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This site is dedicated to the crew of the Halifax LV905 and all of the Allied airmen who gave their lives for defending freedom.                                                   Highland Cathedral (MP3)

Last news

16 June 2008
Municipally of Werkendam cleans Halifax monument straightaway.
Less than a day after the Halifax monument has been desecrated the orange paint was already removed. A special cleaning company sandblasted the monument today. Although it looks a bit naked by now it already has something back of its original appearance. Within a few weeks the monument will be painted in its original colours.

The Salvage Halifax 1944 Foundation thanks the municipally of Werkendam and Roel Zeelst in particular for the fast and proper approach so far.

15 June 2008
Halifax monument stained.
Vandals painted the Halifax monument orange in the early morning of Sunday, 15 June. The police suspect that it has something to do with the European soccer Championship 2008 that is been played on this moment. The colour of the Dutch soccer team is orange and than it's not difficult to make the connection with this act of vandalism.

With incomprehension and dismay has been responded to these misguided "joke". It's the second time that vandals strike. Earlier in 2003 the information board at the same location has been destroyed. Many people in Hank were hurt by this respectful act.
De Stem,16 June 2008
Omroep Brabant,16 June 2008

September 2007
A Halifaxstreet for Hank.
Exactly two years after the remains of the Halifax crew has been recovered and one year after the burial of the remains our village Hank has his own Halifaxstreet.

It's a fitting tribute to our crew and all the airmen who fought for freedom.

27 September 2006
Crew Halifax LV905 reunited at last.
More than six decades after they were shot down over the Netherlands during the Second World War, the remains of the Halifax crew were buried with full military honours.
In a ceremony attended by their relatives the remains were buried alongside the rest of the crew at Jonkerbos War Cemetery in the Netherlands.

In the afternoon a monument was unveiled in order to remember the crew of Halifax LV905. A propeller from the doomed aircraft now provides a lone memorial on the spot where the bomber crashed at Hank.
The shape of the monument symbolizes a big "V" and stands for: Verzet, Victory en Vrijheid. (Resistance, Victory and Freedom.)
With this funeral the last flight of the LV905 ends After 62 years. Finally the crew is reunited at the Military war cemetery Jonkerbos.

For more information: V.A.C. Canada Remembers

It was a wonderful experience to see how much the relatives appreciate the work we did. They where showing gratitude over and over again while we try to thank them. It was a incredible experience and for our foundation it was a privilege to serve for our fallen heroes and their families.

