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Το όμορφο χωριό μας - Ζιάκας in 1983


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Pindochori 1983 → Ζιάκας 2013
October 1983
η Τραγωδία του Ζιάκα
"My great-grandfather was a kλέφτ"
Return to laughter: I will not return a failure
Left, write and Riki van Boeschoten
Ζιάκας on the internet


Ζιάκας 1983
Ζιάκας revisited 1986

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Vrouwenstudies een afweging [Dutch]

zιάκας on the internet

mariël (μαρία) otten october 2012

I revisited the village once, in 1986. The visit was, for various reasons, short. I have never forgotten Ζιάκας. As I said in the introduction of this webpage: Ζιάκας has been an identity-shaping experience for me. I decided against a professional career in anthropology. I joined the Dutch Committee Indonesia and in my own way continued to support the struggle for a more righteous society. Looking back, thirty years later, I would advise politicians to listen to the voice of people living far away from the centers of power. They simply may have the answer to some of your problems. Would it not be nice if change could come about without the use of violence?

I was thrilled with excitement when I discovered the village on the internet: photographs on Flickr, films on YouTube, group on Facebook, there is even a website! There is a man, Vangelis Zingopis, who actually filmed the trip from Grevená up to Ζιάκας from the back of a car. The bumps and pot-holes are not all gone! [See "October 1983"] Vangelis also walked through the village with his son Alex in one hand, camera in the other. He filmed the road, the bushes, the houses (Το όμορφο χωριό μας in 3 parts, see below), and the annual festivities in August.

Watching these films on YouTube is also a nerve-breaking activity, I have to admit. "Turn left, Vangelis!" "Vangelis, there is someone there, "Καλημέρα", he says, talk to him! show me his face!" When I started looking for people connected with Ζιάκας on Facebook, I knew something was definitely wrong with me, playing peeping Tom in Άμστερνταμ. Internet is not a μηχάνη του χρόνου (time machine).

Ζιάκας 2012 is not Pindochori 1983. It would be weird even in real life, I guess, to go back. Getting off the bus, no shouting "Μαρία! Μαρία!" It is not my όμορφο χωριό anymore. I feel sad about it, but overall, I am happy to see that Ζιάκας has survived. In a way, watching the sons and daughters bringing their husbands and wives and children to show them the place of their ancestors have encouraged me in my decision to finally share with them my memories and pictures of their village in 1983. I hope they will appreciate my effort. I myself feel happy that I did this. I am confident that Νίκος would smile and say: "Girl, you don't know much, you have to learn the language and come back. Then we will tell you the whole story." [311012]

Please enjoy the pictures of Ζιάκα 1983.

Don't hesitate to contact: Mariël (Mαρία) Otten if you have questions or comments.


Ζιάκας in Google Maps

Above all else, Ζιάκας is a beautiful village I recommend visiting. There are hotels now, for example
To ξενοδοχείο Βίλα Αλεξάνδρα run by Kostas Boubaris and his wife. I myself look forward to the homemade tsipuro and they also offer imported Czech beer. Go to their site, which includes a list of attractions in the area, and then off to Ζιάκας!

Όρλιακα Γρεβενών the mountain, nature and annual River Party. Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος των Απανταχού Ζιακαίων "Ο Θεόδωρος Ζιάκας".


Δρόμος από Γρεβενά προς το χωριό Ζιάκα (Road from Γρεβενά to the village Ζιάκα) summer 2011
[You Tube, 4:00]

Το όμορφο χωριό μας - Ζιάκας (The beautiful village - Ζιάκας) summer 2011
part 1 [You Tube, 1:21] - part 2 [You Tube, 2:19] - part 3 [You Tube, 1:20]

Δεκαπενταύγουστος στο Ζιάκα (15th of August in Ζιάκας) 13 August 2011 [You Tube, 3:01]

Δεκαπενταύγουστος στο Ζιάκα (15th of August in Ζιάκας) 11 August 2012 [You Tube, 4:53]


"Catch the Rainbow" Ζιάκας and surroundings 2008-09 [You Tube, 6:15] uploaded by capgre

Πινδος: Ζιάκας Γρεβενών, Κυριακή (Winter in Ζιάκας) 19 February 2012 [You Tube, 21:16] Kozani TV


100 χρόνια ελεύθερα Γρεβενά (100 Years of Liberty) [YouTube, 2:00]

Γρεβενά the city [YouTube, 3:55] made by xrhstos1954

Γρεβενά the city and surroundings [, 10:41]

Σπήλαιο, July 2007 [You Tube, 3:08] Roberto Schütter website on Σπήλαιο with lots of (short) films Newspage


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Live concert by Γιώργος Νταλάρας and Χάρις Αλεξίου 1984 [You Tube, 2:23:57]
Live concert by Γιώργος Νταλάρας Basel 13 November 2011 part 1 [You Tube, 30:16] - part 2 [You Tube, 30:46] - part 3 [You Tube, 30:28]
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