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A Dutch Day's Night Watch '64 (120cm. x100cm.)..It was from the'Doelen Hotel' in Amsterdam, the place of the former 'Kloveniers Doelen' (background of the Nightwatch) where The Beatles started in June '64 their boattrip. Is that coincidence....? John's wish to visit the famous Red Light District is in the painting fullfilled.In the left we see Ringo Starr beating the tambour taking part of the Amsterdam visit in a special way. Notice how the Red Musketeer spontaneously changes in a Venetian gondolier in the center of the composition ,like he is paddling The Beatles gently trough the canals. I was shocked to see this never intended magic touch as it makes a natural overflow to the completely different b&w scene .Making this painting took a great part of the Rembrandt Year 2006.

The painter

BEATLES-ART 2002 is more than Beatles art as usual based upon 4 boys with or without their instruments.It goes deeper, is a bit imaginary, based on Shakespeare's 'to be or not to be'.However always traceable to the facts. So I don't wanna mentioned it simply as 'fantasy'.That would do injure to the work and would completely miss the goal.The center spots are directed to their humour ,their charisma ,their private lives.It is lifelooking painted with living eyes in the best available oil colors on high qualified linen (I hate the word canvas). Sometimes with some cynism for they are just human beings like you and me with all their ups and downs. I myself adore the Beatles but I don't wanna be mentioned a fan for this word means 'fanatic' and underlines more than often the foolish discrimination of people's 'importance' on the world's social ladder. Screaming,stalking, fainting is not my world. Painting in a different style is what BEATLES-ART 2002 wants to be. Let's serve one to each other with different art skills. ENJOY IT, READ ALL ABOUT IT and don't forget to SIGN the GUESTBOOK!

Peter Bettinger / BEATLES-ART 2002

Welcome on Beatles-Art 2002 !

Out Of The Fog (60cm.x 50cm.)

'Limitless undying flame for the greatest band ever !'

-The Beatles Paintings Gallery-

Oil on linen:

In Van Goghstyle....

RTVNH programma Van Zuks Dus 8 april 2010

Beatleful Night (80cm. x60cm.)

When I heard Paul mcCartney's 'Beautiful Night' I imagined a Van Gogh Starry Night with half shadowed celestial companions of the White Album Faces.Paul's face is painted over Vincent's 'C moon'. I thought a Beatleful Night is even more beautiful than a Beautiful Night....

How Do You Sleep? (80cm. x 60cm.)

'Come Together'; a famous bed couple in a famous bed. Yelling to Paul: 'How Do You Sleep'?


On the invitationcard for an art exposition in Amsterdam S.E.

Applegate/ Sue me, sue you

A juridical combat between Apple computer and Apple Corps. in Karel Appelstyle made on computer in half an hour....

Savoy Apple (100cm. x80cm.)

Four different poses around Apple Corps. core....refers to Savoy Truffle.

Inner Light (100cm. x80cm.)

Mersey Beatles (120cm. x100cm.)

Catching the wind on the ferry across the Mersey. Although it was already '68 they imagined themselves in Liverpool....A surrealistic homestart!

- The Fab 4 Seasons-

The Beatles in four chapters, like a year from spring to winter....

Spring Beatles (160cm. x50cm.).oil, painted on MDF panels

Here.... There & Everywhere.... BEATLES !

Exposing is not reposing....

Museum of the 20th century in Hoorn....

Summer Beatles (100cm. x80cm.)

Goodbye!..../Handle With Care....

Cambridge University Press/ Frontcover illustration by BEATLES-ART 2002 !!!!

Autumn Beatles (120cm. x100cm.)

Winter Beatles (100cm. x80cm.)

In real it's just like a photograph!

Londonized Scousers (100cm. x80cm.)

Apple Sauce (80cm. x100cm.)

-Beyond the horizon ....!-


Any Road to Friar Park (100cm. x80cm.)

Here we peep into Beatles' life in beautiful Friar Park. John Lennon is presented by 2 b&w photographs and his pair of spectacles.Paul still likes to take commando over the controls and George seems to walk out of the painting as a sign of his left....

