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I have several lamps in my possession:

AGM model 2572 built ± 1945 of America
colour Maroon, Fuel gasoline.
Restored by Don, Thank you Don.

Aida express, model 1250 record, 250 CP.
of Germany, built between 1963 and 1969. Fuel kerosene.
With original globe, shade, tools and instruction manuel.

Aida express, model 1500 record, 500CP
of Germany, built ± 1955, Fuel kerosene.

Aladdin tafellamp standaard + tank model 11 verkoperd messing, gemaakt van 1922 t/m 1928, 
brander model 12 London, geïmporteerd uit Amerika van 1928 t/m 1935.
Glas Aladdin Engeland ± 1955.

Aladdin burner model 11 made in England London, built 1923-1928,
burner imported from America, oiler of a hanginglamp. Fuel kerosene.

Aladdin lamp model 12 of England, built between 1928-1935. With original glass shade. Model fount is model 12
Londen USA export. Burner imported from America, with a center draught tube. Fuel kerosene.

Aladdin lamp model 12 of England, built 1927-1928, with not original shade,
model fount nr. 12 Straight Side. Fuel kerosene.

Aladdin super table lamp style nr. 1400, burner model 14 super Aladdin
made in England from 1933 till 1953. Fuel kerosene. The burner is made  
14th. anniversary of the Aladdin company of the
new factory on Western Avenue Greenford in England.

Aladdin super made from 1938 till 1953
in Engeland. Part of  hanging lamp.

Original Aladdin Lox-on chimney made in England
made from 1950 till 1955 in original packing, never used!

Original Aladdin Lox-on chimney made in Brazil.
made between 1950 and 1995, in original packing, never used!

Hanging lamp super Aladdin  model 14 burner   
of England,made between 1938-1953.            
Fuel kerosene. 

Aladdin lamp of England  green Alacite glass 
model B-29 simplicity built  1948-1952. Fuel kerosene. Burner type B built 
from 1948-1955 made in USA Nashville. Tenn.  

Aladdin bakeliet lamp gemaakt van 1937 t/m 1939 in Engeland
brander super Aladdin 14 (Brittish made)

Aladdin with model 21 burner with a round knob, of England, built between 1953 and 1963.
The frame is a design and made by  the first owner. Fuel kerosene.
An origina wick and flamedivider.On the right a copy of a chimney cleaner.

Aladdin tablelamp model 21 burner of England 
only built in 1963. Fuel kerosene. Nickel.

An Aladdin lamp model 21 C                       Aladdin lamp model 21 C
of England.  built ± 1960.                                    Some parts.
Fuel kerosene.  Nickel.                          

An Aladdin model 21Cof Engeland
Built between  1963-1969.
Hanglampholder model B-222.
Fuel kerosene.

Aladdin tablelamp model 21C of England    
built between 1963 and 1969. Fuel kerosene. Nickel. 

Aladdin Caboose lamp with spring bracketr, and original wickcleaner, burner model 21C
made in England imported to America,  with aluminium fount made in the U.S.A. 
from 1963-1969 special for traincarriages, summershouses and campers.
Fuel kerosene.
Aladdin tablelamp nickel, with original glass shade .    Aladdin tablelamp copper both lamps of
England, model 23 burner with spring clip gallery, built 1976-1977 no identification stamped 
on burnerbase and Aladdin is written on the springclip in in new blockletter logo style. Fuel kerosene.

Aladdin hanging lamp model 23
of Engeland built  1976-1977
on the spring clip gallerymarked  Aladdin in 
new blockletter logo stiyle, sold by
firm A. de Grunt schipstores 
Wormerveer. the Netherlands.
Fuel kerosene.

Box with Aladdin loxon mantles
made in England.                                                            

Anchor model 950,                          
of Shanghai China.                      
Fuel kerosene. 

Anchor model 950-500CP made in China
in order of the firm Brûder Mannesmann
in Germany, built in 2005.
In unused condition! Fuel Kerosene.

A Bialaddin with white divisible reflector. On the right a Bialaddin with bleu/white reflector.
W.O. Cat J.A. 5557 War Office England.   Bought in Dutch dumpstore.
with original funnel and spirit can.            Type 305 built 1964.
Type 305 built 1962                                   Fuel kerosene.
Fuel kerosene.

