Videopac C7051 Game Recorder
The C7051 is sold out.

The Videopac C7051 Game Recorder cartridge is a flash cart for Videopac and Odyssey2 consoles: a multicart with a flash memory chip inside. This means that you can decide yourself which games you put on it, which versions, in what order and which names you give them in the on-screen menu. It also means that you can add new games to it when they become available, or use this cartridge to test new games that you are writing yourself. All functions of the cartridge are selected with on-screen menus, it doesn't have any switches. It is compatible with all Videopac, Odyssey2 and Jopac consoles (PAL/NTSC/SECAM compatible) and it can be used with the Voice module.

When you receive a new C7051 cartridge it doesn't contain any games, only the control program. To put games on the C7051 cartridge you'll need to connect it to a computer. A cable to do that is included. Also included are a .zip file with 273 games and a program for your computer to transfer games to the C7051. The memory chip of the C7051 has a capacity of 63 games. Check this list to see which Videopac and Odyssey2 roms are included in the .zip file.

This is what you'll get:
C7051 Cartridge

This is what's inside the cartridge:
C7051 PCB

This is the start menu:
C7051 Start menu

This is the first page of the games menu, you can add games and names yourself:
C7051 Games menu

This is the transfer program:
C7051 Transfer program

Please note that the C7051 cartridge needs to be put in a working Videopac/Odyssey2 console when transferring games to it. To connect it to your computer with the included cable you'll need to have a computer with a serial port or an USB to serial adapter cable. If you don't have an USB adapter cable yet you can either buy one yourself or buy one from me.

A C7051 cartridge costs 49 Euro. A manual and a game transfer serial cable are included.
A Videopac box is not included (and not available from me).
The games and the transfer program will be sent by email.
A Windows 10 compatible USB-to-serial adapter cable costs 10.80 Euro (also compatible with older Windows versions).