GIC. Aiyana's Thoth

Thoth is a son of Andor and Kyara. With his birth he had a difficult start. He weighted 69 grams. The first few days we fed him. After these days he began te eat by himself. Because he is a fighter and a real loverboy we decided that he would stay with us.
Thoth is a real red boy. Very busy and always clowning arround. And when he has his crazy 15 minutes even his father Andor isn't save from his foolish spranks.



Date of birth
02 October 2004
Red silver tabby blotched with white
IC/IP Charming Coon's Walk of Life
GIC. Kyara van het Saenhof
FIV/FeLV 11/05/2007 Negative
Patella Luxatie 18/05/2007 Negative
HCM 11/10/2005 Negative
  01/02/2008 Negative
PKD 11/10/2005 Negative



Location Association Date Result
Haarlem Felikat 16-01-2005 Exc. 2
Rosmalen Felikat 27-02-2005 Exc. 1
Arnhem Mundikat 27-03-2005 Exc. 1
Schiedam Felikat 18-09-2005 Exc. 3
Breda Mundikat 16-10-2005 CAC, Nom. BIS
Haarlem Felikat 15-01-2006 CAC
Bemmel Felikat 19-03-2006 CAC
Schiedam Felikat 17-09-2006 Ex. 2
Maastricht (Worldshow) Mundikat 28/29-10-2006 Ex. 4
Haarlem Felikat 14-01-2007 Ex. 2
Bemmel Felikat 11-03-2007 CACIB, BIV
Alkmaar Felikat 06-05-2007 CACIB
Koblenz (DE) DEKVZ 18-08-2007 Ex. 2
Koblenz (DE) DEKVZ 19-08-2007 Ex. 2
Recklinghausen (DE) DEKZV 22-09-2007 CACIB, BIV
Recklinghausen (DE) DEKZV 23-09-2007 CAGCIB
Bleiswijk Felikat 17-02-2008 CAGCIB
Arnhem Mundikat 23-03-2008 CAGCIB
Arnhem Mundikat 24-03-2008 CAGCIB
Unna (DE) DEKZV 26-04-2008 CAGCIB
Unna (DE) DEKZV 26-04-2008 CAGCIB
Boxtel Mundikat 18-05-2008 CAGCIB
Aalsmeer Felikat 22-06-2008 CAGCIB
Remerschen (LU) Show-cat LU 06-12-2008 CACE
Remerschen (LU) Show-cat LU 07-12-2008 CACE
Hilversum Mundikat 15-02-2009 CACS
Houtemveld Tienen (BE) Felis Belgica 08-03-2009