Legal history
Histoire du droit
Storia del diritto

Roman law
Römisches Recht
Droit romain
Diritto romano
Medieval law
Mittelalterliches Recht
Droit médiéval
Diritto medievale
Canon law
Kanonisches Recht
Droit canonique
Diritto canonico

Altniederländisches Recht
Old Dutch Law
Ancien droit aux Pays-Bas
Antico diritto olandese
The common law

My links
My own research
Meine Links
Eigene Forschung
Mes liens
Mes recherches
I miei links
Mia ricerca

Medieval manuscripts
Mittelalterliche Handschriften
Manuscrits médiévaux

Digital heritage
Cultural heritage and digitalisation
Kulturerbe und Digitalisierung
Digitalisation et l'héritage culturel

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Some personal information

Welcome! These webpages are mainly concerned with legal history, but there are also pages on the medieval city of Utrecht and the history of the religous order of the Dominicans. You can use also my links collection on Utrecht, Dutch history, medieval history, independent search sites and libraries. I hope you will find something useful. Your comments are welcome!

I try to make this site as multilingual as possible: for now, English is best served, es gibt vieles auf Deutsch, il y a des pages en français, ma soltanto un poco è in italiano; espagnol es muy difícil...

In December 2009 I started my blog for legal history. In March 2010 I launched a new website at with updated information; as for now the information is presented only in Dutch and English. In due time the part on legal history of my homepages will be removed; here they will not be updated anymore. In 2013 I started a blog on medieval legal glosses, Glossae - Looking at medieval legal glosses. The centenary of the First World War prompted me to start a blog with an overview of digital projects concerning the First World War, Digital 1418.

I was born in 1963 in Utrecht, a Dutch town. For many years I lived in the nice suburb Oog-in-Al. After primary school I followed the gymnasium at the Sint-Bonifatiuscollege, Utrecht. From 1981 to 1988 I studied history at Utrecht University where I participated in a graduate seminar on town-country relations in the medieval diocese of Utrecht. I graduated with a M.Litt. thesis on the extramural jurisdiction of the city of Utrecht during the 15th century. The Utrecht Archives hold many sources on Utrecht history.

In 1990 I got a fellowship at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. At the Law Faculty I submitted my Ph.D. thesis on Nicolaus Everardi (1462-1532), a lawyer from Zealand, president of the courts at The Hague and Malines. He wrote a book on forms of juridical argumentation, and he often gave juridical advice to legal courts. My dissertation was published in 1994. I did research for it in Rome, Tübingen, Frankfurt am Main and Munich. Some years later I held a post-doctoral fellowship at Munich University for the restart of the Stephan-Kuttner-Institute of Medieval Canon Law, housed at the Leopold-Wenger-Institut für Rechtsgeschichte. I organized and catalogued its holdings, in particular the books in the library of Stephan Kuttner (1907-1996), in cooperation with the Monumenta Germaniae Historica. I mention more libraries on my links page; many of them have wonderful manuscripts. The library of the Kuttner Institute is now at the Lillian Goldman Law Library of Yale University, New Haven, CT.

The Crosiers monastery at St. Agatha, Cuijk - photo ov, Spring 2004

During 2004 I worked at the Centre for Dutch Monastic Archives in Nimwegen. My job concerned the preparation of electronic cataloguing and the foundation of an online monasticon. It prompted me to add a page on digital access to cultural heritage (auch auf deutsch - en français). The Centre for the Heritage of Dutch Monastic Life opened in 2006 at the monastery of the Crosiers at St. Agatha near Cuijk on the Meuse river. Since its start in 1989 the Centre cooperates closely with the Catholic Documentation Centre at Nimwegen and the Radboud University. In 2008 I worked in the central libray of the Brothers of Tilburg, a Dutch religious congregation which focuses on education.

Het Utrechts Archief, Utrecht - image ov, March 2017

From June 2016 until December 2019 I worked as a project archivist at Het Utrechts Archief, the combined municipal and provincial archives at Utrecht. My main task was helping to complete the new finding aid for the archival collections of castle Hardenbroek, but I dealt with other collections as well, in particular for the medieval bishops of Utrecht. In Autumn 2020 and again medio 2021 I worked as a project archivist for the Special Collections at Utrecht University Library, dealing in particular with medieval and Early Modern charters, fragments of charters used in bindings, and some archival collections.

You can find more information about my professional life at LinkedIn and Humanities Commons.

My hobbies are reading, listening to classical music, singing, biking and walking. I have sung in several choirs with a repertoire ranging from medieval chant and cantatas by Bach to a cappella works. I also like listening to chamber music, works for choir and opera. Since 2013 I live in the suburb Leidsche Rijn.

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