Donald Paul Breeden co-pilot #42-3436 - MIA

Eygelshoven in the very south of the Netherlands, October 14, 1943. That is the place and date where Donald Paul Breeden went missing after his B-17 got shot up on its way to Schweinfurt to bomb the Kugelfischer ball bearings works on a day that is now known as Black Thursday.
It is said that he bailed out of his plane but he was never found.

Donald Paul Breeden went missing in that action and is remembered on ‘The Walls of the Missing’ at the US Cemetery in Margraten - The Netherlands.

At this US Cemetery Margraten there is a campaign going to give all men and women buried there ‘a face’ - to get a photo of each of them. I promised to get one of Donald Paul Breeden. Here below the result of that search and more research on him why he went missing.

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