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With the written, personal permission of the late Emma A. Goldsmitih (widow of the late Joel S. Goldsmith) I - since 1978 - have been occupying myself with translating the writings of the late mystic JOEL S. GOLDSMITH and distributing them among the Dutch students. In view of the rather small group, this is being done on a non-profit, non-commercial basis.



The Name "The Infinite Way" is copyrighted and a registered trademark!


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......................................................What Is The Infinite Way? *)............................................................................................................

(from the booklet "The Mountain Path") :

"The message of The Infinite Way is not an organized activity. It is not a religious teaching in the sense of church religion or organized religion or activity.  The message of The Infinite Way is a presentation of the mystical life - that is, a way lived through conscious union with God.  And it is presented that way in the writings, the tape recording, and in our classwork for the benefit of all who are ready for the experience.The Infinite Way does not add to any organizational activity, nor does it take from such activity since The Infinite Way does not invite anyone to leave their present religious home for any purpose.Those who do, do so only because they have reached a stage, or believe they have reached a stage, in consciousness where they can live completely in the realization of God.It makes no demand upon any person. It merely presents to them the principle of living in attunement with their Source. What an individual does with this is strictly their business." -

Joel Goldsmith


from: 1964 Portland Special Class ...552A - Between Two Worlds


Good evening,

We speak of our work as <The Infinite Way>. And this is a very good name for it because it doesn’t mean anything. You cannot confine or define <The Infinite Way>. You cannot embrace it in your mind. Who can possibly know what <the infinite> is? Who can possibly know what <The Infinite Way> is, and that is good because if we could understand it, it wouldn’t be that at all. It is <The Infinite Way> because it is without limitations. It is for this reason that we have no organized religious activity and no membership—no memberships, no dues. Also as to keep it on its unlimited basis and that each one may be free—free? For what? The Bible tells us: Choose ye this day whom you will serve, God or mammon.



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For breaking down a possible language-barrier: translat

In the 1958 Holland Class Joel did express his appreciation for those who dedicate themselves to break down the languagebarrier.

Each time  . . . .[that I come here] . . .  it is a great pleasure because so many here have been making a very serious effort to break down the barrier of language to understand this message of The Infinite Way.  It is not an easy message to understand even if English were your native language. We have many in the U.S. , Canada and England who find it very very difficult to grasp the meaning of this message. And, breaking this barrier of the language may be even more difficult except for one thing.  That if you can catch the simplicity of the message, then language is no barrier and even a very very simple slight knowledge of the language will give you the entire secret. The message is difficult not because of being complex, it is difficult because of its simplicity. That is what makes the entire message of The Infinite Way difficult. It is its very simplicity.

Listen to Joel himself.


keukenhof in Lisse / Holland


Dear Friend,

"Sometimes the question is asked of  me, why it is that “Dear Friend” is such an important part of my life. My letters start that way – even the Monthly Letters. Always, “Dear Friend”.

And the reason I tell you this is that God is to me a friend. God is to ME.

And when I say “|Dear Friend” to you, I am recognizing my Father in you. When I write “Dear Friend” it is this presence within me to whom I am speaking and it is this presence, this friend within me, who is speaking through me – to you"

From a lecture Joel gave to his students in 1960 on "Meditation on God's Presence"


Voc ship 'BATAVIA" moored at Lelystad at the Ijsselmeer


windmills off Kinderdijk.




During 1955 thru 1959 Joel has given various classes in Holland. They are a PERSONAL GIFT by Joel for gratitude that my predecessor-translator - the late Heloise van Brakel-May - was prepared to translate into Dutch the Monthly Letters and so breaking down the language-barrier. Click on nlclass for more.

Unfortunately there are those who dare to make me reproaches and to accuse me of wanting to keep these Holland Classes only for the Dutch students. Click on defense for my comments on that trash.


I restrict myself in giving you hereunder for you important data. You must contact the people mentioned hereunder yourself for obtaining more information c.q. ordering books, audiocassettes, etc.





For Joel's lifestory, work in Christian Science, "conversion" to The Infinite Way", the development of The Infinite Way, etc. please read Lorraine Sinkler's book: "The Spiritual Journey of Joel S. Goldsmith"

More: see expose .

Also see:



This time you will notice another book being released “A Parenthesis in Eternity”. This really tells you the entire story of my Spiritual life. Not by telling you anything about Joel, because Joel does not seem to count in that regard. What does count is: what is revealed from within, and that entire unfoldment is given to us in that book.

Listen to Joel:





Joel did not make up what he said but was told and instructed from Within by the Spirit of God and most of the time at the same time as the students were taught  and Joel NEVER did teach anything if he had not first received impartation, Illumination on a subject from Within)

1960 Holland Closed Class..343B - The Vision of the Infinite Way

In the same way for many years, students would ask me about The Sermon on the Mount. Now, since I never teach anything that hasn’t been given to me in revelation, I would always answer, “I cannot answer you, because I know nothing about The Sermon on the Mount except the words that are in the Bible, and I don’t know what they mean, nor have I ever read anything that anyone has written on The Sermon on the Mount that I believe, that sounds real to me or logical. Therefore, I can’t answer you, and until I have a revelation, I will never speak to you about any part of the Bible.

