ZX Spectrum ROM Source

Using the link below you can download the 1982 ZX Spectrum ROM package.

The package provides the source code for the 1982 Sinclair Research ZX Spectrum ROM. The source and annotations are taken over from The Complete SPECTRUM ROM DISASSEMBLY by Dr Ian Logan > Dr Frank O'Hara. This copy is available on The World Of Spectrum (http://www.worldofspectrum.org/)

Reason for me to it get re-acquainted with the ASZ80 assembler linker, which is a brilliant piece of software. There is also reasonable support, for example the z88dk small C compiler can create assembler files for it. I like it mostly because is gives me full control, let me break down the assemblies and the linker can relocate the result wherever you want. The ASZ80 assembler also has extensive documentation.

Although it was fun to do and bushed up my knowledge about ASZ80, but of course changing the ROM has no practical purpose really. I make it available because the ROM source could be a show case what can be done and my get you into using this assembler too. I found it more versatile than z80asm, but this could also be lack of knowledge of that assembler. Any way, here you have it.

The following link points to the ZX Spectrum ROM source: ZXSpectrumRomSource.zip

The following link points to the ASxxxx Cross Assembler ROM source: http://shop-pdp.net/ashtml/asxxxx.htm

World of Spectrum with much, much information about the ZX Spectrum: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/

Henk de Groot (pe1dnn@amsat.org)

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