We fell in love with Maine Coons at a show  in Utrecht. A friend of us was showing her Oriental Longhair there. We came to visit her on the show and to see how she was doing. We were walking around watching the cats and decided that our first cat had to be an Maine Coon although we doubted between Ragdolls, Norwegian Forrest cats and Maine Coons. The sight of a Maine Coon kitten made our minds up, and for once in our lives we agreed on something

The first thing we did when we came home was look on the internet to find more information about this magnificent and friendly cat species. On the internet we stumbled on the site of Charming Coon which told us that they were expecting kittens. During a visit to this cattery we fell in love with a very small bundle of hair. So you'll understand that Charming Coon's Walk of  Life grew up from a bundle of hair into a sweet and gentle stud. The day that Andor (Charming Coon's Walk of Life) came in our home we were invited by Tonja de Waard form cattery Charming Coon to come to a kitten show in Nieuwegein, there we met Jaqueline Koopmans van cattery Cat's of Destiny. A feline of her just had some kittens and we where looking for a feline, so after an visit we chose Luna.

Crazy with our Maine Coons, we came up with the idea to breed Maine Coons. So we wanted to start an Cattery. We  thought up an name for the cattery, after one rejection and some hard thinking we came up with the name 'Aiyana'.

Because the Maine Coon originated from America, we wanted to use an original name.
On a site with Native American names we found 'Aiyana' which means 'Eternal Blossom'. This we thought was a beautiful name and meaning and was also good to pronounce.

At this moment we have 4 Maine Coons. Our stud Andor and our girls Luna, Angel and Kyara.