Cd's op logische volgorde
Bandnaam Album jaar platenlabel
(Hed)pe untitled 1997 Jive
(Hed)pe Broke 2000 Volcano
A perfect circle Mer de norms 2000 Virgin records
A perfect circle Thirteenth step 2003 ?
Acid Mothers Temple Acid Mothership 2008 CD-r
Across Tundras Old world wanderer 2010 meltface
Anathema Judgement 1999 Music for nations
Anathema A fine day to exit 2001 Music for nations
Anathema A natural disaster 2003 Music for nations
André Manuel Dollekamp 2011 Silvox
Andre Manuel & de Ketterse Fanfare op verzoek van de goden 2008 Silvox
Andre Manuel & de Ketterse Fanfare Tjuup 2009 Silvox
Anouk Together alone 1997 Dino
Asva What you don't know is Frontier 2008 Southern Lord
Atomic Rooster Tomorrow night 1970 Action
Auris What lies beneath the truth (demo) 2005 eigen beheer
Beach boys, the Pet sounds 1966 Capitol
Beastie Boys Licensed to ill 1986 Def Jam
Beukorkest Kleine Hausmeister 2008 Munich records
Björk Debut 1993 bapsi
Björk Greatist hits 2002 bapsi
Björk Medula 2004 One little indian
Black Sabbath Black sabbath 1970 warner btothers
Black Sabbath Master of reality 1971 Warner Brothers
Black Sabbath Vol. IV 1972 Castle Music
Blacksheep Wolfgang Heaven 2016 eigen beheer
Bohren & der club of gore Beileid 2011 PIAS
Bohren & der club of gore Sunset mission 2000 Wonder
Bohren & der club of gore Geisterfaust 2005 wonder
Bohren & der club of gore Dolores 2008 Pias
Bohren & der club of gore Mitleid Lady 2009 Lattitude
Book of knots, the traineater 2007 Anti-
Book of Knots, The Garden of fainting stars 2011 Ipecac
Boudewijn de Groot Complete studio albums 2009 Universal
Bush Razorblade suitcase 1996 interscope records
Cassiber man or monkey 1992 ReR
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains The big eyeball in the sky 2004 Prawn Song
conny ochs Black Happy 2012 aad
Cypress Hill Black Sunday 1993 Ruff House
Daft Punk Alive 2007 2007 virgin
Dancing Dollenkamp Onder de Radar 2014 silvox
Deep Purple In Rock 1969 EMI
Deftones Adrenaline 1995 Maverick
Deftones Around the fur 1997 Maverick
Deftones White pony 2000 Maverick
Deus worst case scenario 1994 island
Dillinger escape plan Miss machine 2004 ?
Dillinger escape plan with Mike Patton Irony is a dead scene 2002 Epitaph
Div. What's up 2 1994 Magnum
Div. Oorgasm : vlammende vlamingen 2004 n.a.
Diversen Color of noise compilation 129/300 2012 AMREP
dmdn sling trip 2 1996 supreme tool supplies
Down II 2002 Elektra
Drag Master of Disaster 1999 -none-
Drag Cynical Melodies 2002 -none-
Dubliners, the The best of .... 1999 Disky
Earth The bees made honey in the lions skull 2008 Southern Lord
Eels Electro-shock bleus 1998 Dreamworks records
Eels daisies for the galaxy 1999 dream works records
Eels Blinking lights and other revelations 2005 Vagrant
Electric Apricot Quest for Festeroo 2008 Universal
Electric six Fire 2003 XL Recordings
Emilie Simon La marche de L'empereur 2005 bonne pioche
end. The sounds of disaster 2004 ipecac
Everlast Whitey Ford Sings the bleus 1999 Tommy boy
Everlast Eat at whiteys 2000 Tommy boy
Faith no more Angel Dust 1992 Slash records
Faith no more King for a day, fool for a lifetime 1995 Slash records
Faith no more album of the year 1997 Slash records
Fantômas Fantômas 1999 Ipecac
