Faces of Cambridge - North Dakota

In March 2022 from Cambridge (UK) came a similar question as we handled in Margraten, so we started ’Faces of Cambridge’. Cambridge had started collecting photo’s five years ago and wanted to give it an extra push with regard to Memorial Day 2022. This UK cemetery contains the remains of 3,811 of US war dead and 5,127 names are recorded on the Walls of the Missing. Many are Navy service men that parished in the Atlantic convoys.

We had a starting list with 23 faces to find. And I asked ‘my ND team’ to help again.

If/when you start searching for a photo please give me an email
so that we know who/that somebody is working on what/a ‘face’. Thank you.

My ‘search drill’ is at the bottom of this page. 

These are all the names and info we got from Cambridge

Name - date of birth - address/home county - date of death - found (by me) link(s) to more info to start a search.
1    Anderson, Clarence O. from Traill County 

photo thanks to Mrs Melhus.

2    Arason, Gamaliel Theodore  from Mountain, Pembina County

photo thanks to Mrs Susan Sigurdson / Mrs Tracy Briggs

3    Baker, Clarence J.  from Logan County 

photo thanks to Mr Dean Entzminger  / Mr James Hilzendeger

4    Breitmeyer, Gottlieb G.  29 April 1906   Ashley, McIntosh County    30 Sept. 1943


5    Cameron, Ralph T.    10 Nov 1921    Grand Forks County    14 April 1944    


6    Dauenhauer, Christ J.    31 Aug 1923    Mott, Hettinger County    23 Jan 1945    


7    Du Puis, Camille Isidore    1 July 1921    Thorn, Pierce County    10 May 1945    


8    Espeseth, Loris Merlin    26 Jan 1924    Traill County    20 Nov. 1944    

https://nl.findagrave.com/memorial/56289531/loris-merlin-espeseth (Photo search started)

9    Fadness, John Arnold    22 March 1922    Sutton, Griggs County    23 Aug. 1944    


10    Gillies, George J.    17 Februari 1915    Pembina County    31 Dec. 1943    


11    Halseth, Obert Leslie    26 Dec. 1920    Devils Lake, Ramsey County    15 Jun. 1944    


12    Kandas, Gust Angelo    11 April 1925    Minot, Ward County    14 Okt. 1943    


13    Kowalski, John G.    6 Sept. 1919    Park River, Walsh County    5 July 1944    


14    Mintz, John from Monango from Dickey County
photo thanks to Mrs Verna L. Zimmerman / Mrs Tracy Briggs

15    O Brien, Lenhart P.  


16    Olson, Abner J.    8 December 1924    Southam, Ramsey County   30 May 1944    


17    Osadchy, Vincent Vernon 7 Jan. 1920  Rushville Township, McLean County  29 Nov. 1943

18    Paton, Warren D.    7 Januari 1921    Dickey, LaMoure County    18 March 1944    


19    Rhine, Orville D.    16 Nov. 1923    Barton, Pierce County    30 March 1944    


20    Robinson, Claude Jerome from McLean County found by Mr Slangen.

21    Robinson, Earl R.    28 Februari 1917    Mohall, Renville County    29 Nov. 1943    


22    Snydal, Larus Theodore from Gardar, Pembina County 

photo thanks to Mrs Susan Sigurdson / Mrs Tracy Briggs

23    Waslien, Harlem A.    19 dec. 16    Traill County    9 June 1944    

https://nl.findagrave.com/memorial/56295356/harlem-a-waslien (Photo search started)

Mrs Tracy Briggs of InForum again supported this effort and the first photo arrived
one day after she published her call for help.

My ‘search drill’
This is my approach to find photo’s:

1 Find obits or other info the soldier or his family (Findagrave/Ancestry/Family Search/Fold3, Mil. Unit associations, American Legion etc).
Maybe use this page
Try find their actual addresses in White Pages.
Phone or write letters.

Ask them to look in their family albums, if family is found.

2 Find out to what church the family belonged/belongs (graveyard used/obits).

Ask with the church for photo’s at special moments, like confirmation.

3 Try (High) School yearbook pictures.

4 Try news paper articles while enlisting.

News paper articles while going overseas.

At the time of his death an obituary in a news paper.

Memorial Day articles,

V-Day remembrance articles etc. 1945, 1950 etc.

5 Ask with the local historical society.

6 Ask with the local veteran organization(s).

7 Ask with the local library.

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