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(( shirley bassey albums

(( 1950's

born to sing the blues (10 inch album) (uk)

the bewitching miss bassey (uk)

the fabulous shirley bassey (uk)

same (france)

same (uk/mono)

the wonderful shirley bassey (incl. album 'the fabulous shirley bassey') (uk/mfp/cover 1)

same (nl/emidisc/cover 2)

shirley bassey (2lps/gatefold cover) (incl. albums 'the fabulous shirley bassey' and 'all of me')

(( 1960's

shirley (uk/mono/cover 1)

same (australia/cover 2)

in the still of the night (shirley) (uk)

shirley bassey (uk/mono)

let's face the music (uk)

what now my love (incl. album 'let's face the music') (belgium)

what now my love (2lps/gatefold cover) (incl. albums 'let's face the music' and 'irresistible') (nl)

i've got a song for you (uk/mono)

same (uk)

same (nl)

same (germany)

shirley significa bassey (incl. album 'i've got a song for you') (spain)

kiss me honey honey kiss me (incl. album 'i've got a song for you') (uk)

and we were lovers (uk)

same (uk/mono)

same (usa)

big spender (incl. album 'and we were lovers') (uk)

same (nl)

same (germany)

this is my life (uk)

the shirley bassey collection (2lps/gatefold cover) (incl. albums 'this is my life' and 'does anybody miss me') (nl)

same (uk)

(( 1970's

something (uk)

shirley bassey is really something (incl. album 'something') (canada)

something else (usa/abridged version)

same (germany/gatefold cover)

love story (incl. album 'something else', also incl. song 'for all we know') (france/gatefold cover)

i capricorn (usa/gold cover)

same (nl)

and i love you so (germany)

never never never (nl/cover 1)

same (usa/gatefold cover/cover 2)

good bad but beautiful (usa)

emotions (incl. abridged version of album 'good bad but beautiful') (germany)

love life and feelings (usa/cover 1)

same (nl/cover 2)

the magic is you (nl)

same (japan/with obi)

(( 1980's

all by myself (usa/applause/1982)

love songs (incl. album 'all by myself') (uk)

playing solitaire (incl. album 'all by myself') (uk)

this is shirley bassey (incl. album 'all by myself') (nl)

i am what i am (uk)

the best of shirley bassey (incl. album 'i am what i am') (belgium)

(( shirley bassey various artists albums

james bond grootste hits (nl)

helen reddy/shirley bassey/dusty springfield (usa)

yello 'one second' (incl. song 'the rhythm divine') (germany)

world star festival (incl. 'i've got a song for you') (nl)

(( shirley bassey singles

(( 1960's

as long as he needs me (4 track 7 inch ep/uk/pc)

can't take my eyes off you/born to lose (uk/demo)

don't take the lovers from the world/take away (uk)

if you go away/give him your love (uk/demo)

(( 1970's

never never never/day by day (nl/pc)

something/easy to be hard (germany/pc)

this is my life/the magic is you (nl/pc)

living/everything that touches you (france)

(( 1980's

the rhythm divine (12 inch single/germany/pc)

thought i'd ring you (nl/pc)

that's right (aka 'love is no game')/memory (france/pc)

love is no game (aka 'that's right') (belgium/pc)

(( shirley bassey compilation and live albums

all of me (nl)

as i love you (uk)

as time goes by (uk)

bassey's greatest hits (nl)

best of shirley bassey, the (nl/emi/cover 1)

same (nl/emi/cover 2)

best of shirley bassey, the (uk/wing/cover 1)

same (uk/contour/cover 2)

born to sing the blues (uk/wing/cover 1)

same (uk/contour/cover 2)

broadway bassey's way (uk)

same (nl)

burn my candle (uk/album 1)

burn my candle (uk/album 2)

fabulous shirley bassey, the (uk)

from this moment on (nl)

gala of the year (nl)

golden hits of shirley bassey (uk)

great performances (nl)

her favorite songs (nl)

how about you (usa)

i'm in the mood for love (2lps)

irresistible (nl)

i wish you love (uk)

let me sing and i'm happy (uk)

live in japan 1974 (2lps) (japan/gatefold cover with obi)

love songs (wereldsterren) (nl)

magic of shirley bassey, the (germany)

magic of shirley bassey, the (as long as he needs me) (uk)

my way (uk/cover 1)

same (france/cover 2)

overgetelijke hits (wereldsterren) (nl)

portrait (incl. the song 'fa fa fa') (2lps/gatefold cover) (germany)

portrait of shirley bassey (nl/cover 1)

same (nl/cover 2)

second album of the very best of shirley bassey, the (uk)

shirley bassey (uk)

shirley bassey's greatest hits (2lps/gatefold cover) (usa)

shirley bassey singles album, the (uk/cover 1)

same (nl/cover 2)

somebody loves me (incl. live ep 'shirley bassey at the cafe de paris') (uk)

the nearness of you (uk)

this is my life (nl)

this is my life/shirley bassey's 20 greatest hits (nl)

this is shirley bassey (uk)

this is shirley bassey (2lps) (uk)

tonight (uk)