Fantômas The Directorscut 2001 Ipecac
Fantômas Delerium Cordia 2004 Ipecac
Fantômas Suspended Animation 2005 Ipecac
Fantômas melvins bigband, the millenium monsterwork 2002 Ipecac
Fantômas/Melt banana - split square cd Animali In Calore Surriscaldati con Ipertermia Genitale / Cat in Red 2005 Unhip
Frank Zappa apostrophe(') 1974 Rykodisk
Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention We're only in it for the money 1968 Ryko
Fratsen Dorst 1993 Silvox
Fratsen Dikkop 1994 play it again
Fratsen Snachts 1994 Silvox
Fratsen Naar Buiten 1995 Silvox
Fratsen P.U.N.T. 1996 Silvox
Fratsen Caspar 2015 silvox
Fugees The score 1996 Ruff house
General Patton vs. The x-ecutioners Joint special operations task force 2005 Ipecac
God Dethroned The lair of the white worm 2004 Metal Blade
Guano Apes Proud like a god 1997 G.U.N. Records
Half way station Moonshine 2012 Excelsior
Hausmagger Dicht - en sloopwerk 2009 nb
Heinz Karlhausen & the diatonics st 2011
Hemophiliac 50th birthday series vol: 6 2004 Tzadik
Iggy Pop Lust for life 1977 Virgin
Incubus Fungus Among us 1995 stopuglynailfungus music
Incubus Enjoy Incubus 1996 Immortal/Epic
Incubus S.C.I.E.N.C.E. 1997 Immortal/Epic
Incubus Make Yourself 1999 Epic records
Incubus When Incubus atacks vol. 1 2000 Epic records
Incubus Morning View 2001 Epic records
Incubus Crow left of the murder 2004 ?
Isis Live IV 2006 Isis
Isis + Aereogramme In the fishtank 14 2006 Konkurrent
Jan Kwakman Zingt de partij liederen 2010 silvox
Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic pillow 1967 RCA
Jiskefet Volume 1 1994 eigenwijs
Joe Jackson The universal collection 2000 A&M records
Johan Johan 1996 Excelsior
John Frusciante To record only water for ten days 2001 Warner Brothers
John Frusciante Shadows collide with people 2004
John Zorn Naked City 1989 Electra\nonesuch
John Zorn The Gift 2001 Tzadik
John Zorn The unknown masada 2003 Tzadik
John Zorn Astronome 2006 Tzadik
John Zorn Moonchild 2006 Tzadik
John Zorn Six lithanies for heliogabalus 2007 Tzadik
John Zorn Xaphan: Secret chiefs 3 play book of angels vol. 9 2008 Tzadik
John Zorn The dreamers 2008 Tzadik
John Zorn The Crucible 2008 Tzadik
John Zorn O'o 2009 Tzadik
John Zorn ipsissimus 2010 tzadik
John Zorn Naked city Black box (Torture garden, leng tch'e) 2010 Tzadik
John Zorn Templars, in sacret blood 2012 Tzadik
John Zorn Pellucidar 2015 Tzadik
Kadaa/Patton Romances 2004 Ipecac
Kadaa/Patton Live (DVD) 2007 Ipecac
Kaizers Orchestra Evig Pint 2002 MBS Farmen
Katzenjammer Le pop 2008 Netwerk
Kayo Dot Choirs of the Eye 2003 Tzadik
Keith Caputo Died laughing 2000 Roadrunner
Kift, de Vlaskoorts 1999 V2
Kift, de Brik 2011 V2
Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, The Selftitled 2006 planet mu
Kiss the anus of a black cat Hewers of wood and drawers of water 2010 zeal
Korn Korn 1994 Immortal
Korn Follow The leader 1998 Immortal/Epic
Krang How! 1997 Silvox
Krang Roes 1999 Silvox
Krang Brussel 2001 Silvox
Krang Gluut 2002 Silvox
Krang Aait 2004 Silvox
Kyuss Welcome to sky valley 1994 Elektra
Lamb Lamb 1996 Fontana
Led zeppelin I 1969 Atlantic
Led zeppelin ll 1969 Atlantic
Led Zeppelin III 1970 Atlanic
Led zeppelin IV 1971 Atlantic
Lend me your underbelly The edge of a curious wilderness 2015 Epigenetic records
