Equipment sold

Schaller KV-50

WEM Watkins Copicat echo unit

Alesis RA-150 monitor amp

Alesis point seven monitors

Akai 201D

Avora 50-G

Boss BX-80

Boss GX-700 (2x)

Charlie 1004 1981


Fender ProReverb 1978

Fender ProReverb 1974

Fender Steel-King

Marshall MG100DFX

Marshall Valvestate 10

Marshall+TC Electronics G-Force

Nakamichi 550

Roland VS880 2x

Sound CHD 60

Boss GT-Pro (Sennheiser WE372G2 wireless+Korg DTR2000)

Fender Champ 1972

Yamaha MS202II Personal monitor

Fender Frontman 15R
1 x2005 + 1 x 2009

"Fishman’s Aura® Acoustic Imaging Technology allows acoustic musicians to easily and accurately reproduce the sound of their instrument as miked in a professional studio."

Marshall JCM2000 (Tijmen)

Marshall 1960A red 1995 (Tijmen)

Hevos Donar 2004 (Lennert)

ENGL Thunder 50 (Tijmen)

Fender MusicMaster Bass amp 1978

Fender Princeton Amp 1964

Diago Little Smasher guitar amp 5 Watt
M-Audio FastTrack C600 interface

Roland VS2400CD+VS8F2 (24 channels digital recording)

Edirol DA2496 (in order to record 16 channels simulateously with the Roland 2400-CD)

Fender Super Champ X2 head 2014

Fender FSR '65 Princeton Reverb
Sandy blonde 2014

Cinepaq In-ear

PA Phonic 1860 Deluxe + ElectroVoice SX 300

Soundcraft Notepad + Behringer B210D

Fender Deluxe Reverb - Limited edition 2013



Studio Westerlicht - Bas Riedé