Theory Ernst Oosterveld

3/ 2007 : morphscales between two fundamentals

The idea is to have a scale build on two fundamentals. I came up with a simple solution :For each fundamental add 3 other notes. Let's select the perfect 4th, 5th and major 7th. In C this means : C , f, g, b. Now we can combine two fundamental sets and we may find out that there are 6 types :The notation for these MorphScales is as follows : Fundamental-1 add '%' symbol and Fundamental_2.

Let's try : C%D this means (C, f, g, b) + (D, g , a , c#) = (C, c#, D, f, g, a, b) 7 notes scale

Let's show the six types :

C%Des : (C, f, g, b) + (Des,ges,as,c) = (C,Des,f,ges,g,as,b) 7 notes. Des means D flat etc..

C%D : (C, f, g, b) + (D, g, a, c#) = (C, c#, D, f, g, a, b) 7 notes

C%Es : (C, f, g, b) + (Es,as,bes,d) = (C, d, Es, f, g, as, bes, b) 8 notes

C%E : (C, f, g, b) + (E, a, b, d#) = (C, d#, E, f, g, a, b) 7 notes

C%F : (C, f, g, b) + (F, bes, c, e) = (C, e, F, g, bes, b) 6 notes

C%F# : (C, f, g, b) + (F#, b, c#, e#) = (C, c#, f, F#, g, b) 6 notes

C%G is the same as C%F transposed to G

You can notate C%E or E%C, it is the same morphscale. As a rule I use the last fundamental as the root note in the bass, so in that sence there is a difference between C%E and E%C. If you want another root note notate it like this C%E/F (F in the bass)

In the composition 'DoubleStrings', which I develops over 7 concerts in the serie "Stemmingswisselingen" (MoodSwings) starting from october 2007 by adding voices for every concert, I use these MorphScales for the first time. Excerpt will be added soon.

In the sibelius file below you can hear and see the 6 scales on C. You need the Scorch plug-in for your browser.

Sheet music of MorphScales between two Fundamentals

Next time I show you the MorphScales between 3 fundamentals!