Raid on Schweinfurt in the press


Comments and reports on this raid to Schweinfurt on October 14 1943.
From the free press; illegal in the Netherlands and normal in the Caribbean.


“De nieuwsbode: orgaan van de vrije pers” on October 15 knew that it were 60 bombers lost and 2 fighters.

The free ‘Amigoe di Curacao’ on the Dutch Antilles wrote this (from US Sources):

60 planes lost - 593 crew members lost - half of them probably alive according to Gen. Arnold.


The Germans first claimed 150 bombers shot down - later  90.

Their reports also mentioned ‘nevelgranaten’.
I think they mean the new used “Werfer-Granate 21” developped by the German Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Nebel.
Translated in Dutch ‘nebel’ is ‘nevel’. They were shot from German airplanes out of range from the Browning M2 .50’s in the B17’s.

From the “De Nieuwe Koerier” the paper released in Limburg and east part of Noord-Brabant. So controlled by the Germans.


Headers: ”Heavy US defeat over Germany. More than 150 planes shot down - More than 1200 flyers en specialists taken out - New air weapon - ‘nevelwerper’ used.” 

‘Deutsche Zeitung in den Niederlanden’ dd 16-10-1943

Header: “Loss of bombers bigger than their production.”

From ANP-telex

Even the Swiss crash landing in Aesch was mentioned in the (occupied) Netherlands.

Header: “Forced landing of bomber on Swiss territory”.

Later the amount of shot down US planes went down to 90.

From another paper - German controlled.
Headers: “Air battle over Schweinfurt - Flying fortresses became Flying coffins.”

From the US Press:

From Roy Göttgens/B-17 Memorial in Beek (NL).

“US Fliers down 104 Nazi planes...”

And.. “Vital damage” was caused.

Not all returns ended OK...



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