25th anniversary album (2lps) (uk/gatefold cover with booklet)

same (nl/gatefold cover)

20 golden film hits (uk)

20 golden love songs (nl)

20 golden show stoppers (uk)

20 greatest hits (nl)

21 hit singles (uk/gatefold cover)

same (nl)

very best of shirley bassey, the (uk/cover 1)

same (nl/cover 2)

what i did for love (nl)

( barbra streisand albums

(( 1960's

the barbra streisand album (usa)

same (nl)

the second barbra streisand album (canada)

people (usa)

same (canada)

same (uk)

my name is barbra (usa)

same (usa/mono)

same (uk)

mi nombre es barbra (my name is barbra) (spain)

my name is barbra two (canada)

color me barbra (usa)

idem (usa/mono/1966)

je m'appelle barbra (usa)

idem (nl)

simply streisand (usa)

a christmas album (usa)

what about today (canada)

(( 1970's

stoney end (usa)

barbra joan streisand (usa)

same (uk)

the way we were (usa)

same (nl)

butterfly (canada)

same (uk)

streisand superman (italy)

songbird (nl)

wet (usa)

same (israel)

(( 1980's

emotion (nl)

one voice (nl)

for tracks visit barbra.com

(( barbra streisand movies and compilation albums

funny girl (ost) (nl)

hello dolly (ost) (usa)

the main event (ost) (nl)

love songs (memories) (uk)

as grandes interpretacoes de barbra streisand (brazil)

barbra streisand greatest hits (new zealand)

new gold disc (philippines)

golden grand prix (2lps) (japan)

(( barbra streisand singles

(( 1960's

the third album (6 track/7 inch/stereo/ep/33 rpm/usa)

sam you made the pants too long/the minute waltz (usa)

second hand rose/he touched me (uk)

second hand rose/he touched me (uk/promo)

(( 1970's

superman/a man i loved (uk)

my heart belongs to me/answer me (nl/picture cover)

the main event (fight) vocal/instrumental (nl/pc)

you don't bring me flowers (w neil diamond) vocal/instrumental (nl/pc)

you don't bring me flowers (w neil diamond) vocal/instrumental (uk)

prisoner/laura and neville (instrumental) (nl/pc)

evergreen/i believe in love (nl/pc)

no more tears (enough is enough) (w donna summer)/my baby understands (donna summer) (italy/pc)

no more tears/enough is enough (w donna summer)/wet (usa/pc)

no more tears/enough is enough (w donna summer) 3:02/4:48 (germany/pc)

where you lead/since i fell for you (usa/promo)

prisoner (uk/promo)

superman/lullabye for myself (uk/promo)

(( 1980's

somewhere/not while i'm around (nl/pc)

send in the clowns/being alive (nl/pc)

guilty (w barry gibb)/life story (nl/pc)

guilty (w barry gibb)/life story (usa)

what kind of fool (w barry gibb)/make it like a memory (nl/pc)

woman in love/run wild (nl/pc)

woman in love/run wild (nl/art cover)

woman in love/run wild (usa)

comin' in and out of your life/lost inside of you (nl/pc1)

comin' in and out of your life/lost inside of you (uk/pc2)

comin' in and out of your life/lost inside of you (italy/pc3)

memory/evergreen (nl/pc)

memory/evergreen (barb1/uk)

memory/evergreen (uk/promo/pc2)

we're not makin' love anymore/here we are at last (usa)

the way he makes me feel (movie/studio) (nl/pc)

left in the dark/here we are at last (nl/pc)

emotion/here we are at last (nl/pc)

make no mistake he's mine (w kim carnes)/clear sailing) (nl/pc)

(( hall of fame

people/second hand rose (usa/hall of fame)

people/second hand rose (uk/hall of fame)

the way we were/all in love is fair (usa/hall of fame)

funny girl/i'd rather be blue over you (usa/hall of fame)

evergreen/my heart belongs to me (usa/hall of fame)

the way we were/people (uk/hall of fame)

stoney end/i'll be home (uk/golden decade)

(( roslyn kind album

give me you (usa)

(( diana ross and the supremes albums

meet the supremes (usa/cover 1)

same (usa/original/cover 2)

the supremes sing country western & pop (usa/original/mono)

reflections (usa/original)

let the sunshine in (usa/original)

the supremes at the copa (france)

25th anniversary (3lps)

never before released masters from motown's brightest stars (france)

diana ross ('reach out and touch' etc) (france)

everything is everything (usa/original)

ross (1983) (germany)

eaten alive (france)

diana ross live at caesar's palace (france)

(( diana ross and the supremes 7 inch

the composer/take me where you go (uk)

(( also

(( wim sonneveld, abba, olivia newton john

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