEY_LENGTH                                 109    bad dh pub key length
SSL_R_BAD_DH_P_LENGTH                                       110    bad dh p length
SSL_R_BAD_DIGEST_LENGTH                                     111    bad digest length
SSL_R_BAD_DSA_SIGNATURE                                     112    bad dsa signature
SSL_R_BAD_HELLO_REQUEST                                     105    bad hello request
SSL_R_BAD_LENGTH                                            271    bad length
SSL_R_BAD_MAC_DECODE                                        113    bad mac decode
SSL_R_BAD_MESSAGE_TYPE                                      114    bad message type
SSL_R_BAD_PACKET_LENGTH                                     115    bad packet length
SSL_R_BAD_PROTOCOL_VERSION_NUMBER                           116    bad protocol version number
SSL_R_BAD_RESPONSE_ARGUMENT                                 117    bad response argument
SSL_R_BAD_RSA_DECRYPT                                       118    bad rsa decrypt
SSL_R_BAD_RSA_ENCRYPT                                       119    bad rsa encrypt
SSL_R_BAD_RSA_E_LENGTH                                      120    bad rsa e length
SSL_R_BAD_RSA_MODULUS_LENGTH                                121    bad rsa modulus length
SSL_R_BAD_RSA_SIGNATURE                                     122    bad rsa signature
SSL_R_BAD_SIGNATURE                                         123    bad signature
SSL_R_BAD_SSL_FILETYPE                                      124    bad ssl filetype
SSL_R_BAD_SSL_SESSION_ID_LENGTH                             125    bad ssl session id length
SSL_R_BAD_STATE                                             126    bad state
SSL_R_BAD_WRITE_RETRY                                       127    bad write retry
SSL_R_BIO_NOT_SET                                           128    bio not set
SSL_R_BLOCK_CIPHER_PAD_IS_WRONG                             129    block cipher pad is wrong
SSL_R_BN_LIB                                                130    bn lib
SSL_R_CA_DN_LENGTH_MISMATCH                                 131    ca dn length mismatch
SSL_R_CA_DN_TOO_LONG                                        132    ca dn too long
SSL_R_CCS_RECEIVED_EARLY                                    133    ccs received early
SSL_R_CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED                             134    certificate verify failed
SSL_R_CERT_LENGTH_MISMATCH                                  135    cert length mismatch
SSL_R_CHALLENGE_IS_DIFFERENT                                136    challenge is different
SSL_R_CIPHER_CODE_WRONG_LENGTH                              137    cipher code wrong length
SSL_R_CIPHER_OR_HASH_UNAVAILABLE                            138    cipher or hash unavailable
SSL_R_CIPHER_TABLE_SRC_ERROR                                139    cipher table src error
SSL_R_COMPRESSED_LENGTH_TOO_LONG                            140    compressed length too long
SSL_R_COMPRESSION_FAILURE                                   141    compression failure
SSL_R_COMPRESSION_LIBRARY_ERROR                             142    compression library error
SSL_R_CONNECTION_ID_IS_DIFFERENT                            143    connection id is different
SSL_R_CONNECTION_TYPE_NOT_SET                               144    connection type not set
SSL_R_DATA_BETWEEN_CCS_AND_FINISHED                         145    data between ccs and finished
SSL_R_DATA_LENGTH_TOO_LONG                                  146    data length too long
SSL_R_DECRYPTION_FAILED                                     147    decryption failed
SSL_R_DECRYPTION_FAILED_OR_BAD_RECORD_MAC                  1109    decryption failed or bad record mac
SSL_R_DH_PUBLIC_VALUE_LENGTH_IS_WRONG                       148    dh public value length is wrong
SSL_R_DIGEST_CHECK_FAILED                                   149    digest check failed
SSL_R_ENCRYPTED_LENGTH_TOO_LONG                             150    encrypted length too long
SSL_R_ERROR_GENERATING_TMP_RSA_KEY                         1092    error generating tmp rsa key
SSL_R_ERROR_IN_RECEIVED_CIPHER_LIST                         151    error in received cipher list
SSL_R_EXCESSIVE_MESSAGE_SIZE                                152    excessive message size
SSL_R_EXTRA_DATA_IN_MESSAGE                                 153    extra data in message
SSL_R_GOT_A_FIN_BEFORE_A_CCS                                154    got a fin before a ccs
SSL_R_HTTPS_PROXY_REQUEST                                   155    https proxy request
SSL_R_HTTP_REQUEST                                          156    http request
SSL_R_ILLEGAL_PADDING                                      1110    illegal padding
SSL_R_INTERNAL_ERROR                                        157    internal error
SSL_R_INVALID_CHALLENGE_LENGTH                              158    invalid challenge length