Beatles in Holland:

Exposition Art House Amsterdam West

Hang-outs in Blokker/Beatles-invasion in a West-Frisian village (60cm. x50cm.)

In Ooster(blokker) is the only memorial of The Beatles in Holland. Four West- Frisians don't seem to get excited of that tsunami of June '64 and know that: 'Nothing gonna change my world'.

Long, long after the Beatles-invasion....with Jimmy Nicol

A Dutch Day's Nightwatch/When It Was '64 (120cm. x100cm.)

Details in contrast

Everest: (surrealistic)

'Sir George Everest We Presume?' (128cm. x77cm.)

'To the top of the poppest' John once said. Here we see two charisma's tied together.George Everest is perhaps a mystic wink to George Harrison's dead.Climbing to reach the summit is exactly what The Beatles did with their music.

The Threetles

'Trespassing The Khumbu Icefall' (120cm. x100cm.)

This is the second 'Everest' related painting. Once there was the idea to name the last Beatles album 'Everest'. It was also the brand of cigarettes smoked by Geoff Emmerick of the Abbey Road studios.They were intended to pose The Beatles in front of the Mount Everest for the albumsleeve.Now almost 40 years later they are visiting the Everest in these paintings.The alu ladders over the crevises give them some protection, like a safe pedestrian crossing....In this dramatic icy world are the Beatles in a surrealistic accent presented as an ice serbet, a bit in Dali style....The faces are painted in the Pepperuniform colors.Was it the lack of shoes/sandals in Abbey Road; here we see just a mystic couple of boots....

Movie: (surrealistic)

'Citizens of Amsterdam'by Anoushka van Velzen, a travelling photo exposition through Amsterdam

Loomin' up from my memories....

Nothing fantasy just:....'Act Naturally!'

The scene....:

'For A Few Beatles More' (150cm. x100cm.)

It took 5 years to work out the idea which I had in mind for so long....Each time I watched Once Upon A Time in the West it reminded me to the Beatles' fashion of '69. Yes I must paint this vision for once....Now it fits all; fashion, charisma and a musical instrument.... It is the funeral of a guitar and it symbolizes the end of The Beatles. The clue is the guitar of Paul, like it was a harmonica in the movie.It has been painted as a scene on a flatscreen plasma tv.

Sounds of Laughter....

(portraits each 50cm. x60cm.)

Waves of Joy...!:

North Sea (140cm. x135cm.)

The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (140cm. x135cm.)

Many hours of work....

George Harrison:

Friar Park/ My Sweet Home (60cm. x80cm.)

Never shown on sleeves, seldom seen in books but a wonderful mansion in all its glory! Bootleggers noticed that too....'Crackerbox Palace'

Not bad for a DVD album frontcover !

George Harrison's Wonderwall ??! (141cm. x107cm.)

'You' (60cm. x50cm.)

With Pattie Boyd !

Sundarbans Delta Cryin' Like A National Sitar....

A contrast of two different worlds....; two cables, one is dirty and rusty....The other one is smooth and clean, streamin' the blue notes of agony, the desperate situation sung by George Harrison....

'Sundarbans Delta/ Portrait Of Bangla-Desh'

'A Portrait Of Bangla-Desh'(50cm. x50cm.)

The Taj Mahal, symbol of India in oil on linen (94cm.x 62cm.)

An ancient Pahari doorpainting in oil

Paul McCartney:

Wings over Kintyre (100cm. x80cm.)

In my opinion they did injure to the sleeve of the single Mull Of Kintyre by not using it for the 'Wings Greatest' LP including this song. This was a really beautiful sleeve, so I made a painting of it although I changed Paul's photo for the better pose from the London Town version.

Red Square(size!)Speedway (50cm. x50cm.)

Ringo Starr:

Song For Barbie (44cm.x 56cm.)

John Lennon:

Arrivals & Departures (100cm. x100cm.)

Wheel of life, arrival and departure. The airport is a mixture of both. The HK125 starts its journey to heaven streaming out a rainbowcolor.

Out Of The Blue (30cm. x21cm.)

Nutopian Messenger (60cm. x80cm.)