Lend me your underbelly Hover 2015 epigenetic records
Les Claypool 5 gallons of diesel (DVD) 2005 Prawn Song
Les Claypool Of whales and woe 2006 Prawn Song
Les Claypool Of fungi and foe 2009 Prawn Song
Les Claypool Frog brigade, the Purple Union 2002 Prawn Song
Les Claypools frog brigade Live frogs set 1 2001 prawn song
Life of Agony Soul searching sun 1997 Roadrunner
Limp Bizkit significant Other 1999 interscope records
Live Throwing Copper 1994 Radioactive
Live Secret Samadhi 1997 Radioactive
Lohues & the Louisiana Bluesclub Ja Boeh 2003 Universal
Lovage , Nathaniel merriweather presents Music to make love to your old lady by 2001 Tommy Boy
Machine Head The more things change… 1997 Roadrunner
machine Head The burning red 1999 Roadrunner
Maldoror She 1999 ipecac
Manuel Grom 1998 Silvox
manuel allene 2006
Marc Bolan Great jewish music: Marc Bolan 1998 Tzadik
Maria Mena White turns blue 2004 Columbia
marissa nadler songs III: bird on the water 2006 peacefrog
Mars volta, the de-loused in the comatorium 2003 universal
Mars volta, the Frances the mute 2005 Strummer recordings
Mars volta, the Amputechture 2006 Universal
MC5 Kick out the jams 1969 elektra
Melvins + Lustmord, the Pigs of the roman empire 2005 Ipecac
Melvins Lite, the freak puke 2012 ipecac
Metallica Reload 1997 Vertigo
microwolf You are the everything 2013 eigen beheer
microwolf you better go now 2015 esc.rec
Mike Patton Adult themes for voice 1996 Tzadik
Mike Patton Pranzo Oltranzista 1997 Tzadik
Mike Patton A perfect place 2008 Ipecac
Mike Patton Crank : high voltage O.S.T 2009 emi
Mike Patton Mondo Cane 2010 Ipecac
Mike Patton Solitude of prime numbers 2011 Ipecac
Mike Patton / Luciano Berio Laborintus II 2012 Ipecac
Miles Davis The Essential 2010 sony
Mojo presents Island Folk 2009
Mojo presents Step right up 2010
Mojo presents A monstrous psychedelic bubble exploding in your mind 2010
Mojo presents Highway to hell 2010
Mojo Presents Good times, bad times 2010
Mojo presents Roots of nirvana 2011
Mojo presents Harvest revisited 2011
Moloko Things to make and do 2000 Roadrunner
Moloko Statues 2002 Echo
Mondo Generator A drug problem that never existed 2003 Ipecac
Mono Under the pipal tree 2001 Tzadik
Mr. Bungle Mr.bungle 1991 Warner Brothers
Mr. Bungle discovolante 1995 Slash records
Mr. Bungle California 1999 Warner Brothers
Muse Showbizz 1999 tastemedia
Mutation error 500 2013 ipecac
My bloody Valentine Loveless 1991 Sire
My bloody valentine EP's 1988 - 1991 2012 sony music
Neil Young Weld 1991 Reprise
Ni Hao! Gorgeous 2005 Tzadik
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Kicking against the Pricks 1986 Mute Records
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Your funeral my trial 1986 Mute Records
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Tender Prey 1988 Mute Records
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Henry's Dream 1992 Mute Records
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds The best of 1998 Mute Records
Nick Drake Bryter Layter 1970 Island
Notwist, the Neon Golden + DVD 2010 City Slang
One minute silence Available in all colours 1998 Bigcat
One minute silence Buy now...Saved later 2000 V2 records
Opeth Damnation 2002 ?