A Bialaddin Bowl Fire of England.
Fuel kerosene.

A Big Wheel made in China, bought
in a Dutch dump store in 1974
with original spirit can and key.
Fuel kerosene.

Butterfly model 826 of China
left without reflector and right with
Built? Fuel Kerosene.                                                            

Butterfly 500|CP with rapid burner
of China, built ca.1990-1995. 
Fuel kerosene.

Coleman electric sign from about 1970                     
Dutch manufacture.                                                  
Measure:  wide  40 inch, height 8 inch.

Coleman plumberburner model 202
made in Canada. Fuel kerosene.

Coleman Col-Max model 333, 300 CP built 04-1948. 
Fuel petrol. With original globe.

Coleman Quicklight model L327 built ± 1922
of America. Coleman fuel, The lamp number 1 of the 
firebrigade of Amsterdam.

Coleman quicklight model Q327 built 1921 of America
Left before restauration and on the right after restauration.
Coleman fuel.

Coleman Quicklite model 2LQ427, High pomp of America,
built from 1923 till 1926, built 05-1923. Coleman fuel.

Coleman tablelamp model 117 of Canada,  built 02-1939
with replacement shade, with seperate pump. Coleman fuel.

Coleman table-lamp model 128C, of Canada, built 10-1930.
Fuel Kerosene, Original white fount with  gold shadow 
and seperate pump. With pleating shade.
Coleman fuel.

Coleman table-lamp model 132A of the U.S.A.
Built from 1935 til 1938, Coleman fuel 

Coleman table-lamp model 139 Daylite, of America, built 09-1946
color ivory enamel with gold trim, Coleman fuel, with suspend.

Coleman table-lamp model 152 of Wichita Kansas America built 01-1947.
Fuel gasoline or kerosene.

Coleman table-lamp model 156, of Canada, built 02-1949.
With not original replacement shade. Coleman fuel.
with separate pump.

Coleman table-lamp model ?, 
of Canada, built 05-1939.
With not original replacement shade.
and seperate pump. Fuel kerosene.

Coleman Centennial lantern model 200-987J
of America, built  03-2001. Coleman fuel.

Coleman model 200A of Amerika, built 08-1951
model Chrismastree. Coleman fuel.

Coleman model  200A left built  3-1970       A special carry case               
(gift from Don) and right built 9-1981          for the 200A.                                
both of America, Coleman fuel. 
The green version is made from 06-1980
till 09-1983. 

Coleman model 201 of America
built 04-1982. Fuel kerosene.

Coleman model 206 of America built
5-1982. Fuel kerosene.
The luxe single mantle.

Coleman model 214-700              
of America, built 04-1985.                                               
Fuel Kerosene.                                       

Coleman model 220F 
of America, built 04-1966
Coleman fuel.

Coleman model 220K from America, built 2-1980, Coleman fuel.
Is seal of participation one of the 500+ coleman appliances
official 'light up' june 16 in 2006 Ycca valley of the
2006 ICCC convention. Gift of Don. Coleman fuel. 

Coleman Model 222 Easy-Lite from Canada of 01-1981 with carry case.
Light up the Coleman convention in Tulsa Oklahoma in June 2011. Coleman fuel.


Left a Peak 1 (brown) model 222-710, 125CP
of Canada, built 01-1982, coleman fuel.
Right a Peak 1 (black) model 222B, 125CP,
of Canada, built 01-1989. Coleman fuel.

Coleman Peak 1 model 222A-125 CP                        
of Canada, built 02-1988. Fuel petrol.           
with curtain globe and case.   

Special Gold Top Mantle
for the Peak 1 lamp.

Coleman model 226A                         
of America, built 09-1987.                         
Coleman Fuel.    

Coleman military lamp model 228D of America
built 1944. Coleman fuel.
In the bottom of the brass tank stands U.S.

Armstrong Productis C.O  military lamp (Coleman licence) of America
built 1977. Coleman fuel. In the bottom of the tank stands U.S.
with  special shade made by Leonard's Metal Inc. U.S. 

