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Inhalexhale presents a group show September-October 2005:
• Me, Myself and I •
dedicated to the self-portrait of an artist.
International artists from all over the world contributed their works

Paul Donker Duyvis - Jump 2004
C Print 150 x 100 cm

Me Myself and I
We are all egocentric bastards, concentrating on our moods, cooking in self-juses constantly,
paranoid, selfish snobs. Often feel lonely looking for understanding from an audience, not able to find
one, surrounded by similars. Our works are growing from the root, a very long root which grows from the dark soul.
On another end of this root is the body, the face and finally the eyes, so called mirrors of the soul.
The length of this root is indefinite and these two ends are sometimes banded together and sometimes puling in opposite directions.
The physical presence is of a great significant, it's reflecting the inside to the ground observed by others.
Many of us are obsessed with their looks in one way or another.
This obsessions is often directly presented with self images in the art works.
The phenomena of similarity of our appearance and our creations is embedded.

"another artist"

Inhalexhale (Irina Birger) presents a group show , "Me, Myself and I" ,
dedicated to the self-portrait of an artist.
International artists from all over the world contributed their works:

Alite Tijsen, Netherlands, "The Photographer refused to Make My Photograph as an Alien"
Arcadi Greenman,1964, Israel,"Shooting gallery", installation view
Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi, 1968, Iran, "White Bed"
Brunno Jahara, 1979, Brazil, "Mutant Self Portrait"
Cay Schoder, Netherlands, "Self-portrait"
Gerben Hermanus, 1971, Netherlands, "The Wishful"
Hanneke Kuijpers/Bobby Cork Collective, 1977, Netherlands, "Schnurbart und Mεdchen"
Helmut Dick, 1969, Germany, in preparation for "The Sheep and the 13th Floor"
Ilya Rabinovich, 1965, Israel/Netherlands, "Self-portrait"
Inge Roseboom, 1968, Netherlands, part of Roseboom/Weemen SHOOT project
Iris van Dongen, 1975, Netherlands, "Self-portrait"
Klaar Valkhoff, 1956, Netherlands, "Challenger1"
Kuno Terwindt, 1971, Netherlands, "6 Foot 6 in Laos"
Kyoko Inatome, 1973, Japan, "Portrait of Breaker"
Lala Rascic, 1977, Croatia, "Three Methods of Hanging"
Liron Lupu, 1969, Israel, "Liron Lupu and Bombagoda seizing the moment"
Lucia Luptakova, 1975, Slovakia, "Unmasking Masks"
Marina Chernikova, Russian/Netherlands, "Crossings"
MariaMaria, Netherlands, "Dolls"
Maria Pomianski, 1971, Israel, "The Nose"
Masha Rubin, 1973, Israel, "Me and Yuljka"
Miek Hoekzema, 1972, Netherlands, "Pistolmask"
Paul Donker Duyvis, 1960, "Jump", 2004
PJ Roggeband, Netherlands, "11portraits-Zelfportret"
Nick Goulis, 1976, Greece, "Autoportret"
Ruchama Noorda, 1979, Netherlands, "The War Without Commerce"
Su Tomesen, 1969, Netherlands, "Su 2005"
Tammuz Binshtock, 1979, Israel/Netherlands, "TB_Selp2"
Thierry Mandon, 1964, France, "I'm a kid-soldier in Burma, Sierra Leone of somewhere else"
Tilman Meyer-Faje, 1972, Germany, at "University of Ulrichsberg"
Yoav Miller, 1969, Israel, "The Notion of Diarrhea"

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