Location gallery 1: Eppiere, Virieu, Hautecombe, Miolans, La Bastide

episode 1-3


Location gallery 2: Arlempdes, Gessler's camp, The Cave, Lavaudieu 

episode 4-7 


Location gallery 3: Tournoel, Pontgibaud, Les Desert of Entremont, St. Christophe la Grotte

episode 8-13


Location gallery 4:

Senanque, Fort Francheville, Opedde Le Vieux

episode 14-17


Location gallery 5: Perouges, Chazey, St. Andre, Chartreuse well, Palais du papes in Avignon

episode 18-22


Location gallery 6: Boulbon, Frigolet, Beauregard Chapel, Lamatoie, Faucher, La Cole River

episode 23-32, 38, 40


Location gallery 7: Brantome, Boschaud, Uzes, Lussan, Pouzilhac, Les Baux, Montmajour

episode 32-48


Location gallery 8: Boissets, Monthialoux, Lozere

episode 49-58


Location gallery 9: Le Villard St. Enimie, Boissets Quezac

episode 59-62


Location gallery 10: Ispagnac, St. Chely, Borries, La Caze

episode 63-69



During the making of these location galleries my French friend Stephane Barthelemy helped me finding the right locations en even visited some to take pictures. He himself is also a fan and he takes part in a medieval group. He knows a lot about the culture and architecture of that period.


Click here for his website of the of the Mesnie Anicienne in France. http://mesnieanicienne.com/



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