S.M.P. Military lamp (Coleman licence) of Amerika
built 1986. Coleman fuel. In the bottom of the  
tank stands  U.S. With special shade made by P.K.O..-Chicago 12.ill. U.S.                                        

Coleman model 228E of America       
built 01-1957 with original globe.
Coleman fuel.                                                                                                                                                               

Coleman model 228j of America                         Coleman reflector with handle
built 04-1976 with tube Lubricant neat's footoil   model 220-703.
and original generator key +
lantern parts kit, Coleman fuel.

Coleman model 236-500 CP                         
of Canada, built in  1939. Coleman fuel.            
Coleman model 237                                                       
of Canada built in 1941.                             
Fuel kerosene.                                         
Restaured by Don Colston.
Thank you Don!!!!

Coleman model 237A of America,
built 07-1970. Fuel kerosene.

Coleman model 238B 500 CP from Canada of 01-1952. Special made for the Belgian army.
With on the color a Dutch and French text.  Coleman fuel or kerosene.

Coleman model 242 junior of 
America with mica globe.
Built 08-1932. Coleman fuel.
Gift from Bob and Jane.

Coleman model 242B-175CP
of Canada built 03-1947 with an original
Coleman Sunshine of the night globe.
Coleman fuel.

Coleman model 242B-175CP
of Canada built 11-1958 with an original
Coleman Sunshine of the night globe.
Coleman fuel.

Coleman model 246B Sportlite  175CP
of America, built 03-1937.
instant lighting for gasoline only, 
export model of the 242B.
In the bottom of the fount stands 7   3.
With original Coleman Pyrex globe.

Coleman model 249 Scout 300 CP built 06-1954.
This lamp is made in Australia by arrangement with 
Coleman Lamps's stove Co. LTD Canada Proprietor of
registered trademark no. 67296-jan.14-1936.
Fuel kerosene.

Coleman model 252 built 1986 by SMP. 
It is a collaboration of enigeers from the Army, Coleman
American Gas and Machine Co and the Aladdin Co.
Fuel gasoline.

Coleman model 275-710 of America,
built 08-1978. Coleman fuel.

2 x Coleman model 275 of America built
06-1979 used by a fanfare or musicband
during appear in the dark, with a stick bow.
Coleman fuel.

Coleman unleaded 1 model 282-700                                           
of America, built  03-1990.                                                     
Coleman fuel.  

Coleman unleaded 2 model 285-700E of America built 03-1993
with original Coleman reflectorscreen and Coleman filter funnel type No-0.
Coleman fuel.

Coleman model 285a-700 of
America, built 04-2006,  burns on
10 percent ethanol and unleaded fuel. 
Gift from Don America. Only 350 lamps are made.

Coleman 286A-793, of America
built 03-1989, Coleman fuel. 
Fount with cherry colour.                                   

Coleman model 286 CL-1                      
of America, built 03-1984.                 
Coleman fuel, and filter                         
funnel type NO-O. 

Coleman model 288 CL-2 
of America, built 04-1985.
Coleman fuel.  

Coleman model 288A-700 
of America, built 05-1994.
Coleman fuel.                                                                               
Coleman model 288A-800                   
two mantles, of America
built 09-1987. Coleman fuel.                  

Coleman CLX model 290-700                                     
double mantle , of America.                                   
Built 06-1984  
Coleman fuel.                                                 

Coleman model 290A-700
of America, built 12-1988.
Built for the Dutch Navy.
Never used. Coleman fuel.

Coleman model 295 of America
built 06-1991, used by the Dutch Navy.
Coleman fuel.

Coleman model PQ 307; Coleman Quicklite of Amerca built between 1916 and 1928, Chandelier Candle power
Coleman fuel, comes from a church in America. 

Coleman Bracket lamp model BQ 321 made in America built 01-1924,
Coleman fuel, gift from Don.

Coleman model 321 the luxe easy-lite
built 11-1973 built in Canada.
Coleman fuel.


Coleman model 321B Easy-Lite of 
Toronto Canada, built 01-1979.
Coleman fuel

Coleman Col-Max model 222-200CP from Canada
built 02-1947, fuel kerosene.
With Colex glass, made in USA.

Coleman Col-Max model 333-300 CP from Canada
built 04-1948, fuel kerosene, with original globe.  

Coleman 335 of Canada
built 07-1974. Coleman fuel.

Coleman model 335P                                                  
of Canada, built 2-1979,                             
with original tin. Coleman fuel.

