The LGS outside Japan

People living outside Japan who are interested in the LGS can join at a reduced membership fee of €(Euro)15. These members will receive Nostalgia as a PDF by e-mail, either in Japanese or in English, and will be able to buy the sheet music and the CDs that the LGS has on offer for the reduced prices for LGS-members.

You can sign up by sending the membership fee through PayPal on this e-mail address:

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can contact me by e-mail to find an alternative way of paying.

Please state the language (English or Japanese) in which you want to receive Nostalgia. Applicants halfway a year will have to pay full membership fee and will receive all the back issues of Nostalgia of that year. You can subscribe for more than one year, just multiply the membership fee by the number of years you want to subscribe.

Annual membership fee: €(Euro)15

Postal address:

LGS - Europe
c/o David van Ooijen
Leeghwaterkade 51
2521 DZ Den Haag
The Netherlands
Tel: +31.(0)70.319 40 80