Publications on the crew of B-17 # 42-3436


While working on the MIA case of Donald Paul Breeden, the search for photo’s for ‘Faces of Margraten’ and information on Breeden and his fellow crew members, questions to tell about it rose.

So publications beside my own web pages were both ‘unavoidable’ and turned out very helpful.

Here the list of where and when publications were and written by whom.

Most recent publication

On Veterans Day 2018 an article on the cause and unveiling of the memorial in Eygelshoven was featured in the Minot Daily News. How special to know that not only FB-groups on WWII read about all this. Makes me very happy. 
Thank you JoAnn Linrud!



The Smithfield Times
July 2016 - ‘Black Thursday’ The Day Nobody Anticipated - Jim Ignasher

Coeur d’Alene Press

26 Augustus 2016 - Idaho hero’s fate uncovered in The Netherlands - Devin Heilman

American Air Museum - Wim Slangen

Minot Daily News
Veterans Day 2018 an article on the cause and unveiling of the memorial in Eygelshoven was featured in the Minot Daily News.



Aachener Zeitung

8-10-2016 - Donald P Breeden ist bis heute vermisst - Beatrix Opree

11-1–2017 - Die Spurensuche führt zur Grosscousine - Beatrix Opree

4-8-2018 Gedenken, wo einst die B 17 abstürzte - Beatrix Opree…/article/b5ad5ab6c1


26 October 2016 - The report made by the crew of Wolfgang Quest for was broadcasted once and sadly deleted from the ‘WDR Mediathek’ due to legal rules concerning stock images used. So no link.



Brochure ‘Langs oorlogssporen in Kerkrade’ (May 2019)
Since May 2019 the memorial for the McDarby crew is added in a bike tour along ’traces of war’ in Kerkrade,
see page 22.
Please walk into the cemetery; you will see the memorial on your right.

World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands & North Sea - Jan Nieuwenhuis

Studie Groep Lucht Oorlog/SGLO

December 2017 - De vermissing van Donald Paul Breeden boven Eygelshoven op 14 oktober 1943 - Bulletin 381 page 13-20 - Wim Slangen.

Issue with a proposal for salvage of aircraft wrecks with possibly missing crew members on board in The Netherlands.

Historische Kring Kerkrade

23-11-2017 - De vermissing van Donald Paul Breeden boven Eygelshoven op 14 oktober 1943 - Kerkrade Onderweg XXI  page 107-133 - Wim Slangen

1Lokaal / 1Kerkrade

18-10-2016 - Rubriek ‘Van nul tot nu’ - Amerikanen kregen een pak rammel - Martin van der Weerden.

Americans got a beating

VIA Kerkrade

29-11-2017 - Wim Slangen levert drie foto’s voor Faces of Margraten - Wim Slangen

Three photo’s for ‘Faces of Margraten’.


23-4-2018 - Ooggetuigen en hun verhalen gezocht - Wim Slangen

Looking for eye witnesses and their stories


Announcements in the preamble to the unveiling of the memorial

VIA Limburg dd 5-9-2018

Memorial for crashed bomber crew

Anselbode dd 1-10-2018 en digitale krant van de Stad Kerkrade dd 10-10

Unveiling memorial               Fliers honored



After the unveiling

Op stand al heel snel dit bericht.

Streets named after American bomber crew

Dutch Armed Forces krant ‘Defensiekrant’

Tribute to killed Americans

German Aachener Zeitung dd 16-10-2018

Remembering the horrors of war

WDR Aachen Lokalzeit (TV) dd 15-10-2018 bracht een reportage over de onthulling. Vanaf 13.24 in de uitzending dd 15-10-2018.

NB De lof die de Amerikaanse strijdkrachten wordt toegewuifd, komt echter de
Nederlandse CO van de kazerne Eygelshoven toe.…/…/video-lokalzeit-aus-aachen-2322.html

Regionale krant ‘De Limburger’ dd 15-10-2018

LastPost for McDarby crew

VIA Limburg dd 17-10-2018

Memorial remembers crash American bomber

Anselbode  16-10-2018

Impressive ceremony while unveiling memorial

Website Traces of War

Na de onthulling heb ik deze gedenkplaat ook aangemeld bij ‘Traces of War’.

After the unveiling I announced the memorial with ‘Traces of War’


Own website

Own FB-page


Back to the story I started to find out why and how Donald Paul Breeden could get missing.



    The tumult and the shouting dies;

The Captains and the Kings depart:

Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice,

An humble and a contrite heart.

Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,

Lest we forget—lest we forget!

R. Kipling