Coleman model 639                       
of Canada, built 04-1971                  
Fuel kerosene. 

20 th. Anniversary Members Edition. Coleman model 639number  257 of  279,

Coleman model 639B-700
of America, built 03-1999
Fuel kerosene. Gift from Don.

Coleman model 2000 Northstar    
of America, built 06-2003 
with piezo-lightning.
Coleman fuel.

Coleman mantles display   Coleman mantles display. Coleman Northstar mantles display.
packing of 1990.

Left a Dutch Coleman bottle for Coleman fuel of 1 liter, right to it  the plastic Coleman bottle 
fuel (Premium blend fuel) of 32 fl.oz (946 ml).Than two Coleman fuel tins 1 US.Gal (3,78 liter).
The 5e tin from the left is for Holiday fuel for gasoline stoves and lanterns, ± 1962
Ericson Refinery, distr. by World Wide unc. Minneapolis Minn. 55437, gift from Don.
The most right three petrol tins of Coleman Fuel from Germany contents 1 liter.

Crown Trade mark 500 CP
Of Irak , built ± 1980.
Fuel kerosene.

Ditmar Maxim model 593
of Vienna Austria, built 1938-1939
Fuel gasoline.

Dolfhin Firelight made in Johanesburg South-Africa 
by Watcor Ltd. Cape Town. built ± 1969
Fuel kerosene.

Tin with 25 mantles brand Fargo
made in India, 400-500CP.

A Geniol with frozen globe  model 829-500HK              
of Germany, built 01-1988. Fuel kerosene.  

A Geniol lamp model 829B-500HK of Duitsland, in the bottom 
stands 4748 special made for the Bundesleger (german army).
Fuel kerosene.

Geniol model  automatic 150CP of Heinze-Wuppertal  West Germany 
built ± 1990. Fuel kerosene.

Hasag (Sun) type nr. 51                                  
of Switzerland. Fuel kerosene.                        
built? present from André.

Hasag model 151L of Switserland, built by Eugen Schatz
Hasaglicht zug (Sweiss). Fuel kerosene.

A hipolito model H102-150CP 
of Portugal. Fuel kerosene.

Hipolito model 250CP of Portugal    
built? Fuel kerosene.                                                                                

Hipolito model H202-250CP automatic
of Portugal, built ± 1990, never burns.
Fuel kerosene.

Hipolito model H-502-500 CP Automatic
of Portugal; in the bottom stands: 0668
Fuel kerosene.

Original Kohinor de Luxe 500CP    
of India, built ± 2000,                      
Never burns. Fuel kerosene.         

Kohinoor 500 CP of India
built ? Fuel Kerosene. With special
globe made of small pieces of glass.
Fuel kerosene.

Light Brand with reflector 200 CP of China,
built ± 1970 it never burns! Fuel kerosene.

Light Brand 500 CP of China
built ± 1985. Fuel kerosene.

Nagel-Chase model 17-300 CP
of Chicago America, built between 1920 and 1930.
With mica globe. Fuel gasoline.
Sold by Montgommery Ward in the US
as model 486 in 1930, sold to the fire-brigade
of the city of Zwolle in the Netherlands.

Nulite lamp of USA, built ±1920-1925           
with mica globe, on the right the lamp       
after restauration.  Fuel kerosene.

Optimus model 200-200CP of Sweden,
with original globe. Fuel kerosene.

Optimus model 200P-250CP made in Sweden 
met original globe. Fuel kerosene.


Optimus model 300-300CP made in Sweden.
Fuel kerosene.                                       

Optimus model 1200-250CP                   Optimus model 1200-250CP in brass.
of Sweden built ± 1965.                          In unused condition!
Made by Aktiebolagat                             Built ± 1965.
Optimus Upplands Vasby.                      Fuel kerosene.
Fuel kerosene.

Optimus model 1550-500CP of Sweden, fuel kerosene.

Petrolite Super Automatic 
model 0968-01-500CP of Hongkong
built ± 1995. Fuel kerosene.
with reflectorshade, built for Albatros, 

Standard for lamps, with a Petromax lamp.

From the Swiss army with a Petromax and a Geniol  lamp.
Fuel for both lamps gasoline. Model PX 523/821/250CP.

 Petromax rapid model 500-500CP
 built ± 1965 for the German army
 Fuel kerosene.

