Change History of the Low Profile Pages

  • December 2022:
    Page added with a small discussion about the likelihood of an encounter with an extraterrestrial civilization.
    This page has been updated gradually in the subsequent four months.
  • November 2022:
    Page added about the physics of stars.
  • September 2022:
    Page added about the locations of the facilities of SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Orbit and Stratolaunch Systems.
  • May 2022:
    Page added about astrophysics.
  • April 2022:
    Page added about particle physics.
    Page added about atomic physics.
  • March 2022:
    Page added about the timeline of our universe.
    Update of first page about black holes. Some more information have been added to some of the plots.
  • January 2022:
    Update of page about the rainbow color sequence: the color sequence of the Color Wheel of the HSL color model has been added.
    Page added about a variant of the HSL color model.
  • December 2021:
    Initial page "Some physics about black holes" has been updated: some text has been added and a 5th physical property plot "Luminosity as a function of Mass" has been added.
    Second page added, with an additional tool page to display a nomogram to read out in conjunction the values of eleven physical properties of a black hole.
  • October 2021:
    Page added about the rainbow color sequence.
  • August 2021:
    Pages about the RGB Color cube.
    The color codes for the six outer planes and 3 x 16 inner planes are shown.
    Page added about some physical properties of black holes.

The pages, this Change History pertains to, are "off-topic" for this site and they are kaleidoscopic in nature. Therefore these pages are kept somewhat concealed. They hitchhike with this site as stowaways, so to speak.
However I have started to create these pages because it helps me, and to some extent, forces me, to organize the knowledge I have gained on a wide variety of topics.
So it is to be expected that more pages on other topics will follow which might be of interest to others.

The knowledge itself has been borrowed from other sources. I just have put some effort in the presentation to provide insight and overview.

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