1956, I was sitting on the platform giving a class, when all of a sudden the Voice spoke to me, and said: “give the Sermon on the Mount. And I turned and answered the Voice and said “I don’t know the Sermon on the Mount.” And the Voice said again, Sermon on the Mount. And I said “I don’t know the Sermon on the Mount. And the third time the Voice said, “open your Bible to the 5th Chapter of Matthew.” And I opened the Bible to the 5th Chapter of Matthew, and as if it were in electric lights, I saw the whole secret of the Sermon on the Mount.

And, from that class on, in fact every class in 1956, contains the secret of Sermon on the Mount. And incidentally, that will be one-half of my book that will be published in 1961. You see I’ve had to wait five years for the students to get used to the idea, of The Sermon on the Mount, before it could be released to the world.



Money did not interest Joel, he could have "earned" millions of dollars but he always refused,  Hereunder an outstanding example of that.)

                MONEY,  etc

1960 Holland Closed Class..#343A The Secret of Prayer – Release God from Obligation

You see if there was any use of telling this to mankind, it would be a very simple matter to do it. Two years ago, a man offered us ten million dollars, which is about forty-million gulden to go on television and tell this, and it could be done for that sum of money. But do you think the world would listen, or would it mock? And you know the answer. So when I travel the world, and it takes me years to get around this world to tell it to small groups. Remember I could be doing it in one night in a studio, in one city, and never have to leave home. And save all this trouble, and all this travel, and all this work, but it wouldn’t avail.

And so I go only to where there are those who are showing their dedication to this message through their study, through their practice, through their financial support. In some way everyone that I talk to, has shown me that they have an interest in Truth, that they have an interest in this message, that they are giving of their time, and of their effort, and of their substance. And then to those I can say this and be sure that they understand it, that they receive it, that they respond to it, and that they will put it into practice, and still tell no man.

Only when you’re sure as I am sure, that those who sit before you, have dedicated themselves to a search for the true God, for an understanding of real prayer, efficacious prayer – the prayer that availeth much. Then, “in quietness and in confidence, in secrecy and sacredness,” impart this, The Kingdom of God is within you,  and you don’t have to do anything or think anything to release it in the world – you only have to know it’s there and then be still. You only have to know it is there and then be still – It will then do Its own work. You have released it by your acknowledgment, by your recognition, by your resting back from taking thought – you have released it,


FOR I N T E R N A T I O N A L --- C O N T A C T S please click on: contacts


The Infinite Way a unique teaching and is totally on its own with unique principles. For more info clic on unique . It is a Western Mystical Teaching that has no connections with other teachings and is being recognised by friend and foe that it is the restatement of the Great Message that has come down to us over the ages through the Great Masters of all times. This Great Message is being given in this age, in these words and presentation and by this name (the infinite Way) by Joel Goldsmith.

To those are new to this message certain statements may be "strange", "unintelligible", "illogical" and like. Bertus wishes all of you to assure that NOTHING in The Infinite Way is "strange" or "unintelligible" or "illogical" and like.

When you feel that some statements by Joel may occur to you as "strange" or "unintel ligible" , then turn within yourselves and go into prayer and meditation and pray to God or the Father (or by what name you wish to call HIM): " Father, how must I understand this" "What is meant by this", "What is the meaning behind this statement", and like.

If practiced faithfully along these lines you will discover that light on what you read will be given to you from within and that you will going to better "understand" it (it really is not "understanding", it is that your consciousness opens itself more and more to the Truth and the Spirit of God and tht results in your better "understanding").


Some may think that The Infinite Way is `old-fashioned,  obsolete".  Nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that Joel lived up to 1964 and that he used at that time actual situations...but it will be clear that the situations and names might be changed but .. the PRINCIPLES  are stillthe same, still vivid  and applicable. Truth never will become obsolete and the vehicle it is It arrives in may be a “classic,” but Truth will always be loved and appreciated by those who have “eyes that see,” and “ears that hear.”  


There may be people exploring "differences" between The Infinite Way and their own teaching. Click on differgb

We - in The Infinite Way - do NOT discuss, do NOT compare with other teachings, ONLY use The Infinite Way principles. So should you when following this teaching.


We - in The Infinite Way - do NOT seek students and do NOT advertise. It must be Consciousness That attracts. Religion must come from within somebody, right out of his heart and not be forced by others from without!!!

read Joel:

--------------------------------quote begin -------------------------------------------------

1964 Chicago Special Class

555A - Between Two Worlds - The Mystical World

When the message of The Infinite Way was given to me, there was also given to me the instructions of carrying it to the world. And the first instruction I was given was never seek a student. Share with the students who are led to you. Never seek a student. And this has been followed out to the extent that not only is there no attempt made to seek a student, but in all of these years, I have never gone any place, have never lectured or taught any place except when I was sent for. Only when an invitation came that indicated its seriousness of purpose, did I respond.

I was instructed not to advertise in the usual sense of advertising, and we never have. We have a notice in the paper calling attention to the study center, or calling attention to my class, but this is not advertising, because it is always worded in such a way that only those who already know the name Goldsmith, or Infinite Way, can possibly know what it’s about. Therefore we are not advertising for anyone to come, and we are not advertising that we have any good to offer.