Petromax model 821 Baby-Erich & Graetz A.G.                          
250 CP built ± 1935 in Germany.
Fuel kerosene.

Petromax model 826-300 CP, built ± 1935, fuel kerosene, with EG logo and original Petromax globe.

Petromax super model 826-350CP                           
of Germany built  ?                                   
Sold by hardwarestore                                  
G.W. van Diller Utrecht.
With original Petromax super globe.
Fuel kerosene.

Petromax Rapid model 827-250CP 
of Germany built 03-1967.
Fuel kerosene.

Petromax rapid model 828-350CP super
of Germany. Fuel kerosene,
in the bottom stands ABL 60 this means:
Armée Belg(e)isch Leger.

Petromax model 828-350CP super.     
Made in Altena, built 1956-1964.                            
Fuel kerosene.                         

Petromax Rapid model 829-500CP 
of Germany, built ± 1995
Fuel kerosene.

Petromax Rapid model 829-500CP
copper of Germany, built 04-05-1997.
Fuel kerosene,

Petromax Altena/W, model 829B-465 HK-500CP 
Built 08-1971, made for the German Bundeswehr,
Fuel kerosene. The lamp has never burns!

Petromax Rapid model 1500- 500 CP of Germany built  ± 1965.
Light, Heating and Cooking. The globe is half clear/ half frosen. Fuel kerosene. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Primus model 1081-500CP                        
of Sweden, built 1949.             
Fuel petrol.                      

Primus model 1320-500CP
of Sweden, built 1952.
Fuel kerosene.

Radius model 101-100CP of Sweden. Built ± 1948. Fuel kerosene.

Radius model 119 - 500 CP of Sweden.
Fuel kerosene.

Red Heart nr. 905-500 CP on the left photo,
on the right photo stands left the Red Heart
model 905 and on the right Anchor model  950,                             
both lamps from the same factory Shanghai China.                
Fuel kerosene.                                                                                                                          

Santrax model 829-500 CP super
built by Santromax Hongkong
original Santrax built about 1980
with original Santrax globe, Fuel kerosene.

A Schatz model 5551LD serial number B.1201
of Switzerland. Meinrad Aschwanden/Schatz-lampen, Zug.
Built after 1970, probably by Hasag Austria.
Fuel petrol.

Sears; Coleman in Wichita Kansas made 
this model 72241 for Sears Roebuck and Co.
Built 04-1972. Fuel petrol.

Standerd model 2045 built between
1940-1950-250CP. Fuel petrol.
of Switserland. Before restauration..

Standard Momento no. 6102 H-500CP
of Germany, built? Fuel petrol.

Standard Origina; model 5112-350CP made in Germany-Real.
Built? Fuel kerosene.

Thermos Macob model 8321 of Illinois U.S.A.                         
built ? With original globe. Coleman fuel.                                                                       

Thermos Macob model 8326 of
Illinois U.S.A., built ± 1961.
With original globe. Coleman fuel.

Tilley FL6  of England floodlight for roadwork and railwaywork 
and in theatre where there is no electricity, made from
1936 in till ± 1975. Fuel kerosene.

Tilley MK2 refrigerant leak detector lamp.
Built late 1950s. Fuel kerosene.
Under licence from Prestcold Refrigiration.

Tilley tablelamp model TL.13 of England    
Built ± 1938, with vitreosil globe.                                                      
Fuel kerosene.                                    

Tilley tablelamp model TL136
of England, built between 1952-1956.
Fuel kerosene.

Tilley X246 of England built ± 1950      
with yellow ventilation top.         
Fuel kerosene.

Tilley model X246, built ± 1954 of England.
left before and right after restauration.
Fuel kerosene.

On the left  Tilley model X246A built 11-1959
of England.
On the right Tilley model X246 built ± 1969
of Northern Ireland.                  
Fuel kerosene.  

Tilley of Northern Ireland, model X246A
built 1961. Fuel kerosene.

Tilley on the left model X 246B
built 1974,on the right model X246B
built 1966 of Northern Ireland.
Fuel kerosene.

Tilley model X246B built 1984
of Northern Ireland
brandnew never has burns!      
Fuel kerosene.

