Lute & Early Guitar Society Japan

Association to enjoy European culture in a vast meaning of the word, through lutes or early guitars and all music containing those instruments.

Honorary President: Tatsuo Minagawa (musicologist and honorary professor of Rykyo University)
Honorary Advisor: Masakata Kanazawa (musicologist and professor of Kokusai Kirisutokyo University)
President: Toyohiko Satoh (lutenist and former professor Royal Conservatorium The Hague)
Advisor: Naoyuki Ōtake (recorder player and teacher at Tōkyō Ondai)

Artistic director:
Ensemble: Hiroshi Fukuzawa (viola da gamba and lutenist)
Lute song: Chiyomi Yamada (vocalist)
19th century guitar play and song: Takashi Miyazaki (guitar player)
Early guitar: Tarō Takeuchi (lutenist)
Baroque lute: Hiroshi Kaneko (lutenist)

General director (Administration): Tōru Sakurada (lutenist)
Treasurer: Reiko Miura (singer)
Coordinator (projects): Yoshie Kaneiwa (Office Arches)