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The LGS introduces CDs made by its members. Some of these you can still order with us. Here is a list of all the CDs introduced so far:

              Golden Locks ...

His Golden Locks ...

Lute songs by Dowland, Campion and Morley.

Ludy Vrijdag - tenor
David van Ooijen - lute

AEK 201105 (2011)



Virtuoso Guitar Music from the Eighteenth Century.

Taro Takeuchi - baroque guitar and English guitars




A musical journey between Europe and Japan in the 16th and 17th centuries, with songs from the European courts and the Japanese pleasure quarters.

Chiyomi Yamada - soprano
Toyohik Satoh - vihuela, lute
David van Ooijen - theorbo, 19th century guitar

Carpe Diem CD-16283
Nostalgia 1101 (2011)

J. S.
              Bach - French & English Suites

J. S. Bach - French & English Suites
Stefan Temmingh – recorder & direction
Domen Marinčič – viola da gamba
Axel Wolf – lute

Oehms Classics
Oehms Classics OC 795

Narváez vs Newsidler
Tōru Sakurada - vihuela / lute

WAON CD-130 (2010)
Waon Records


Neue Lautenfruchte
Earl Christy - baroque lute

Suite in F-major and Sonata in D-major by Earl Christy

Earl Christy EC101 (2009)

Songs of
                Life and Death

Songs of Life and Death
Sytse Buwalda - counter-tenor
Francine van der Heijden - soprano
David van Ooijen - lute
Freek Borstlap - Viola da gamba

Songs by a.o. Dowland, Coprario and Purcell.

Buwalda Classics 2008-01 (2008)

Many and
              Fair are the Boughs of the Rue Tree

Rutafanak sok szep aga
Many and Fair are the Boughs of the Rue Tree
Szilvia Bognár - soprano
István Kónya - Renaissance lute

Hungarian folk songs and Renaissance lute music.

Neue Lautenstuecke

Rainer Waldeck - Baroque lute

Music by Johann Gottfried Conradi and Johann Theodor Herold.

Rainer Waldeck

Johann Adolph Hasse

Johann Adolph Hasse
Opera for lute
Axel Wolf - baroque lute

Baroque opera arias and one sonata for harpsichord transcribed for baroque lute.

Axel Wolf
OEHM classics OC 710

                in 4 gangen

Lust in 4 gangen
Sytse Buwalda - counter-tenor
Vaughan Schlepp - forte piano
David van Ooijen - archlute and romantic guitar

Songs about food and drink.

Buwalda Classics 2007-01 (2007)

Peace in Love

Peace in Love
Takashi Miyazaki - 19th century guitars

‘Where there is love there is peaceful mind. In thinking about this, the title of this cd came to me.’ Sweet love songs are tenderly sung to the accompaniment of a gut-strung Panormo guitar.

Takashi Miyazaki

Weiss - Concerto for two lutes

Silvius Leopold Weiss - Concerto for two lutes and Suites
Bernhard Hofstötter and Dolores Costoyas - lutes

Concerto for two lutes in C-major, three suites and some miscellaneous pieces, all by Weiss.

ATMA Classique ACD22538

Varié 2 Collectici Intim
Kim Yong-Tae - Guitar

Modern guitar music by Riera, D’Angelo, Walton, Kantor and Ascencio.


Varietie of Lute Collections
Tōru Sakurada - Favourite Lute Music Anthology on seven all-gut-strings lutes

6-, 8-, and 10-course renaissance lutes
13-course archlute
11- and 14-course baroque lutes
14-course theorbo

WAON CD-060 (2006)
Waon Records

Un' altra

Un’ altra canzone
Michiel Niessen & David van Ooijen - lutes

Collected music for two lutes by Giovanni Antonio Terzi.

Turtle Records TRSA0028 SACD (2006)

Also available directly from me.

Music from the Golden Age of Rembrandt

Music from the Age of Rembrandt
Musica Amphion, Pieter-Jan Belder
With Harjo Neutkens, lute.

