Location Gallery 2


Episode 5 Reunion and 10 the White Stallion




Inside the ruine. Here Stefan and Eleanor made a plan to rob Gessler's treasurywagon.



The gate. Remember the sentences from Stefan? "Who suppose to be manning the gate?" Then Morgan tries to take over the castle and all their men.





The 2 photos below you can see the hole in the wall and the same door as in the fighting scene above.



Then they are walking to the edge of the castle


Tell and Gessler had a last fight here


Tell jumps off this wall





The place the white horse runs to (episode 10 The Stallion)



The tower Will and Stefan sat together (episode 5)






Is Tell able to tame the white stallion? It's a gift from his friend Stefan









The meadow Tell escaped and ran away from the blackknights

    When Tell calls the horse it comes back to him. A beautiful scene made by Mario Luraschi and his horses.



Gessler's camp

episode 10, 11 and 12 (Next to Arlempdes)





River bath

Episode 5 Reunion (Eleanor took a bath here)


The beautifil place where Eleanor swam and met Tell




Above the way to the water (located down the ruin)


Below from the castle, you can see Eleanor's swimming place.


The treasury wagon

- Reunion (episode 5)







The Cave, near Arlempdes

Episode 4 the Children










Episode 7 Sanctuary