Only gliderpilots know why birds sing.

Welcome to my soaring page, soaring is the most beautiful and elegant, and the first form of flight known to man. But since the days of Otto Lilienthall there have been many changes. Modern planes now fly distances over one thousand kilometres, and can reach altitudes almost up in to the stratosphere, without any form of engine. The only thing pushing them further and further is the sheer power of nature.

I have arranged this page as such that you can select any of the chapters at the right and browse through all like a book by using the links at the bottom of the chapter. If you are through them all and want more info continue surfing using the links displayed below. Enjoy!

1. What is Soaring?

Here you'll find information on launch methodes and why you can fly in excess of 7 hours without an engine.


2. Soaring at Teuge

I have prepared some info for you on the club were I was taught to fly, from the first take off to obtaining the licence and beyond!


3. My glider; The Ka-2

The year 2000 turned out to be the year I became the part owner of the most beautifull Ka-2 in the country!


4. Cross Country

The place for the glider pilots among you. Here you can read about my early experiences in the cross country realm. Also got some usefull links.


Editors choice soaring links:

Visit the webpage of the soaring club, it could use some TLC but its' better than nothing:

Zweefvliegclub Teuge

Check out the webpage of a friend of mine who soars aswel, you'll find some pictures, and more links:

Soaring with Thomas

Teuge is organising a massive gliding race across Europe, check it out below!

Trans Européenne 2001

You can also go to the homepage of Teuge Airfield itself:

Teuge International Airport

Visit the website of another Teuge member, including more photos and information on the rolling equiptment of the club like the winch and the tractors:

Alex Landmans' homepage

This here is a page of an enthousiastic pilot! A religious one too, never takes off without his plastic Jesus! Make sure you take a look at some of his exellent photos!

This page was the source of the picture I used for my introduction page, for this and other pictures of good quality, and more you can visit it by clicking below


To view more pictures to go with the soaring story I can highly recommend going to:

Have you tried Gliding at A great on-line community!

"Once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned forever skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return." - Leonardo da Vinci"