Dreamin' my life away in Cloud #9.... (18cm. x23,5cm.)


Studies in chalk in Van Goghstyle:

Starry Nights****

Complete study composition

Watching The Wheels....

C Moon....

Ringo as Saturn; 'And the ring at the end of my nose makes me look rather pretty':Venus& Mars/Rock Show

Sunny Flowers****

White Soapla Di Soapla Da....

Dr. Boogaloo in Beaucoups Of Blues, Ringo in Van Goghstyle (22cm. x27cm.)

The overwhelming blue colors of Vincent's Dr. Gauchet painting was the motive to sketch a melancholic Ringo as a doctor in happy music in 'beaucoup of blues'....

Time Takes Time clock

Mrs. Tambourine Girl, Linda in Van Goghstyle (30cm. x40cm.)

A second work made in chalk Van Goghstyled. Linda McCartney sitting behind the tambourine table in Van Gogh's'Cafe du Tambourin'She often played that instrument in Wings....

'Primal Scream /Mind Games'(Macho de La Mancha)

The idea from a fresco in Mexico, predecessor of 'John Quijote'(on blackboard)

Playin'those Mind Games forever....(40cm. x30cm.)

From the one to the next chapter in the Lennons lives....Always as a Don Quichote chasing new ideals for a better world....Not seldom dictated by Yoko, reading here out the book of Mind Games.

Early Beatles drawing/painting in oil/linen, painted in1989 ! (30cm.x 24cm.)

Cavern performance 1962 lead-pencil (40cm.x 30cm.)

In the beginning....

-Early drawings, period 1995-2000-(with many hidden clues,search them all!)


Rocky Cartoon, the sketch / Somewhere in the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota....(30cm. x21cm.)

The Logo (here for the Tokyo Beatles Fan Club Magazine)

Guess Who????

Veggie Harbour

Within you...without you

The White Mahalbum of Agra

Rooftop concert

4 sculptures from Guatemala as 'civilized stones' as an anti Rolling Stones T-shirt

Starrway to Heaven/Beatles Totempole

coloured version as bookmark

Releasing Restaurant

Early cartoon for Beatles Unlimited Magazine

The predecessor of Via Appia (40cm. x30cm.)

Anthology Road T-shirt

The Beatles in Asterixstyle (40cm. x30cm.)

Perhaps the most ancient picture of The Beatles with four different Roman characters;John the senator with a book of Plato(or the Playboy?)Typically John;Ringo the down to earth ever helpful guardian; Paul the glorified ceasar and George the gladiator....They are walking over an obsolete pedestrian crossing on the most ancient road.

Fantasy Across The Universe

Starting as a cartoon idea for the millenniumcard. Jefferson's Airplane already existed , now it was time for Harrison's Starship based as a sitar with Star Trek in mind....The crew's jackets looked a bit similar to the Beatles jackets....After the working title 'Across The Universe' it finally became 'Back To Yesterday'.Was it the wish to go back in time to revisit the Beatles erea on the edge of the new Millennium?After a lot of work with the Apple Quark program at the printing-office the millenniumcard was ready for printing.

Sir Ian Iachemoe (Ivanhoe), Paul's nickname used in Whimpole Street

Frightened in Friar Park (21cm. x30cm.)

Mother used to cut their hair; House of Snookeroo/Toxteth Liverpool (21cm. x30cm.)

Easter Island/Starrstruck Island

Ringo Starr in a repeating solid modern style drawn. The idea came from the very stylistic sculptures of Eastern Island.To give it more fun and expression I made it on an eggformed candle.It gave the effect of photographing somebody close to the lens of the camera.

30th anniversary commemoration mug

Ringo Live in pencil

Imaginary Motion Picture of Yellow Sub II (30cm. x40cm.)

MAIL FROM RINGO!! Autographed 'Photograph' for the poster 'Yellow Sub II'

Drums/clock designed by P.J. Schreiber

George smokin' pot (21cm. x30cm.)

The Beatles (political)cartoons

Heavenly Peace Concert (30cm. x21cm.)

High tea at Friar Park!