Oysterhead The grand pecking order 2001 Elekrtra entertainment group
Palinckx Momentum & wag 2002 Vonk
Pantera The great southern trendkill 1996 EastWest records
Peeping Tom Peeping Tom 2006 Ipecac
Police, the Greatest hits 1992 A&M Records
Portishead Roseland nyc live 1998 Go Beat
Portishead P3 2008 Island
Primal Scream Evil Heat 2002 columbia (sony)
Primus Suck On This 1989 Interscope
Primus Frizzle Fry 1990 caroline records
Primus Sailing the seas of cheese 1991 interscope records
Primus Miscellaneaus Debris 1992 interscope records
Primus Pork soda 1993 interscope records
Primus Tales from the punchbowl 1995 interscope records
Primus The brown Album 1997 Interscope records
Primus Rhinoplasty 1998 interscope records
Primus Antipop 1999 interscope records
Primus Animals Should not try to act like people (DVD/Ep) 2003 Interscope records
Primus Hallucino Genetics live 2004 (DVD) 2004 Prawn Song
Primus green naugahyde 2011 prawnsong
Queens of the stone age Songs for the deaf 2002 Interscope records
R.E.M. And I Feel Fine: Best Of The I.R.S. Years 2006 EMI
Raaskalbomfukkerz Zeekoe valuta 2011 toztizok
Radiohead Pablo Honey 1993 Capitol
Radiohead OK Computer 1997 Parlophone
Radiohead Kid A 2000
Rage against the machine Rage against the machine 1992 Epic records
Rage against the machine Evil Empire 1996 Epic records
Rage against the machine The battle of los angeles 1999 Epic records
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magic 1991 Warner Brothers
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication 1999 Warner Brothers
Red Hot Chili Peppers By the way 2002 Warner Brothers
Rolling Stones Flahpoint 1991 Sony
Roosbeef Ze willen wel je hond aaien maar niet met je praten 2009 Excelsior
Salacious Gods Sunnevot 2001 Cold blood records
Salacious Gods Mutilation (demo) 2003 eigen productie
Salacious Gods Piene 2004 Folter records
Secret Chiefs 3 Book of horizons 2004 Web of Mimicry
Secret Chiefs 3 Satellite supersonic vol. 1 2010 Web of mimicry
Secret chiefs 3 Book of souls: folio A 2013 web of mimicry
Semi0n Nuclear Attack 2010 MoMT
Simon the ghost Pieter 0
Simon the ghost negen voor twee 0
Simple Men Just no knock 2011
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of natural history 2004 Web of mimicry
Smashing Pumpkins, the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 1995 Virgin records
Smashing Pumpkins, the Machina / the machines of god 2000 Virgin Records
Sonic Youth Dirty 1992 Geffen
Soundgarden Superunknown 1994 A&M records
Spinvis Spinvis 2002 Excelsior
Spinvis Nieuwegein aan Zee (CD+DVD) 2003 Excelsior
Spinvis Dagen van Gras dagen van Stro (roze limited editie) 2005 Excelsior
Spinvis Tot ziens Justine Keller 2011 Excelsior
Suzanne Vega Retrospective 2003 A&M
System of a Down System of a down 1998 columbia / american
Talking Heads Stop making sense 1983 Emi
this heat deceit 2006 rer
Tom Waits Rain Dogs 1985 Island
Tom Waits Bone Machine 1992 Island
Tom Waits Beautiful maladies the island years 1998 Island records
Tom Waits Used Songs 2001 Elektra/Rhino
Tom Waits Blood Money 2002 Anti / Epitaph
Tom Waits Alice 2002 Anti / Epitaph
Tom Waits Orphans (Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards) 2006 Anti / Epitaph
Tom Waits Bad as me 2011 Anti-
Tomahawk Tomahawk 2001 Ipecac
Tomahawk Mit Gas 2003 Ipecac
Tomahawk Anonymous 2007 Ipecac
toner low II. 2008 roadkiller
Tool Opiate 1992 Volcano
Tool Undertow 1993 Volcano
Tool Ænima 1996 Volcano
Tool Lateralus 2001 Volcano
Tool 10,000 days 2006 Volcano
Tore Florim en roos rebergen De tweede speeldoos 2013 Excelsior
Torre Florim & Roos Rebergen de speeldoos 2009 Excelsior
Tracy Bonham The burdens of being upright 1996 Island records
Tristan Perich 1-bit symphony 2010 Cantaloupe Music
Type O negative Bloody Kisses 1993 Roadrunner
Type O negative October Rust 1996 roadrunner
U2 Achtung Baby 1991 Island records
various color of noise 2015 Amrep
Various artists Biet-het volume 1 1969 Distortion records
Velvet underground & nico, the banana album 1967 Polydor
Venetian Snares Rossz csillag alatt született 2005 planet mu
Venetian Snares My Downfall (original soundtrack) 2007 planet mu
Vinkenoog/ spinvis ja! 2006 excelsior
Volcano! Beautifull Seizure 2005 The leaf label
Volt Rörhät 2006 exile on mainstream
Watcha Watcha 1998 Mapex
Weird little boy Weird little boy 1998 Avant
Who, the Who's next (remastered 1995) 1971 Polydor
Wounde, the Sunset 2016 eigen beheer
Wounded, the Atlantic 2004 cold blood industries
Zita Zwoon I paint pictures on my weddingdress 1998
Zita Zwoon Life = a sexy sanctuary 2001 Warner
Zu Carboniferous 2009 Ipecac