----------------------------quote end-------------------------------------------------------


The Infinite Way is a mystical teaching. What is mysticism?

The true meaning of mysticism is any philosophy or religion that teaches oneness with God. Mysticism reveals the possibility of receiving impartations or guidance directly from God, of communing with God, of being consciously at-one with God, and receiving good from God without any intermediary. And so the teaching of The Infinite Way is a mystical one, because, above all things, its purpose is to achieve oneness with God. *)

*) from the book "Conscious Union With God"chapter XIII "Mysticism")


In order to judge whether THE INFINITE WAY is your Spiritual Home, please do the test. For further info click on testeng

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Sometimes students ask us to advise them which tapes and books are for beginners, advanced students, ets. What Joel says about that you can read when clicking on beginner .


The Infinite Way Message is difficult:

The message is difficult not because of being complex. It is difficult because of its simplicity That is what makes the entire message of The Infinite Way difficult.

Joel had the unique capacity to say the deepest Spiritual Truths in the simplest words. Do not be fooled by that!! The Infinite Way is a profound deep Spiritual, Mystical teaching. Never underestimate that!! For more info clic on dificult .


Joel teaches us how we should pray.


There is also a page specially for our YOUNGSTERS. Please visit: young

What I did write in the website for the youngsters does also apply on all of you.


The Infinite Way is pure mysticism. See: mysticis


The BASIS of The Infinite Way is:


The entire basis of the Infinite Way teaching is that there is not God and. There is not God and health. Or God and strength, or God and immortality or God  and activity or God and supply . The is only God manifesting as.

There is not hypnotism and a disease. There is not hypnotism and lack or limitation. There is not hypnotism and sin and death. There is only hypnotism appearing as these pictures. You can't get rid of the sin, disease, or death separate and apart from the hypnotism. when you have gotten rid of the hypnotism you have gotten rid of all the various forms. And the way to get rid of hypnotism is to understand hypnotism, not as thing, but as no thing, no power, no presence.

Here you have the secret of living. When you observe life as it appears to be... you understand immediately that this is the product of hypnotism, of suggestion, of human appearances.. Through your spiritual sense...however you discern that right where this material or physical  sense seems to be, is the spiritual, eternal and immortal creation.


The Infinite Way is a teaching of turning within, the silence, etc. Click on nodiscus for more info.

Listen also to Joel himself. Click on silence .

The transcription of it is:

How shall I stand before THEE but in silence? How shall I honour THEE but in the meditation of my heart?  Praise and thanksgiving  THOU seekest not  but the understanding heart  THOU receiveth.  I will keep silence before THEE , my soul and my spirit and my silence  shall be THY dwelling place.  THY Spirit shall fill my meditation and IT shall make me and preserve me  whole.


MEDITATION is the most important issue in the message. In many a book one will find info about it. But WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MEDITATION?


So the purpose of meditation is God contact, and if the opportunity so presents itself to you, you may sit and wait in meditation until you've realized that contact. Ordinarily that isn't wise because if you sit more than four, five, or six minutes, the waiting is apt to be a mental strain, and you'll never get it while there's a mental strain. It's only in the moment that ye think not that the bride groom cometh. It's only in the moment that thought is still. It is only in the moment that there is no mental strain that the God contact is realized.

And so it is you can sit quietly and peacefully contemplating a verse of scripture such as Thy grace is my sufficiency, or where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, or man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. You can contemplate that for three or four, five minutes and sit for a minute or so in complete quiet, but then get up and go about your business because otherwise you'll get into a mental state or strain and God does not come through where there's a reasoning, thinking process going on. It's only when that is set aside.

(taken from the class: 1955 Kailua Study Group  126A)


Click on groups to hear Joel explain why he only taught small groups. (1960 Holland Class Side 1).


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When following The Infinite Way, must I leave my present church? How did Joel feel about the Church, Churchrituals, ceremonies, etc,

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A "by-product" of our studies is "healing". Is The Infinite Way a substitute of materia medica? Should one abandon medicine when studying The Infinite Way? Etc.Etc. In order to clarify these matters Bertus refers you to: healing


The Infinite Way is an individual study, a teaching of silence, turning within and NO discussions. See: nodiscus


"If there is a God why is there so much evil, mess in the world?" In an attempt to bring you Light on this subject, please study and practice: room


Joel often uses the Hawaiian word "aloha". How he arrived at that term and its meaning: Click on alohaeng


There are people who study different teachings at the same time. Joel always was fiercely opposed to that stating that such is not good for your Spiritual development and can easily tend to confusion. Read what Joel said about it.



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This homepage is devoted only to Joel S. Goldsmith.

However, In the course of the years teachers came along. Joel teaches that we all are states and stages of Conscousness and everyone has to decide for themselves who will be the teacher for him/her. In more classes Joel speaks about it.

I, Bertus, do NOT recommend nor promote any teacher. I only give factual info. What students do with that, is strictly their business. Joel teaches us to pray to be led to one's right teaching and teacher.

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