Apochrome Ophrys Varieties of Central Europa


This small volume offers a presentation of apochrome varieties of Ophrys apifera, Ophrys araneola, Ophrys holoserica, Ophrys insectifera and Ophrys sphegodes. In the general part will be explained how apochrome flowers take origin and besides information is given about rareness and habitats. Regarding the five taxa themselves the most important areas are described, where they are to be found in central Europe (mainly).

Moreover, all accompanying orchids to be found in the same areas are mentioned. Several full colour photographs of the relevant species are represented, among them one or two pictures of their characteristic shape.

Size: 16,5 x 24 cm.
Pages: 32
Colour photographs: 34
Language: dutch
ISBN: 90-75946-03-1
Price: 6,--
Published by: Meijs Publishers, Limbricht, 1997
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C.A.J. Kreutz 1998