IC/IP Charming Coon’s Walk of Life

Andor is a sweet and gentle stud. He loves to play with kittens and likes washing everybody that comes near him. He loves to act like a clown or play with his favourite mouse. Every morning he likes to wake us early for his daily portion of hughes. I personelly can't think of a better way to wake up. Altough a little bit later would be nice.



Date of birth
28 January 2001
Neutered male
Black silver tabby blotched with white
IC Alberlee Nimitz
Charming Coon's Ray of Light
FIV/FeLV 22/03/2004 Negative
Patella Luxatie 17/01/2002 Negative
HCM 27/03/2002 Negative
  12/02/2003 Negative
  16/04/2004 Negative
  01/02/2008 Negative
PKD 16/04/2004 Negative
HD 16/04/2004 Qualification : Good



Location Association Date Result
  Non FIFE Ass.   International Champion
Breda Mundikat 15-02-2004 Ex 2
Houten Felikat 21-03-2004 CAC
Arnhem Mundikat 11-04-2004 CAC
Arnhem Mundikat 12-04-2004 CAC
Dalfsen (Zwolle) Felikat 16-05-2004 CACIB
Beverwijk Mundikat 13-06-2004 CACIB, Nominated BIS
Rheinberg (DE) 1.DEKZV 04-07-2004 CACIB
Haarlem Felikat 16-01-2005 CAGCIB
Schiedam Felikat 18-09-2005 Ex 2
Nieuwegein Felikat 18-09-2005 CAP
Haarlem Felikat 15-01-2006 CAP
Bemmel Felikat 19-03-2006 CAP
Schiedam Felikat 17-09-2006 Ex 2
Maastricht (Worldshow) Mundikat 28/29-10-2006 Ex 2
Schiedam Felikat 16-09-2007 Ex 3
Aalsmeer Felikat 22-06-2008 CAPIB
Aalsmeer Felikat 22-06-2008 Veteran Ex 4
Gorredijk Mundikat 19-10-2008 CAPIB
Gorredijk Mundikat 19-10-2008 Veteranen Ex 2
Remerschen (LU) Show-cat LU 06-12-2008 CAPIB, Nominated BIS
Remerschen (LU) Show-cat LU 07-12-2008 CAGPIB, Nominated BIS