Music by Schuyt, Sweelinck, Vallet, Padbrué, Hollanders, Cornet, Ban, Van Eijck, Schop, Merula, Huygens, Herwich, Verrijt, Van Noordt, Hacquart and Buns performed by a mixed group of instrumentalists and vocalists.

Brilliant Classics 93100 (2006)

Music appreciation in 17th and early 18th century

Music appreciation in 17th and early 18th century Holland
Mutsuyuki Motomura - recorders
Tōru Sakurada - lute, theorbo, baroque guitar
Naoki Ueo - harpsichord, organ, musette, percussion

Music from different groups in Dutch society.

WAON CD-040 (2006)
Waon Records

In the footsteps of Herman Hollanders
Brabants Muzyk Collegie with David van Ooijen - theorbo

The complete works by Herman Hollanders from his Parnassus eccliasticus (1631) and Jubilus filiorum (1634), 51 motets for one to four voices, accompanied on organ and theorbo.

Etcetera KTC 1292 3CD (2006)
Brabants Muzyk Collegie

Journey to Baroque
Sumi Jo - soprano
Concertgebouw Kamerokest with David van Ooijen - archlute

David van Ooijen on archlute in Music for a While and Fairest Isle by Henry Purcell.

Warner Music Korea 5101 12039-2 (2006)
Sumi Jo

El Vuelo de Icaro

El Vuelo de Ícaro
Música para el eros barocco
La Grande Chapelle - Àngel Recasens

Five singers and eight instrumentalists in a programme of Spanish baroque music, about Icarus and love. David van Ooijen can be heard on theorbo and baroque guitar.

Lauda Música LAU003 (2005)
La Grande Chapelle

Sytse Buwalda - About Love

About Love
Sytse Buwalda - counter tenor
David van Ooijen - lute, archlute, theorbo, romantic guitar
Vaughan Schlepp - piano, fortepiano

David van Ooijen accompanies Sytse in songs by Purcell, Caccini, Caldara, Giordani, Dowland and some traditionals. He also plays a Liebeslied by Mertz on romantic guitar.

Buwalda Classics 2005-01 (2005)

Biber - Mysteriensonaten
Rüdiger Lotter - baroque violin
Olga Watta - harpsichord, chest organ
Axel Wolf - lute, theorbo, baroque guitar

First live recording!

OEHMS Classics OC 514 (2005)

Axel Wolf
              - Chiaccona

Music for lute and Chitarrone by Alessandro Piccinini
Axel Wolf - lute, chitarrone
Iris Weber - organ
Jörg Meder - violone
Berward Jaime Rudolph - guitar
Hilko Schomerus - percussion

Raumklang RK 2406 (2004)

Johann Sebastian Bach - Music for Lute - Axel Wolf

Johann Sebastian Bach
Music for Lute
Axel Wolf - liuto attiorbato

BWV 997
BWV 998
BWV 995

Raumklang RK 2203 (2003)


Corelli - Opera Omnia
Musica Amphion - Pieter-Jan Belder
Including David van Ooijen - archlute

Brilliant Classics 92403 (10 cd box) (2005)

                and Aeneas

Purcell - Dido and Aeneas
Musica ad Rhenum - Jed Wentz

Two short guitar dances are played by David van Ooijen on baroque guitar.

Brilliant Classics 92464 (2005)

Marco Uccelini - La Hortensia Virtuosa

Marco Uccelini - La Hortensia Virtuosa
Violin Sonatas
Lucy van Dael - violin
Bob van Asperen - harpsichord, organ
Toyohiko Satoh - liuto-attiorbato
Jaap ter Linden - Cello

Aeolus AE-10096 (2004)

Love and Musical Drama

Love and Musical Drama
Early Italian Baroque Music
Chiyomi Yamada - soprano
Naoyuki Ōtake - recorder
Toyohiko Satoh - lute, theorbo, archlute

Music by Monteverdi, Kapsberger, Ortiz, Caccini, Bassano, Frescobaldi, Quagliati and Piccinini.

