Town of Benahavis with newly built church BenahavÝs is a lovely village near Marbella, not far from Los Arqueros, and about 9 kms from the coast. A drive to the village leads you through an attractive mountainous landscape which is a part of the protected nature reserve of Las Angosturas. After having followed the road through a rather narrow gorge where River Gualdamina takes its course, one reaches the limits of the ayuntamiento. Following the uphill main road to the village center, you will find ample parking space. Apart from a nice stroll to the village centre and visiting one of the excellent restaurants, one might also consider to have a peek at the embalse or storage reservoir, the water supply of the town and surroundings. Walkers find themselves at the starting point of a nature reserve which can be accessed by taking the path on the left side of the river. The climate along the Costa del Sol allows the spring to begin here in January.. and with the upcoming rural tourism the Andalusian government is gradually improving and expanding the infrastructure.
Although focussed on tourism, BenahavÝs has kept and further expanded its Andalusian style architecture. However, for most tourists, BenahavÝs is well known for its culinary attractions, boasting a range of excellent restaurants.

The origins of the town trace back to Moorish times. The remains of Montemayor Castle on a hilltop near BenahavÝs date back from the 11th century and were part of fortifications overseeing the coastline, where defenders could spot invading armies in a timely manner, but also roaming bandits were a point of interest. Walkers and hikers who want to work up an appetite for later in the day can reach the fortications following a narrow rather mountainous path (not recommended). Similar to other cities and villages in Andalusia, the name "Benahavis" has Moorish roots, meaning Ben al Havis: son of Havis. According some historians, Havis was one of the last Moorish rulers residing in the Castle Montemayor. In 1485 Marbella and surroundings were reconquered from the Moors by the Reyes Catˇlicos : Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon, the "Catholic Monarchs". In 1572 BenahavÝs acquired the carta puebla from King Philip II of Spain, thereby establishing its status being fully independent from Marbella. The Los Arqueros Golf resort is situated within the ayuntamiento of BenahavÝs.


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