~> Features <~

• The official Minecraft launcher (and Minecraft) don't need to be cracked.

• Because nothing has to be cracked, legitimate players can also use this

• Because of the above my launcher is 100% compatible with your current mods

• No DEMO version that only lasts 5 ingame days (about 1 hour and 40 minutes of real time)

• Play any Minecraft version that has been released, including the latest snapshots

• Online Multiplayer (without a purchased game only on "cracked" servers)

• Offline and LAN playable (requires a successful startup of the game)

• Seperate launcher profiles for both legitimate and non-legitimate players

• Modding of game is possible (for support, visit the mod's official website)

Multiple "cracked" player profiles are possible

• Non-legitimate players can set an UUID player skin

• It is possible to change in-game player names

[NEW] You can set different colors for the launcher

[NEW] Optional random message function with each launcher start (multi-line supported!)

• Built-in launcher updater (easily update my launcher to the latest version)

• Toggleable update notifications (stay informed about important changes)

[NEW] Optional automatic launcher updates (result affected by User Account Control)

• The launcher has been tested under Windows 10 x64, but is supposed to work under 7/8(.1) also


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