Music Software by Ernst Oosterveld

midiMorph - main screen


midiMorph - gP module screen

As an example you can listen to Music 1 made with module [gP] generate Patterns. This pattern music is in B flat. Another pattern is made with [gP] but now in D. Listen to Music 4. After generating these 5 (4/4) bars of music you can calculate musics in between. Listen to Music 2 (this is the morph 1/3 between music 1 and 4) and Music 3 ( morph 2/3 between music 1 and 4).

In the program you have several options for looping and morphing musics on the fly, but for now listen to the morph music going from B flat to D in Music 1-2-3-4 .

Listen to some MemBrain music. Most of the music is build on midiMorph patterns. Also in compositions midimorph can be used . Listen to the beginning of part 4 from SEQ called Ragtime

MultiVoicer - main screen

MultiVoicer - is a music program for manipulating real time midi note data (but also as plug-in available in midiMorph). An incoming midi note generate a midi chord per midi channel. The incoming note can be the top note or the bass or the second voice.. of the created chord. The chord structure can be defined and mixed. Several permutation algorithms can be used. For jazzy improvisations there are ii-V and ii-V-I chord algo's. This works fine for walking bass lines but also Shearing like piano solo's. As an example listen to SpaceBass from MemBrain, the only player here is the Zeta midi uprite bass player. The chords are coming on the fly from multiVoicer and a Nord Modular synth.or listen to the piano part in DoLeSwing the start is a midiMorph pattern.

Serializer - main screen

Serializer - is a music program for real time use (but also as plug-in available in midiMorph). An incoming midi note is translated to a note or chord from a serie. The serie can be a twelve tone row or another row per midi channel. The program is great for experimenting with strict serial music like twelve tone music by playing in an improvisational way. At the end of the serie you can have options for using serial options like retrograd, inverse, inverse retrograd and transpositions. In the composition SEQ part 6 "Grains" is a solo by ddrum4 midi snaredrum. These one note drum rolls are translated to one voice12-T series with Serializer. Listen to a short example "grain ddrum4 solo".