Present exhibitions

objects in Overasselt (NL) being part of 'Gaia en Ouranos Buitenkunst' 2011, (see the picture);

an object (May-june 2011) in Schenkenschanz , Germany, being part of 425 Jahr Schenkenschanz ;

an overall exhibition
Marijke Schlebusch 1989 - 2006,

 from November 3 until December 8
 in Doetinchem , the Netherlands
 More information:, tel. 0031314341797

In general

For my objects I use and reuse the widest variety of materials (often found). Mostly they end up differing quite a bit from their original form and function.

It is important to me that the monumental constructions outside fit into the atmosphere of their surroundings. That applies to all my work: it is modest and calm rather than exuberant.

My work should bring more tranquillity to the the environment.
work free and under contract
objects suited for indoors, outdoors
disciplin sculptures, constructions/projects
material a huge variety: from doors for washing machines to bronze table legs; from textile to brick
approach experimental
themes emotions and relations, religion and spirituality
contact Marijke Schlebusch
's Heerenberg, Netherlands