Location Gallery 6


Episode 23, 24 Hellburg castle









                         The pass the messenger of the princess walked to find Tell









The right picture above and the photo below you can see the same evening silouette of the ruine of Boulbon




episode The Handmaiden 24




Horst asked Gessler for extra men because of the rough terrain Tell is hiding





Beauregard Chapel

Episode 25


Above the monastery is set on fire just before Matthew and Tell arrived. Katrina is killed by Gessler's men and they were trying to erase their tracks. The picture on the right with the fire is not Beauregard but this was shot in Palais du Papes Avignon.




This door could be the entry and place the four horsemen got together. It's a small church in the centre of Avignon.



The Nightmare, Episode 25


The place Matthew drunk the poisoned wine and tried to shoot his father.




episode 26 Birthright





Probably also part of location in Exit The Dragon episode 36



is a special castle with different faces.

Five different episodes are shot here from

different angles.


Episode Fear

Faucher is the location of:

- The Pit - 29

- Taking of Castle Tanner - 31

- Fear - 32

- The Seekers of the Soul - 38

- Lady Montal - 40







The Seekers of the Soul (episode 38) shots.






Faucher: The Taking of Castle Tanner Episode 31


The gate where Horst was thrown off his horse by a rope that was made there by a little blond girl.


It's highly possible that Lady Montal's castle (Episode 40) was also filmed in or near Faucher.


The Bolgar brothers

Episode 29 The Pit

La Cole river under La Chapelle Faucher Castle.