Salvage Halifax 1944 Foundation
Secretary: Philip de Witt

06 Augustus 2006
Funeral and memorial service on September 27, 2006 - Wednesday
10:30 Funeral Service for crew of Halifax LV905 - Lourdes Kerk Church, Jonkerbos. 11:30 Burial Service for crew of Halifax LV905 - Jonkerbos War Cemetery. 18:00 Unveiling Ceremony for memorial to crew of Halifax Bomber LV 905 in Hank (Municipality of Werkendam).
19 December 2005
Wide interest for the evaluation of the Halifax project.
Hank - The Salvage Halifax 1944 foundation held a meeting in the Hank Community Centre to look back on the results of the recovery of the Halifax aircraft and the remains of her crew. The visitors were informed in a detailed presentation. The identification of the remains is no finished yet, it is time consuming and could prove to be impossible since most of the bone fragments were very small. Furthermore there was a first outline from the local artist Martin Copier of the Halifax monument "Resistance, Freedom, Victory" and the mayor revealed the idea for a "Halifax Street".
10 October 2005
Salvage operation ended successfully!
Recovery of the aircraft and the remains of the crew was begun and completed. With satisfaction and respect we look back on a successful operation. The last five weeks the Salvage Team recovered the remains of the crew, personal belongings and among the recovered 14,000 kilograms of wreckage are the four engines and propellers, guns and ammunition as well..
04 October 2005
Saga magazine wrote a article about the Halifax LV905 story: Peace at last.
04 October 2005, In May 1944 an RAF Halifax bomber, LV905, was shot down over southern Holland as it returned from a bombing raid. Now an excavation is under way to salvage the wreckage and recover the bodies of the five airmen who were buried with the plane. Robert Chesshyre reports on the extraordinary effort to repay a ‘debt of honour’ to Holland.
20 September 2005
Air men recovered.
The Dutch soil of the Orange-fields reveals his secrets. In a press meeting mayor Hellegers from the municipality of Werkendam explains that the operations is going very well and that the remains of the crew were recovered.
16 September 2005
Fire probably cause of crash!
Wide interest on open day despite bad weather. It was the second time that the crash site was open for public. Voor de oplettende kijker was er veel te zien. Beetje bij beetje geeft de Halifax LV905 haar geheimen prijs.
13 September 2005
First open day a great success!
The Salvage Team held its first open day at the crash site. Just before the opening of the crash site for the public the left inner engine and propeller were found. The second open day will be on Thursday, 15 September from 16.00 hrs. Everyone is welcome.
08 September 2005
The first results of the salvage operation!
Today the Royal Netherlands Air Force Salvage Team reported that the first results are encouraging. The salvage operation is just a week old and already part of the the LV905 were recovered. A .30 machine gun and parts of the fuselage were found.
06 September 2005
Dutch begin salvage of British bomber shot down in Second World War!
The Canadian Press. AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (CP) - The Dutch Air Force began salvaging the wreck of a British bomber from the Second World War on Monday, hoping to recover, identify and honour the remains of five crew members.
28 July 2005
Recovery Halifax LV905 will start in September 2005!
Wednesday - Surprised by the success of the fundraising the Salvage Halifax Foundation hand over € 25,000. to the Mayor of Werkendam. This is the signal for the municipality to start the preparations for the recovery of the Halifax LV905 crew.
25 November 2004
Halifax benefit concert on DVD!!
Wednesday - In May of this year a benefit concert was held in the Hank Community Centre, it had been dedicated to the Halifax crew. In this matter the local Brass band St. Caecilia wants to support the initiative of the Halifax foundation. On 19 December the chairman of the Brass band will handover the first DVD of this honourable benefit concert to the Salvage Halifax Foundation.
30 June 2004
At last!! After 60 years missing aircrew will be recovered.
Wednesday, 30 June 2004 - The wreckage of the Halifax bomber, which crashed nearby the village of Hank in May 1944, will be salvaged. On June 29, this decision was taken by the local council of the municipality of Werkendam, of which Hank is a part, on condition that the private Foundation Salvage Halifax 1944 contributes an amount of € 25,000.
28 June 2004
Decision is near!!
HANK – Tomorrow, June the 29th, will be a very tense day, the city council of Werkendam will decide if the Halifax LV 905 and it's crew will be recovered. As far as we can see the distribution of votes is fifty-fifty, with a small lead for the yes voters. As soon as we know the result we will inform you immediately.
05 January  2004
Municipal Council of Werkendam must decide to recover the Halifax LV905.
HANK - A number of surviving family members from the crew of the LV 905 have submitted an official recovery request to the municipally of Werkendam.
03 September 2003
Wide interest for Halifax recovery!
HANK - On 3 September a meeting was held by the "Salvage Halifax 1944 Foundation" to inform the public on a possilbe salvage of Halifax LV 905. Many people attended this meeting in the Hank Community Centre.
Foundation wants missing aircrew to be retrieved!
It has been 59 years since the Halifax aircraft crashed on 25 May 1944. The Foundation advocates the realisation of the wartime bomber’s salvage after all these years to commemorate its missing crew members, who made the ultimate sacrifice. If remains will be found an honourable interment should be arranged, as has been requested recently by members of the airmen’s families.

Recovery Halifax crew was successful!

The salvage effort was initiated by the Salvage Halifax 1944 Foundation, with the support of family members. The goal of the foundation was to arrange the search, recovery and identification of the missing crew members of Halifax Bomber LV905. Funds for the recovery operation were raised through a combination of private donors and the municipal government of the nearby municipality of Werkendam. The excavation lasted five weeks and was carried out by the Royal Netherlands Air Force Salvage Team. During the operation, approximately 80 percent of the wreckage was found, including the remains of the crew members who were thought to have still been in the aircraft.

Picture album

Halifax, ready to go.
Thanks to Bob Baxter

Relatives visit crash site

Memorial plaque Halifax LV905.

"If I climb up into Heaven, Thou art there;
If I go down to Hell, Thou art there also.
If I take the wings of the morning
And remains in the uttermost parts of the sea,
Even there also shall They hand lead me;
And Thy right hand shall hold me."

Air Forces Memorial, Runnymede, United Kingdom