Tilley lamp burned during the Light Up of The Coleman Convention in Wichita
on june the 13th 2008. To honour  Herb Ebendorfer. Fuel kerosene

Tilley model X246E of England
built 1956. Fuel kerosene.

Tilley torches pre heating in original packing. Tilley mantles in original display box.

Tilley instruktion manuel in Dutch
Owlite pre-heating powder for
lamps and radiators.

Tingkwan of Indonesia 
Fuel kerosene. 

Tito-Landi of France
Brevette Paris. Fuel spirit.

Unimet lantern GL-4 made in Hong Kong by Union
Metal Works. The lantern is a double mantle model 
that has a triangular air/fuel mixing chamber above
the burner tubes and an 'inverted cup' base rest
(top and side surfaces).
Fuel white gaz or leaded.

Vapalux Halifax model 300 built 1944, made in England.
With  iron fount, and iron glass-holder. Fuel kerosene.
Made for the British army. With Pyrex glass.

Vapalux Halifax model 300 built 1944, made in Engeland.
In brass design. Fuel kerosene. Originel in grey/blue colour.
Made for the British army. With Pyrex glas.

Vapalux model 300X - 300 CP made in Halifax England by the firm Willis & Bates, 
built between 1938 and 1946, fuel kerosene. Original colour chestnut auburn. 

Vapalux model 320 of England built after 1968. Fuel kerosene
made by Willis & Bates, with green top.   

Vapalux model 320 of England built after 1968,
made by Willis & Bates, with red top.
Fuel kerosene.

Vapalux model 320 of England         
built after 1968, made by Willes & Bates
with black top. Fuel kerosene.

Vapalux of England firm Willis & Bates,
built between 1942 and 1945. Fuel kerosene.
Left without and on the right with reflector.

Vapalux model 300X - 300 CP, made in Halifax  England by the firm Willis & Bates, built between
1938 and 1946, fuel kerosene. Original colour maroon.

Veritas model 350-350CP made in
England. Built between  1960 and 1970
left civil design and right army design
supplied by Ametagro
N.V. Amsterdam-The Netherlands.
Fuel kerosene.

Original Zwan model 951-R, 500 CP from India
with Borasil globe and Hercules mantles from Bombay.
priceof the mantles max. 50 rupees! 
Fuel kerosene.





A Primus Carbid lamp model 1021 of  
Sweden, built ± 1930 for the Swedish Army.
Who has an original globe for me?

Carbide lamp Rykskeur 1.



Glass oillamp, mark Chung Yo, with bakelite holder and porcelain wick holder, made in Taiwan.

Mark OSMEKA, built 1966, made by Osnabrüker
Metalwerke, J. Kamperchulte & Co Germany.
Function: Wagoncloselamp red or Wagonfrontlamp white.
Original black, now army green.

Kerosene burner with 3 wicks used
for religious custum in the Catholic Curch.
Mark unknown.

Carriage lamp, mark unknown,
Fuel kerosene.

Tinol oillamp made in Germany. Fuel kerosene.



Manufactured by CALOR Engeneering LTD.
Floodlight. For use with propane gas.

Coleman model 5122 LP gaz lamp                                                             
built 08-1970 in America.
Propane gas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Coleman propane lamp model 5151, of America
built 04-1995, double mantle with original American
container box. Fuel propane.                                           

Coleman propane camp lantern
model 5153A of America, with
piezo ignition Fuel propane.
Gift of P.Reijnders Heemstede, thank you!

Coleman propane fuel tank gift of
The Coleman Campany for the people
those where present at the Coleman Convention
in 2008 in Kansas Wichita.
The green fuel tank from t America built 03-05-1961.

Gazlamp mark DK.
Country/built ?

Gazlamp mark unknown in Jugend Still
built ± 1900, for gaz. 

Faretto Calo gas, type B/LF 609
Built about 1975 Lamp and Heater
Made in Italy.

Gaslamp mark unknown ± 1900.

3 gaslamps, mark unknown ±1930   

Gaslamp from the  Nederlandsche Gasgloeilicht
Maatschappij. Built ± 1930.                 

Graetzin gaslamp with flamrex            
provides torino, glas  model gl/60 

Greatzin with 2 globes
with an inside and outside globe.

Gaslamp Jacobus DRP 126135 with Kapis
autosit jenaglobe.

