Location Gallery 7

Brantome, The other part of Episode 32 Fear








Dominique Hulin appeared in Crossbow as Dantes, Headhunter and also in the episode 'Fear' as the huge Monster. You can see his huge hands. Funny picture, he scratches himself.



Episode 28 Nemesis and Episode 36 The Exit the Dragon


This is where Matthew enters the ruine. The same place as on the pictures below





Above and below the same background




At the end of the episode Tell and Stefan sat on this wall and Gessler and his men retreat.









Episode 39 The Elite / The Masterplan






Chateau Uzes

Other part of The Elite / Masterplan 39










Episode 41 The Tower / The Promised Land





The episode Stefan died





Episode 42 Rejection









See the same door at the left of the church.



Tell and this friend escaped via the path of this castle on horseback.






Les Baux

Episode 43 and 44 Geneve and The Electors














Episode 44 The Electors, also filmed at Les Baux.

Maybe Tarascon is also the location of Episode 45 The Inquisitor











Episode 47 and 48