Brain Music EBM-203515 (2005)


Away Delights
Lute solos and songs from Shakespeare’s England by Robert Johnson
Matthew Wadsworth - lute
Carolyn Sampson - soprano
Mark Levy - bass viol
Avie AV2053 (2004)

14 Silver Strings

14 Silver Strings
Kapsberger, Piccinini - Toccatas, Partitas and Dances
Matthew Wadsworth - theorbo
Gary Cooper - harpsichord, organ
Mark Levy - viola da gamba, lirone, violone
Deux-Elles DXL 1044 (2003)


Baroque Insight
Anna Kowalska - baroque guitar
Anton Birula - theorbo

Arrangements of music by Alessandro Piccinini, Girolamo Kapsberger, Santiago de Murcia, Gaspar Sanz, Robert de Visée, François Couperin and Antoine Forqueray. (2003)

              Lute Duets

Baroque Lute Duets
Anna Kowalska - baroque lute
Anton Birula - baroque lute

Music for two baroque lutes by Ennemond Gaultier, Du Fault, William Lawes, Marin Marais, Adam Falckenhagen and Joachim Hagen. (2002)


Sacred Arias
Counter tenor Sytse Buwalda - counter tenor
Vaughan Schlepp - fortepiano
David van Ooijen - theorbo, lute, romantic guitar

Arias by amongst others Caccini, Campion, Schubert, Fauré, Franck, Durante and Purcell.

Buwalda Classics BCM 200401 (2004)

La Baroque

La Baroque
Dances for the Dutch Court c. 1765

Swinging music for 16 dances from the gallant Dutch Court of the 18th century. Dutch member Harjo Neutkens plays archlute and baroque guitar in a mixed baroque ensemble. Especially Harjo’s baroque guitar playing is very attractive.

Vaneos BV (2004)

Recorders Recorded

Recorders Recorded
Dutch repertoire for recorder played on 18th century recorders from the collection of the Gemeentemuseum The Hague.
Saskia Coolen - recorder
Pieter-Jan Belder - harpsichord and recorder
David van Ooijen - archlute

Globe GLO 5209 (2004)

Dawn to
              the West

Weichenberger a “Galant Master”
On original lute!

Toyohiko Satoh plays four suites by Johann Georg Weichenberger on an original lute made by Laurentius Greiff in Ingolstadt in 1610, completely strung in gut. The music is taken from the Harrach Collection in New York and from manuscript sources in Prague, Gottweig, Podebrady and Berlin.

Nostalgia 0401 (2004)

Dawn to the West

Mio Favorito
Recorder variations

This cd by recorder player Naoyuki Ōtake is filled with variations, written by himself, on familiar renaissance melodies like Greensleeves and O, Mistres Mine to Japanese and Chinese folksongs and My favourite things by Rodgers. In some pieces Toyohiko Satoh (lute) and Chiyomi Yamada (soprano) join to play and sing the original melody first.


The music of Andrés Segovia

Dutch member and classical guitar player Frans Brekelmans has recorded a cd with music written for Andrés Segovia between 1920 and 1940. For more on Frans Brekelmans an his cd you can visit his website: You can order the cd on-line at

Dawn to
                the West

Dawn to the West
Japanese Songs with Guitar

Soprano Chiyomi Yamada sings traditional and early 20th century Japanese songs, all accompanied by David van Ooijen on an original Panormo guitar from 1829.

Read more on Chiyomi Yamada and David van Ooijen.
We also sell a book with the sheet music of the songs on this CD.
Nostalgia 0201 (2002)


Virtuoso guitar music in the 17th century

By Tarō Takeuchi, baroque guitar, Reiko Ichise, viola da gamba and Elisio Kintairo, narration.
Original guitar by Matteo Sellas, Venice ca 1650. Hojison copy Vobaum, Paris 1640.
Produced by Deux-Elles, England.
The English Lute Society wrote:
‘This is the best of all baroque solo guitar albums released so far. Most enjoyable playing.’

