Aiyana's Charming Angel

When we try to take a picture of Angel we always ask our selves: is she a cat ou an owl. When she posses for the camera she turns her ears frontwards. We kept Angel from our first litter. In the first weeks she had some problems starting up, but now she is unstoppable. She likes to play and can often be found playing with her father, racing with her mother en keeping us awake at night spinning. Her spinning gives us a certain warm feeling at night, but then again her father wil wakes early in the morning. You probably wonder when or if we can sleep at all. Well so do we??!!

Angel is neutered.

Date of birth
2 juli2002
Black silver tabby blotched with white
IC/IP Charming Coons Walk of Life
GIC. Luna Cats of Destiny
FIV/FeLV 24/12/2004 Negative
Patella Luxatie 25/08/2003 Negative
HCM 07/07/2003 Negative
  22/12/2004 Negative
  01/02/2008 Negative
PKD 22/12/2004 Negative
HD 21/04/2005 Excellent



Location Association Date Result
Beverwijk Felikat 13-10-2002 Exc.1
Goes Saintprocats 15-12-2002 Ex.1, nominated for BIS
Utrecht Neocat 26-01-2003 Ex.1, Best in Show
Eemnes NRKV 27-04-2003 Ex.1, nominated for BIS
Dalfsen Felikat 16-05-2004 Ex. 3
Beverwijk Mundikat 13-06-2004 Ex.. 4
Schiedam Felikat 12-09-2004 Ex.. 2
Gorredijk Mundikat 10-10-2004 Ex. 2
Nieuwegein Felikat 07-11-2004 Ex. 4
Groningen Mundikat 12-12-2004 Ex. 2
Nieuwegein Felikat 16-11-2008 CAP
Haarlem Felikat 18-01-2009 Very Good
Hilversum Mundikat 15-02-2009 CAP