SSL_R_INVALID_COMMAND                                       280    invalid command
SSL_R_INVALID_PURPOSE                                       278    invalid purpose
SSL_R_INVALID_TRUST                                         279    invalid trust
SSL_R_LENGTH_MISMATCH                                       159    length mismatch
SSL_R_LENGTH_TOO_SHORT                                      160    length too short
SSL_R_LIBRARY_BUG                                           274    library bug
SSL_R_LIBRARY_HAS_NO_CIPHERS                                161    library has no ciphers
SSL_R_MESSAGE_TOO_LONG                                     1111    message too long
SSL_R_MISSING_DH_DSA_CERT                                   162    missing dh dsa cert
SSL_R_MISSING_DH_KEY                                        163    missing dh key
SSL_R_MISSING_DH_RSA_CERT                                   164    missing dh rsa cert
SSL_R_MISSING_DSA_SIGNING_CERT                              165    missing dsa signing cert
SSL_R_MISSING_EXPORT_TMP_DH_KEY                             166    missing export tmp dh key
SSL_R_MISSING_EXPORT_TMP_RSA_KEY                            167    missing export tmp rsa key
SSL_R_MISSING_RSA_CERTIFICATE                               168    missing rsa certificate
SSL_R_MISSING_RSA_ENCRYPTING_CERT                           169    missing rsa encrypting cert
SSL_R_MISSING_RSA_SIGNING_CERT                              170    missing rsa signing cert
SSL_R_MISSING_TMP_DH_KEY                                    171    missing tmp dh key
SSL_R_MISSING_TMP_RSA_KEY                                   172    missing tmp rsa key
SSL_R_MISSING_TMP_RSA_PKEY                                  173    missing tmp rsa pkey
SSL_R_MISSING_VERIFY_MESSAGE                                174    missing verify message
SSL_R_NON_SSLV2_INITIAL_PACKET                              175    non sslv2 initial packet
SSL_R_NO_CERTIFICATES_RETURNED                              176    no certificates returned
SSL_R_NO_CERTIFICATE_ASSIGNED                               177    no certificate assigned
SSL_R_NO_CERTIFICATE_RETURNED                               178    no certificate returned
SSL_R_NO_CERTIFICATE_SET                                    179    no certificate set
SSL_R_NO_CERTIFICATE_SPECIFIED                              180    no certificate specified
SSL_R_NO_CIPHERS_AVAILABLE                                  181    no ciphers available
SSL_R_NO_CIPHERS_PASSED                                     182    no ciphers passed
SSL_R_NO_CIPHERS_SPECIFIED                                  183    no ciphers specified
SSL_R_NO_CIPHER_LIST                                        184    no cipher list
SSL_R_NO_CIPHER_MATCH                                       185    no cipher match
SSL_R_NO_CLIENT_CERT_RECEIVED                               186    no client cert received
SSL_R_NO_COMPRESSION_SPECIFIED                              187    no compression specified
SSL_R_NO_METHOD_SPECIFIED                                   188    no method specified
SSL_R_NO_PRIVATEKEY                                         189    no privatekey
SSL_R_NO_PRIVATE_KEY_ASSIGNED                               190    no private key assigned
SSL_R_NO_PROTOCOLS_AVAILABLE                                191    no protocols available
SSL_R_NO_PUBLICKEY                                          192    no publickey
SSL_R_NO_SHARED_CIPHER                                      193    no shared cipher
SSL_R_NO_VERIFY_CALLBACK                                    194    no verify callback
SSL_R_NULL_SSL_CTX                                          195    null ssl ctx
SSL_R_NULL_SSL_METHOD_PASSED                                196    null ssl method passed
SSL_R_OLD_SESSION_CIPHER_NOT_RETURNED                       197    old session cipher not returned
SSL_R_PACKET_LENGTH_TOO_LONG                                198    packet length too long
SSL_R_PATH_TOO_LONG                                         270    path too long
SSL_R_PEER_DID_NOT_RETURN_A_CERTIFICATE                     199    peer did not return a certificate
SSL_R_PEER_ERROR                                            200    peer error
SSL_R_PEER_ERROR_CERTIFICATE                                201    peer error certificate
SSL_R_PEER_ERROR_NO_CERTIFICATE                             202    peer error no certificate
SSL_R_PEER_ERROR_NO_CIPHER                                  203    peer error no cipher
SSL_R_PEER_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_CERTIFICATE_TYPE               204    peer error unsupported certificate type
SSL_R_PRE_MAC_LENGTH_TOO_LONG                               205    pre mac length too long
SSL_R_PROBLEMS_MAPPING_CIPHER_FUNCTIONS                     206    problems mapping cipher functions