Table gaslamp mark Leverink NV Hengelo Holland
gas tablelamp built ± 1960.

Table gaslamp mark J.C.TH MARIUS
Utrecht Holland, built ± 1920.

Tilley Satelight model B.T. 26-300CP                         
of England built ± 1967,                                         
propane/butanegas in the
bottom stands een 8.

Tilley of England with Sievert propane tank.

Gaslamp mark Truma Ph. Kreis München
with flint ignition ± 1950.

2 Veritas gaslamps of England.

2 camping gaslamps for summerhouse 
mark unknown ± 1960.

Gaslamp for work ± 1950
ask patent 162.912 mark unknown.

Gaslamp mark unknown.
Chimney: Normal supervitric wettig gedeponeerd.
                Normal supervitric lawful trade-mark.

Gaslamp mark unknown ± 1950.

Various wicks.




A.L.G. model 7 from France,
Fuel kerosene, built?

Anchor Brand  model 285                                 
of China. Fuel kerosene.  

Bat model 158 made in Germany.
Fuel kerosene.

Bat model 158 made in G.D.R.
(East-Gernany). Fuel kerosene.

Bat model 259 made in G.D.R.
with shake hands logo.
Fuel kerosene.

Bat model 2850 of Germany built ± 1933.
Made in Thüringa Germany, with original Bat globe.
Fuel kerosene.

Bee model 75 made in Germany.
Fuel kerosene.

First aid kit for auxiliairy-troops along the road with 2 Chalwyn hurricane lamps mark
Tropic from England. Fuel kerosnene. The lamps have redpainted globes; 
de first aid kit is from february 1950 with most original  contents.

Chalwyn of England.               
Left model Tropic (English Army)    
Right model Far East. Fuel kerosene.

Chalwyn of England, model Far East
with red globe, milk globe and clear globe.
Fuel kerosene.

Chalwyn model Lynx of England,
fuel kerosene.

Chalwyn model Tornado of England,
fuel kerosene

Dietz junior model 20,
built ± 1940. Fuel kerosene.
Gift from Stan and Gayle.

Dietz little giant made for the
Minneapolis gascompany N.Y.-USA
Roadlamp built ± 1940

Fuel kerosene. Gift from Don.

Dietz model little wizzard nr. 30
of America, built ± 1938.
Fuel kerosene.

Dietz dead flame train lamp type vulcan nr. 39               
Left before and right after restauration.                          
Built ± 1940 is brought to Holland by the                       
American army in the second world war.
Fuel kerosene.                      

Dietz of America                                                 
Left      model 50                                             
Right    model 76 The Original.                          
Made in Hongkong,  never burns!
Fuel kerosene.                   

Dietz of America
Left   model 78 Mars
Right model 80 Blizzard.
Made in Hongkong, never burns!
Fuel kerosene.

Dietz of America 
duplicate of an old type.
Built about 1990 in Hongkong.
Fuel kerosene.

Ditmar 801 favorite made in Austria
Fuel kerosene. Oon the top stands: 
Ditmar Fabriqué en Autriche (French) and on the fount stands:
Ditmar made in Austria (English) and on the top of the wickholder stands:
Ditmar Austrian marke (German).

Ditmar model 805 made in Austria
with Jena glass, built ± 1950.
Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand candlelamp wit white and orange globe with 1 or 2 ventilation 
grooves, one lamp with Jena glass voor protection of the candle 
by temperature below 5 degrees Celsius.

Feuerhand model 75 ATOM of Germany.                  
left with stormshade,                                                                                                                            
right with reflector behind the glass.                 
Built between 1939 and 1945. 
Fuel kerosene.                      

Feuerhand superbaby's model 175
wagonlamps of Germany, 
the left one was on the front and 
the right one was on the back of the wagon.
Built after 1933. Fuel kerosene.

