Salvage Halifax 1944 Foundation


Several years ago I received some letters, documents, and other relics, from a local farmer, concerning the crash of a Second World War British bomber on his land. What I had in hand, touched me. Since that moment I'm researching, along with Canadian Michael LeBlanc (a nephew of Flight Sergeant LeBlanc), the crash of this British Halifax LV905. During a meeting of the Archive*Circle Hank Foundation the idea was born to make a memorial plate which is dedicated to honouring the memory of the men of ‘Preston’s Own’ 78th Squadron’s Halifax LV905 ‘W for Willy’. As from that moment everything went very rapid. During my research I found myself more and more involved and I formed the ambition to discover more of these men who' been forgotten by my generation.

The Halifax LV905

In the night of 24 /25 May 1944, the R.A.F Bomber Command despatched 432 planes to attack the railway yards at Aachen. At 22.50 hours that night the Handley Page Halifax Mk. III bomber (series nr. LV905, "W" for Willie) lifted off from its basis in Breighton Yorkshire England to participate in the attack on Aachen. They belong to 78 Squadron (Preston' s Own) No 4 Group Bomber-Command. It would be their 22nd operational raid, but thy never make it back. Hit by a German night fighter the Halifax LV905 crashed into the clayey soil of the "Orange fields" near to Hank (The Ntherlands). The seven crew members did not survive the crash. On this site you can find the story of this British bomber and her crew, they fought for our freedom and made the ultimate sacrifice.