Dual plane separation sequence during the flight of SA-501 (Apollo 4) (1/35)
Time: 150.48 sec MET (mission elapsed time)
About 1 second prior separation of the S-IC stage.
The Saturn V has already obtained a velocity of about 8500 km/hr (Mach 7). Altitude: 67 km; Downrange distance: 90 km

The pictures are stills from a movie taken by one of the two movie camera's which were mounted on the thrust structure of the S-II stage on opposite sides. They were looking aft along the S-II thrust engines, towards the top of the S-IC stage. The countour of the interstage (10 meter in diameter) is made visible with a chain of bulb lights.
These camera's have only been used during the Apollo 4 and 6 missions to record and analyze the separation sequence.

Credit: NASA
Scanning credit to Spacecraft Films

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