Salvage Halifax 1944 Foundation


Welcome on the site of the Salvage Halifax 1944 Foundation. Our Foundation consists of a number of volunteers who are committed with the fate of the airmen from the Halifax LV905. This British bomber crashed during a night raid of 24/25 May, 1944 in the Orange-field near by the village of Hank (No. B). A number of surviving family members from the crew of the LV905 had submitted an official recovery request to the municipally of Werkendam. There request includes the search and recovery of the crew. To reach this goal the Salvage Halifax 1944 Foundation was set up on June 2003.

Salvage Halifax 1944 foundation
Secr.: Philip de Witt
KvK nr.: 18071043
Rabobank Werkendam,
Bankr. nr.: 398730814
Tel: +31 (0)162 402755

Archive*circle Hank foundation

The Archive*circle Hank Foundation researched the Halifax crash very carefully and found out that not all the remains of the crew where salvaged, (not during or after the war). The bodies of only two crew members where found of which one could be identified. The other five crew members are presumed to be still in the wreckage of there bomber on the "Orange fields" near to Hank. Nevertheless these men are commemorated by  5 headstones with seven names -including the missing crew members- at Jonkerbos War Cemetery.  It was the policy at the time to include on the headstone the names of all crew members who were missing or could not be identified.