Membership Details

Special advantage for members:
We start our services for our members from January 2001.
Introduction of instruments, renting and maintenance, introduction and selling of strings, music and CD’s.
Offering information by the newsletter (four or five times a year).
Participation in workshops or special lessons.
Special treatment to concerts or events.
Introduction of members necessary to ensemble playing.
Selling of wine and cheese (from 2002).

General member:
Professional or non-professional players, music lovers, those who have an interest in European culture, those who want to start to play lute etcetera, anybody is welcome.

Backing up member:
We ask donations from those who agree with the principles of the Society. Apart from the advantages above mentioned, we are thinking of special discounts to events, special treatments such as invitations and some years of free membership depending on the amount of your donation. Please help the development of our Society!

Entrance fee: ¥7.000 (if you apply within this year: free).
General member, annual fee: ¥3.000 (you can pay 2 or 3 years in advance).
Backing up member, annual fee: as many times ¥10.000 as you like.

How to apply:
Fill out the application form and send or fax it to the Society.
As to the annual fee, please use the postal money order enclosed.
Further information: 0489-85-1331 (Sakurada)

Giro: 00110-5-557404
Bank account: 3877270, Asahi Ginko Minamikoshigaya Shiten
Account name: Lute and Early Guitar Society Japan, Sakurada Tōru

Lute and Early Guitar Society Japan
c/o Sakurada Tōru
Postcode: 3-227 Oonari-cho
Tel: 090-3061.7731
Fax: 048-986.8740 E-mail:

If you live outside Japan, but want to become a member of the LGS, you can do so. Read about details on this page.
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