On the left the lid of the lamp stands on the left.
on the left Feuerhand model 175 Super Baby with stormshade
DBP K163 made in W. Germany. Original Nier patent.
In the middle Feuerhand model 175 Super Baby with
stormshade DBPa K1490/1 made in W.Germany.
Original Nier patent.
On the right Feuerhand model 175 Super Baby K1491/1
made in W. Germany original Nier patent. Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand model 175 super baby stormfest,
made in W. Gerany, original nier. Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand model 201                      
Hot blast lamp of Germany                                                                            
Built between 1926 and 1945.
Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand model 260 made in Germany 
built before 1932. Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand model 270 made in Germany
built till 1932. Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand original nier,
model 275 Western Baby
made in Germany, colour bronze.
Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand of Germany from left to right:
Model 175 (green), 275(red), 276 (red) with
stormshade and 276 (armygreen) with 
stormshade of the Dutch Army of 1979.
Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand model 276 Baby Special
Original Nier  Patent made in W.Germany
special edition of WWW.Dochtlampen Forum.DE
Never used! Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand model 276 Baby Special made in Germany.
On the top stands GEB, means council energy company 
Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand model 276-StK70 baby speciaal
red with  red globe, original Nier with
stormshade, made in Germany.
Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand  model 276 Baby Special
with stormshade of the Dutch Army
KL 83 and KL 84,
Made in Germany. Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand on the left model 275 baby
K.1477/1 made in Germany, original
Nier Patent. Fuel Kerosene.

Feuerhand  on the right model 276 Baby Special
with stormshade K1452 made in W. Germany
original Nier patent. Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand of Germany model 276 Baby Special
with stormshade of the Dutch Navy with wooden box.
Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand of Germany model 276 with stormshade
in militairy design, on the tank of the lamp stands:
nr.6260-12-5947 VERSORG.

Feuerhand yellow model 276 Baby Special
with stormshade made in Germany original Nier.
Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand of Germany, trafic road lamp                 
model 276StK120 baby special with original yellow glass   
with original iron protection shade.  Fuel kerosene.                                                                                                         

Feuerhand of Germany, trafic-roadlamps
left model 276 with red glass,
in thew middle  model 276StK70. 
On the right model 276StK120 baby special
original Nier. Fuel kerosene.                    

Feuerhand with Bird  glass. Model 305 of Germany                          
Built ± 1940. Made in Beierfeld Germany.
 Fuel kerosene.

Feuerhand model 305 of Germany.
Fuel kerosene.
Frowo  of Germany                                                              
left model 50 built between 1938 and 1971                              
middle model 75 built between 1930 and 1971                     
right model type 340 built  between1933 and 1970 
The black lamp model 340 nevers has burns! 
Fuel kerosene.

Frowo of Germany model 105.
Fuel kerosene.

Frowo model 240 made in
Germany. Fuel kerosene.

Frowo model 420 from Germany
built between 1945 and 1974.
Fuel kerosene.

Frowo of Germany model 435
built between 1932 en 1970
the right lamp with red globe-traficlamp.
Fuel kerosene.

Frowo of Germany model 435
special made for Brone N.V. Holland.
Built ± 1955. Fuel kerosene.

Hasag/Bat; Orkan model 777, made in Germany
with original globe, built ± 1935.

Jupiter model 1made in Poland.
Fuel kerosene.

Lampart Lámpagyár model 599
of Hungary built ± 1955.
Fuel kerosene.

Meva of Czechoslovakia                                         
Left     model 863 from 04-1973                                        
Middle model 864 from 03-1974                                   
Right model 865 from 04-1980 Armydesign.
Fuel kerosene.

Moonlight Guong Zhou made 
in China model HM 103.
Fuel kerosene.

Orkan made in Gernany model 777, fuel kerosene.

Panzer original of Germany                                                  
trade mark cuirass, built ± 1935
DR.patent. Fuel kerosene.                                    
Fuel kerosene.

Paulls (Wheeling Stamping Company)
model The Regal no. 0
Built ± 1920. Fuel kerosene.

Petro-flam model 105
of Belgium. Fuel kerosene.

Rhewum of Germany.
Left   model ST. 2, In the middle model ST.11
on the right model St.11 with original red globe.
Built bewteen 1929-1960.
Fuel kerosene.


Unknown can hang or put                      
on a pile.                                              

Unknown can hang or put on a pile
with seperate red glass, burner is mark Cahero.

Batavier made by Batavier Dutch used
by Provinciale Waterleiding Noord-Holland
with not an original holder.
On the right a Batavier with original holder.

Enders model K38004 road flair made in Germany.
Fuel diesel.

Feuerhand model K8002 road flair 
made in Germany Fuel diesel.

Roadlamp made by Kenyons Akenco England.