Lute Music from three Centuries - István

Lute Music from three Centuries
István Kónya

This CD by Hungarian lutenist István Kónya contains music by Spinacino, Francesco da Milano, Le Roy, Attaingnant, Cutting, Dowland, etc., as well as baroque music by Gaultier and Weiss. Since the music by Spinacino was published in 1507 and Weiss died in 1750, this CD indeed covers music from three centuries.

A Choice Collection of Dances

A Choice Collection of Dances
Music for Baroque Dances at the Court and Theatre

Accademia Amsterdam

Harjo Neutkens plays lute, theorbo and baroque guitar in a mixed baroque ensemble on a CD with baroque dances. The CD has been produced by a specialist in baroque dancing who also has reconstructed the choreographies that go with the music. During the recording she danced for the musicians to show them tempi and nuances. It has become a nice CD with 29 short dance pieces.

Giovanni Battista Fontana - Icarus Ensemble

Giovanni Battista Fontana Sonate a uno, due e tre
Icarus Ensemble

David van Ooijen plays theorbo and bass lute on this second CD by the Icarus ensemble, in sonatas by the early 17th century composer Fontana. These sonatas are beautiful, serious music and were written for one, two and three voices. The instrumentation on the CD is quite varied as there are also a violin, recorder, organ and harpsichord in the ensemble. In the sonatas for more than one voice, the bass lute is used to play the lowest voice.

You can read more about Fontana and his music on this page.

CLAVES records CD 50-2203

Herfstbloei van de luit - Ireen Thomas

Autumn blossoming of the lute
lute music around 1750

Ireen Thomas - baroque lute

Music from the transitional period between the baroque and classical eras, played on a copy of an instrument by J. C. Hoffman from 1730, made by Nico van der Waals in 1998. The music featured on this CD is by Johann Friedrich Daube (1730-1797): Sonatas in F-major e-minor and A-major, Rudolf Straube (1717-ca.1780): Sonata 11 G-major and Ferdinand Seidel (ca. 1705-?): Minuet 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10.

Songs for lute & voice - Teresa Doyle and Toshizo

Songs for lute & voice
Teresa Doyle and Toshizo Tanaka

This is a CD with well-known 16th century songs like Green Sleeves, Flow my Tears, etc. Famous love songs from the Elizabethan lute song repertoire are sung by a Canadian popular folk singer from the bottom of her heart. “The first easy listening and entertaining Dowland by a folk singer who brings a new wind to the folk song world.” (Toyohiko Satoh) The digital recording of the pure and direct voice of Doyle accompanied by Tanaka’s surpressed lute is of supreme quality.

Nova Scotia

Heart Land - Hiroshi Kaneko

Heart Land
Hiroshi Kaneko

This CD features more than just early music for lute. Among the pieces recorded are the famous Siciliano, music by Bach, Satie and all-time favourites such as Sally Gardens, Londonderry Air, the Cavatina from the Dear Hunter and music by Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles. These popular pieces are carefully chosen and sound well on the lute.

King record KICC-316

Portrait - Takashi Miyazaki

Portrait - Love, Ease & Comfort -
Takashi Miyazaki

Takashi Miyazaki accompanies his own singing on a 19th century guitar by Panormo from 1848. Music includes The Sweetheart Tree, Look up at the Night stars, Lachrimae (guitar solo), One million Roses, Graduation, etc. “I play, teach the guitar and sing. I do not always perform in concert halls, so I sometimes use amplification. The theme of this album is love, ease and comfort. Becoming unable to endure the highly strained sound of the modern guitar, I began to play the 19th century guitar without nails, where I find warmth and relaxation. Maybe I am very different from those who seek purely the sound but I do not want to be bound by anything. I want to play music with a free mind in every genre of music.”

You can find more about this CD on Takashi Miyazaki’s own web site.

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