GIC. Kyara van 't Saenhof

Kyara is a very active red female, and tries anything our other cats normally wouldn't dare to do.
She always tries to escape from our ren in the garden, or out the front door.

But she is as sweet as she is trouble, she spices up our Andor. He is her biggest friend, most of the time they sleep together.


Date of birth
15 februari 2003
Red tabby Blotched
GIC Magneticats Ajax
Suger and Spice Kylie
FIV/FeLV 29/04/2004 Negative
Patella Luxatie 29/04/2004 Negative
HCM 16/04/2004 Negative
  20/10/2006 Negative
PKD 16/04/2004 Negative
HD 16/04/2004 Qualification : Fair




Location Association Date Result
Nieuwegein Felikat 16-11-2003 Ex 1
Breda Mundikat 15-02-2004 CAC
Houten Felikat 21-03-2004 CAC, BIV
Arnhem Mundikat 11-04-2004 Exc 4
Arnhem Mundikat 12-04-2004 Ex 5
Dalfsen (Zwolle) Felikat 16-05-2004 Ex 2
Arnhem Mundikat 27-03-2005 Ex 3
Arnhem Mundikat 28-03-2005 CAC
Rheinberg DEKZV 04-06-2005 Ex 2
Breda Mundikat 16-10-2005 CACIB
Luxembourg (LU) Lux Cat Club 09-04-2006 CACIB
Arnhem Mundikat 16-04-2006 CACIB
Arnhem Mundikat 17-04-2006 CAGCIB
Alkmaar Felikat 06-05-2007 CAGCIB
Koblenz (DE) DEKVZ 18-08-2007 CAGCIB
Koblenz (DE) DEKVZ 19-08-2007 CAGCIB
Isselburg (DE) DEKZV 15-12-2007 CAGCIB
Bleiswijk Felikat 17-02-2008 CAGCIB
Arhem Mundikat 23-03-2008 CAGCIB
Arnhem Mundikat 24-03-2008 CAGCIB
Gorredijk Mundikat 19-10-2008 CACE, BIV
Nieuwegein Felikat 16-11-2008 Ex 2
Remerschen (LU) Show-Cat LU 06-12-2008 CACE
Remerschen (LU) Show-Cat LU 07-12-2008 CACE
Hilversum Mundikat 15-02-2009 CACS
Houtemveld (BE) Felis Belgica 08-03-2009