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Eye witness P/O Lee Caunt

Lee Caunt

P/O C. Lee Caunt (174007 RAF VR) was the Navigator of the Halifax LW 137, 429 Sqdn, that was shot down in the same night in the same area and approximately the same time as the Halifax LV905.

"Our aircraft was... hit by flak. There were three explosions close by and three more as we climbed away. No one mentioned fighters. I couldn't see anything of course, but the sound was one I'd heard on a previous occasion when it definitely was flak. 1 don't know what was said on the intercom after the Skipper said, 'You'd better get out then', as I disconnected and went to the escape hatch.' I was the first to leave the front hatch. My parachute, thankfully, opened properly. During my descent a four-engine aircraft, on fire, passed above me, in a shallow dive. It seemed to roll and finally crashed burning some way away. I don't think there was an explosion".

The "four-engine aircraft, on fire" that P/O C. Lee Caunt saw was the Halifax LV905 of P/O E. Wilson. This was the only other plane in the area that was crashed that night.