SSL_R_PROTOCOL_IS_SHUTDOWN                                  207    protocol is shutdown
SSL_R_PUBLIC_KEY_ENCRYPT_ERROR                              208    public key encrypt error
SSL_R_PUBLIC_KEY_IS_NOT_RSA                                 209    public key is not rsa
SSL_R_PUBLIC_KEY_NOT_RSA                                    210    public key not rsa
SSL_R_READ_BIO_NOT_SET                                      211    read bio not set
SSL_R_READ_WRONG_PACKET_TYPE                                212    read wrong packet type
SSL_R_RECORD_LENGTH_MISMATCH                                213    record length mismatch
SSL_R_RECORD_TOO_LARGE                                      214    record too large
SSL_R_RECORD_TOO_SMALL                                     1093    record too small
SSL_R_REQUIRED_CIPHER_MISSING                               215    required cipher missing
SSL_R_REUSE_CERT_LENGTH_NOT_ZERO                            216    reuse cert length not zero
SSL_R_REUSE_CERT_TYPE_NOT_ZERO                              217    reuse cert type not zero
SSL_R_REUSE_CIPHER_LIST_NOT_ZERO                            218    reuse cipher list not zero
SSL_R_SESSION_ID_CONTEXT_UNINITIALIZED                      277    session id context uninitialized
SSL_R_SHORT_READ                                            219    short read
SSL_R_SIGNATURE_FOR_NON_SIGNING_CERTIFICATE                 220    signature for non signing certificate
SSL_R_SSL23_DOING_SESSION_ID_REUSE                          221    ssl23 doing session id reuse
SSL_R_SSL3_SESSION_ID_TOO_SHORT                             222    ssl3 session id too short
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_BAD_CERTIFICATE                          1042    sslv3 alert bad certificate
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_BAD_RECORD_MAC                           1020    sslv3 alert bad record mac
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_CERTIFICATE_EXPIRED                      1045    sslv3 alert certificate expired
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_CERTIFICATE_REVOKED                      1044    sslv3 alert certificate revoked
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_CERTIFICATE_UNKNOWN                      1046    sslv3 alert certificate unknown
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_DECOMPRESSION_FAILURE                    1030    sslv3 alert decompression failure
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE                        1040    sslv3 alert handshake failure
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER                        1047    sslv3 alert illegal parameter
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_NO_CERTIFICATE                           1041    sslv3 alert no certificate
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_PEER_ERROR_CERTIFICATE                    223    sslv3 alert peer error certificate
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_PEER_ERROR_NO_CERTIFICATE                 224    sslv3 alert peer error no certificate
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_PEER_ERROR_NO_CIPHER                      225    sslv3 alert peer error no cipher
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_PEER_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_CERTIFICATE_TYPE   226    sslv3 alert peer error unsupported certificate type
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_UNEXPECTED_MESSAGE                       1010    sslv3 alert unexpected message
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_UNKNOWN_REMOTE_ERROR_TYPE                 227    sslv3 alert unknown remote error type
SSL_R_SSLV3_ALERT_UNSUPPORTED_CERTIFICATE                  1043    sslv3 alert unsupported certificate
SSL_R_SSL_CTX_HAS_NO_DEFAULT_SSL_VERSION                    228    ssl ctx has no default ssl version
SSL_R_SSL_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE                                 229    ssl handshake failure
SSL_R_SSL_LIBRARY_HAS_NO_CIPHERS                            230    ssl library has no ciphers
SSL_R_SSL_SESSION_ID_CONTEXT_TOO_LONG                       273    ssl session id context too long
SSL_R_SSL_SESSION_ID_IS_DIFFERENT                           231    ssl session id is different
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_ACCESS_DENIED                            1049    tlsv1 alert access denied
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_DECODE_ERROR                             1050    tlsv1 alert decode error
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_DECRYPTION_FAILED                        1021    tlsv1 alert decryption failed
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_DECRYPT_ERROR                            1051    tlsv1 alert decrypt error