Revealing the Anthology rumour

October Revolution of Lennongrad 1917/ 1971(30cm. x21cm.)

While in some parts of the former Soviet Union Lenin's statues have been already transported to the melting ovens, Lennon's name appears more and more in Russia. Why not renaming a whole city after him?Changing of the guard of two revolutionary legends....

Under Hiroshima Skies /just the basic lines

Bed Out '96, Yoko &Sean

Star Club John

For one time in 2 uniforms....

That Means A Lot (30cm. x21cm.)

The Rishikesh Express (30cm. x21cm.)

Moneymaker of Richy Cash

Frederick Seaman's relaxed job (30cm. x21cm.)

Never enjoyed a book so much as the book'The Last 5 Years Of John Lennon' by Frederick Seaman. There I met John pure, not in the licked glamour spotlights of stardom playing a role....

Magic Veteran (30cm. x21cm.)

Thanks for coming....(30cm. x21cm.)

Liddy Ted John

Chinese Ink:

North & South, Beatles/Stones chessgame in Escherstyle (80cm. x30cm.)


Kathmandu Love Me Do/ Rooftop of the World....(40cm. x30cm.)

Even in the monks' dresses they keep their charisma; it was the predecessor of the Everestpaintings. The working title was: 'Windows '68' referring to the 4 windows on the world from the Svayambunath temple in Kathmandu....


The Beefeater of London Town (21cm. x30cm.)

Hamish Stewart, 'Off The Ground and On The Wall'

Guitarist of Paul's band, born somewhere in Nessie's Scotland behind the Hadrian Wall, fond of Italian food and wine....,what more to say?

Rockabilly Circus

Pete Best.... signed!


John &Paul,Christmascards (15cm. x10cm.)

George &Ringo,Christmascards (10cm. x15cm.)

Trio the Johneiro, concert invitationcard (15cm. x10cm.)

Beatles-Christmas-and Valentine's card (15cm. x10cm.)

Millenniumcard (16,5cm. x12cm.)

Anniversarycards (15cm. x10cm.)

First anniversarycard enlarged

The last 5 years of the 20th century I was intended to bring out 4 solo Beatles' Christmascards as a countdown to the new millennium. Afterall The Beatles had been of great importance for me since the sixties. The final card was the millenniumcard, which was also some bigger.It was very complicated to realize this on my own, although the success of it. Then after a last 'threetles' Christmascard, a Valentinescard and a 2nd anniversarycard, the the end of the cartoons- and drawingperiod was there.In the same last 5 years of that century I made various celebrationcards too, with just like in the Christmascards a lot of hidden clues....After a few chalkportraits in Van Goghstyle and some studies I definitely switched over to realistic oilpaintings.First in 2001 as an experience with the Van Goghstyled paintings,it was however after the success of the FriarPark painting that I decided to continue in 2002 with Beatles and only Beatles paintings.BEATLES-ART 2002 had been started....!

Crossing the border:


Backcover illustrations of the Spanish Beatles Garden


2006 Boxigami Books included BEATLES-ART 2002

One of the 100 woldwide artists,'WOW!'

Bakersfield, California Highschool of Journalism included 2 paintings ('Nutopian Messenger' and 'Winter Beatles')in A Day In The Life


CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Cambridge,New York,Melbourne,Madrid,Cape Town,Singapore,Sao Paulo,Dehli....


Invitation badge for BEATLES-ART 2002 speech in Mons October 3th 2009


Under construction':

-Beatles Vocal Imitations, Contests and Performances-

Amstelveen, November 1989

A solo gig in Pauls' Wings Tourbus to the Amsterdam Hilton!

Beatles vocal imitations performance in Paradiso Amsterdam December 1994

The holy grail of a performance in Paradiso!

Without any soundcheck for gods sake....!

Start performance for the exposition 'Citizens Of Amsterdam'2009-2010

Performance in a restaurant for the Amsterdam A.M.C. staff 9-11-2008....

Beatles Live Music In My Hometown! 2012

A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall....!

Ready for the hottest part of town....

Beatles melodies in a wonderful scenery are great ingredients!

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