If you are going on holiday and you are looking for some peaceful place

somewhere on Mediterranean, far away from Spanish costas and Italian rivieras

and you prefer to travel with your own car, than you have just arrived to the

right place.


If you like history, art pre-Roman and Roman architecture or you appreciate a

good food and wine, or you just enjoy walking through small picturesque

Mediterranean  towns which early in the morning smell at fresh fish and later in

the afternoon at fresh fruit from the local market, then I am sure you will come

back on this place again.


The place is called Pula. The city of Pula is in Croatia and lies at the end of a

deep natural bay on the south-western coast of the Istrian peninsula. The bay is

by its origin a sunken rocky bay; its northern and southern boundaries being

capes which extend far out into the Adriatic Sea. The city itself is at least 3000

years old, and for long time has been a great source of pleasure and inspiration

to visitors--tourists, artists, and scholars alike..


For more information about Pula, you can use this link: Pula, and if you are

interested in the surroundings you can use this link: Surroundings.


For all of you who already visit Pula and Istria in the past and you need only

information about the accommodation prices, please click

on: Apartments. Hereby, I must tell you that this page isnít commercial page

where you can find a hundred of apartments. No, here you can find only

information about two apartments in the house of my parents. The apartments

are suitable for families from 4 to 6 persons.



What you can find more on this page ?

-         Informationís about Istria

-         The map of Istria

-         The map of Pula and surroundings

         Street plan of Pula

-         Links



I hope that this page should be a good introduction for an pleasant and

unforgettable vacation.



With kind regards,


Sinisa Penava