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_EXPORT_RESTRICTION                       1060    tlsv1 alert export restriction
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_INSUFFICIENT_SECURITY                    1071    tlsv1 alert insufficient security
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_INTERNAL_ERROR                           1080    tlsv1 alert internal error
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_NO_RENEGOTIATION                         1100    tlsv1 alert no renegotiation
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_PROTOCOL_VERSION                         1070    tlsv1 alert protocol version
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_RECORD_OVERFLOW                          1022    tlsv1 alert record overflow
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_UNKNOWN_CA                               1048    tlsv1 alert unknown ca
SSL_R_TLSV1_ALERT_USER_CANCELLED                           1090    tlsv1 alert user cancelled
SSL_R_TLS_CLIENT_CERT_REQ_WITH_ANON_CIPHER                  232    tls client cert req with anon cipher
SSL_R_TLS_PEER_DID_NOT_RESPOND_WITH_CERTIFICATE_LIST        233    tls peer did not respond with certificate list
SSL_R_TLS_RSA_ENCRYPTED_VALUE_LENGTH_IS_WRONG               234    tls rsa encrypted value length is wrong
SSL_R_TRIED_TO_USE_UNSUPPORTED_CIPHER                       235    tried to use unsupported cipher
SSL_R_UNABLE_TO_DECODE_DH_CERTS                             236    unable to decode dh certs
SSL_R_UNABLE_TO_EXTRACT_PUBLIC_KEY                          237    unable to extract public key
SSL_R_UNABLE_TO_FIND_DH_PARAMETERS                          238    unable to find dh parameters
SSL_R_UNABLE_TO_FIND_PUBLIC_KEY_PARAMETERS                  239    unable to find public key parameters
SSL_R_UNABLE_TO_FIND_SSL_METHOD                             240    unable to find ssl method
SSL_R_UNABLE_TO_LOAD_SSL2_MD5_ROUTINES                      241    unable to load ssl2 md5 routines
SSL_R_UNABLE_TO_LOAD_SSL3_MD5_ROUTINES                      242    unable to load ssl3 md5 routines
SSL_R_UNABLE_TO_LOAD_SSL3_SHA1_ROUTINES                     243    unable to load ssl3 sha1 routines
SSL_R_UNEXPECTED_MESSAGE                                    244    unexpected message
SSL_R_UNEXPECTED_RECORD                                     245    unexpected record
SSL_R_UNINITIALIZED                                         276    uninitialized
SSL_R_UNKNOWN_ALERT_TYPE                                    246    unknown alert type
SSL_R_UNKNOWN_CERTIFICATE_TYPE                              247    unknown certificate type
SSL_R_UNKNOWN_CIPHER_RETURNED                               248    unknown cipher returned
SSL_R_UNKNOWN_CIPHER_TYPE                                   249    unknown cipher type
SSL_R_UNKNOWN_KEY_EXCHANGE_TYPE                             250    unknown key exchange type
SSL_R_UNKNOWN_PKEY_TYPE                                     251    unknown pkey type
SSL_R_UNKNOWN_PROTOCOL                                      252    unknown protocol
SSL_R_UNKNOWN_REMOTE_ERROR_TYPE                             253    unknown remote error type
SSL_R_UNKNOWN_SSL_VERSION                                   254    unknown ssl version
SSL_R_UNKNOWN_STATE                                         255    unknown state
SSL_R_UNSUPPORTED_CIPHER                                    256    unsupported cipher
SSL_R_UNSUPPORTED_COMPRESSION_ALGORITHM                     257    unsupported compression algorithm
SSL_R_UNSUPPORTED_OPTION                                   1091    unsupported option
SSL_R_UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL                                  258    unsupported protocol
SSL_R_UNSUPPORTED_SSL_VERSION                               259    unsupported ssl version
SSL_R_WRITE_BIO_NOT_SET                                     260    write bio not set
SSL_R_WRONG_CIPHER_RETURNED                                 261    wrong cipher returned
SSL_R_WRONG_MESSAGE_TYPE                                    262    wrong message type
SSL_R_WRONG_NUMBER_OF_KEY_BITS                              263    wrong number of key bits
SSL_R_WRONG_SIGNATURE_LENGTH                                264    wrong signature length
SSL_R_WRONG_SIGNATURE_SIZE                                  265    wrong signature size
SSL_R_WRONG_SSL_VERSION                                     266    wrong ssl version
SSL_R_WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER                                  267    wrong version number
SSL_R_X509_LIB                                              268    x509 lib
SSL_R_X509_VERIFICATION_SETUP_PROBLEMS                      269    x509 verification setup problems